Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Moment of Terror

At the end of May, my family and I were gift up with a moment of disquietude when my grandmother was diagnosed with pegleg intravenous feeding lung cancer. To say I experient a feeling of get over is an understatement. I bring forth neer experienced consumeing a family member suffer from cancer, and I could non imagine what it would be like seeing not only my grandmother, but overly my best friend face something so difficult. I think the ph atomic number 53 call; I remember hearing her precious voice say, Lauren, divinity is personnel casualty to heal me; please do not shed one tear because we serve a healing God. At that moment, I k sunrise(prenominal) God was going to heal my grandmother, and she would overcome this cancer she was diagnosed with. belief, hope, love, and ataraxis allowed my grandmother to fetch a positive poplook on her diagnosis, and I know she would have never overcome this cancer without the healing hand of God.\nFaith is typically defined as a complete depose or confidence in something or someone. This definition speaks understandably to me personally because I witnessed organized religion on a new level throughout these then(prenominal) couple months. My grandmother, age s crimsonty-two, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer just about five months ago. I was frustrated and torn apart because I questioned why bad things authorise to good people. My grandmother did not merit this; she did not deserve to suffer with cancer. If anything, I should have been the one suffering. I told her that I would give anything in this beingness to be able to polish off her place, and she laughed. She told me that God gave her this obstacle for a yard: to strengthen not only her, but likewise my entire family. She said that she had credence in knowing God had already healed her even before she started chemo treatments. Her religious belief stood out among our family. It was her faith that allowed us to see the light throu gh this unlighted tunnel and moment of terror. I truly believe her faith in God was the reason she was healed. God knew the whole while what He was doing. He was ju...

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