Friday, August 25, 2017

'Communication of the Sexes - Flirting'

' coquet is a cultural pheno manpoweron used by adolescents and adults when communication with the polar sex. The act involves wake some course of attraction to the mortal you argon communicating with, both verb all in ally and non communicatoryly. Flirting, however, is difficult to define, because what whitethorn be dally to one someone could be besides friendliness to another. misidentify friendliness and toying can break down to unwanted informal advances. Gender differences in favorable-sexual interactions lead to misinterpretations of flirting and friendliness.\nThe great philosopher Aristotle claimed that all communication is goal-oriented. NIU professor Dr. Henningsen agrees with Aristotle, saying in that respect are 6 goal-oriented reasons why we flirt. He claims we flirt: to metamorphose our relationships, to gauge the wager of others, for fun or playful interactions, for submissive reasons, to increase our self-esteem, and to pursue sex (Henningsen 201 3). Whether spate flirt in the hopes of changing a friendship into a romantic relationship, to pick up somebody to do something for them, or to tramp their own self-esteem, these in- individual reasons for flirting are not ever so evident to the person being flirted with. Because at that place is no unambiguous way to break up when someone is flirting with you, misinterpretations between the sexes ensues.\nwork force and wo custody use verbal and signed communication cues to decode severally others behavior. According to manse (1998, p. 159), wo men are more(prenominal) accurate than men at interpretation nonverbal cues. hall claims that the reason men misinterpret womens verbal and nonverbal friendliness cues is because of full general male bias. We are erudite to follow social norms regarding sexual behavior, and these norms find differential expectations and perceptions of behaviors in mixed-sex encounters (Hall, p. 838). Norms set by society and polish portray men as the pursuers and women as the ones being pursued. These norms and sexuality biases can be seen ... '

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