Saturday, April 13, 2013

Similarities and Differences of Two Network Schemas

One similarity between UNIX and Windows is the elan the file system is broken down. With UNIX, files atomic number 18 separated harmonise to ordinary files, directories, special files, and pipes. Windows has a similar breakdown invite out that the files are named metafiles (system files), files or streams, and directories. The ordinary files in UNIX are the files that users accomplishment with and contain user information. The corresponding files in Windows with ordinary files are files or streams. The directories in UNIX and Windows serve the same purpose, which is to hold new(prenominal) files and directories. The pipe in UNIX is similar to temporary folders in Windows. some other similarity between the two operating systems is that they twain stand blanks in file name. However, it is not common to use blanks in UNIX for filenames since they are so confusing. A third similarity between UNIX and Windows is that they both support file compression. Windows has built-in support for file compression via NTFS while UNIX supports file compression through the use of gzip. UNIX also has another utility called gunzip, which is used for file expansion.

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The first is that Windows uses a backslash to separate directory names while UNIX uses a forward slash for directory names. Another difference is that UNIX must assign permissions by owner or conference for executable files while Windows assigns file extensions, such as .exe or .com. A third difference between the operating systems, which is actually noticeable, is that alphabetical letters are assigned to devices such as hard disks or floppy disks while UNIX mounts the device to a directory. What this means is that a floppy disk in Windows would be assigned an alphabetical letter while UNIX creates a filename...

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