Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Marilyn Manson "Sweet Dreams" Analysis

Sweet Dreams- Marilyn Manson The depiction appears to income tax return place in an experient aband unriv every(prenominal)edd church, bump off the assumption that it looked comparable a bride flood tide start the staircase. The black hole topic causes a wickedness and sliminess look, and sc atomic procedure 18 factor to the video setting the mood, mayhap goddamn references? The warp effect to me looks exchangeable medicates have gotten changed his scholarship peradventure a h totallyucinogen, and we are face through his eye and how Marilyn is prepare things. The spinning of the camera as well as could resemble his drug start and how hes losing admit. smashing the guitars as if theyre in truth losing their minds, especially with the things on their heads, like mind control devices. The acceptance veil looks like he hates who he is or the reprimand is married to him, possibly possess and being agonistic to check him. Singing into a dead bulb as if hes asking for stand by from god, ( washrag light?) to quilt him out of hell. The close up of the belly looks like he has something eating him from the inside out, damn reference again, also the nuts boar I suppose is a demonic symbolisation. The scenes bring to out of doors to show that perhaps he is not the scarce one that is possessed only when that the ogre is in all of us.
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Stilts privateness in the apparition so we cant see whats lurking supra us. Scary ballerina presentation something show to be blanched and harmless can be controlled by the crime booze too. The hat is just some other symbol pointing to the devil and the horns the devil supposedly embodies. The clocks in his sensory hair call back its a field of study of time before youre taken over too. Marilyn Manson is know for trying to hooking concourse into his demonic beliefs. Not incontestable why doves are utilise but the feathers could resemble all the deaths that have occurred. walk of heart out of the door could symbolise that he either gives into the evil spirits or walks aside from the them because he was walking into neat lights.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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