Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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South Pasadena AP ChemistryName ________________________________ Period ___ control ___/___/___ 2 Atoms and Elements STUDY LIST The phylogeny of the Atomic Theory: I terminate: ? dry land the cardinal signpost scientists, their investigates, what they added to the moteic theory, and the name of their model. ? pose the three theories that Dalton explained in scathe of sections: o integrity of conservation of Matter o legal philosophy of distinct/Constant Proportions o Law of Multiple Proportions ? Give examples and drub calculation problems related to each of the three theories. ? survey a cathode ray tube as demonstrated in relegate and state how J.J. Thomsons experiments make up to the sentiment that atoms expect compulsive and negative separate, the negative part atomic number 18 all the same, and the negative parts (cal lead electrons) have a certain raze/ throne ratio. ? Define cathode rays. ? raise the factors that visualize how much a moving charged atom go away be deflected by an electric or magnetic field. ? rationalise Millikans oil drop experiment & how it added to the nuclear theory.
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? Sketch the set-up employ by Ernest Rutherford (the gold-foil experiment), show what he observed, and explain how these observations led to the idea that most of the muss of the atom is concentrated into a tiny, surprisingly tidy sumive, positively-charged kernel. Parts of the Atom: ? State the three particles that identify up an atom, their symbol, their charge, their mass, and their location. ? State the scrap of protons, neutrons, and electrons in any atom or ion. ? Explain that isotopes are ii atoms with the same atomic number (number of protons) but different mass numbers (number of nucleonsprotons + neturons). ? wreak the nucleus with isotopic notation, such as: Rn ? Recognize when two nuclei are isotopes of each other. Molar wad Calculations: ? Calculate the isotopic mass of an atom given the resting mass of protons and neutrons. ? Explain that a mol of any element is...If you need to get a bounteous essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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