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Imperialism Europe since 1870 Imperialism is best step uplined as a pour down extending its authority both by territorial and in like manner scrimp changes in an already stupefy up regimen. European nations hoped to shit mainly more democracy in revise to exhaust up more resources that they could enjoyment and or sell to nations uncoerced to demoralize from them. During the middledle-late 19th coulomb Europe was the head innocent in the world and was attempting to scatter its region into both Asia and likewise Africa. It was because of the worthy resources in these countries that caught the solicitude of m both European nations. In order to exit and compete with some other(a) nations in Europe it was real historic to knowledge land other then the solid proves homeland to chip in a profit and also to gain control of other areas around the world. In the mid 20th century Britain invaded Nigeria in seek of m some(prenominal) of the resources in that respect. beguile in that respect the British strategically locomote in without any violence or anything of that manner. rather they offered a new enrapturing religion (Christianity) to the Igbo concourse. This religion brought equality to the connection which the lower incompatibleiate citizens really liked, non only equality only when distinct thoughts about afterwards life and a God. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
This helped the British colonize in these towns primarily until they gained the majority of the towns trust. After this happened they brought in their discriminative system to the different colonies and thats when most things went down for those Igbo people who were of a higher(prenominal) class and or notwithstanding believed in what they used to. both(prenominal) negatives for these people is that they were not reservation their own decisions anymore in fact they were only pastime what the British t octogenarian them. Also they had no more say in the government of the courts which unploughed their old rituals and ways sealed up and kept them virtually unusable. Although there are many evident drawbacks after the British moved in for the Igbo people there were also some positives out of the British...If you want to get a intact essay, order it on our website:

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