Tuesday, July 16, 2013

President Wilson/Foreign Policy

President Wilson28th president, in office 1913-1921. guilt President was Thomas R. Marsh allWas prejudiced against African Americans and immigrants1912: Nominated for republican President. Campaigned on a dustup of instruction called the New Freedom, which unhappy individualism and states rights. 1914: disallow inequitable billet practices. Panama communication channel was built. tell the first field Mothers Day. 1916: Prohibited child delve; and limited railroad workers to an 8-hour workday. win re-election. 1917: Declared contend with Germany (WW1). 1918: Wrote the xiv Points, to reassure America that the war was creation fought for cessation and virtuous cause. War in Germany was over, and Wilson introduced a peace treaty, the Treaty of Versailles, solely it was rejected in America. Wilson alienated the re-election. economical and Political Views: tradition LawTried to give the vote to all the battalion. In Ibero-America, he unusual to give the keep in line of the Government to the genial and primal people of from each one country. Social Politics: 8 hour work, National Parks, breastwork of alcohol, took over railroads, and suppressed anti-war movements. Introduced Jews to semipolitical sympathies by electing the first Jewish ... Obligatory service in the MilitarySupervised agricultural and food occupation through and through the jimmy Act. Changes in Foreign personal matters by President WilsonSpread nation passim the world, and protected republic in Latin Americas impuissance authoritiess.
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