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gross domestic productThe three countries that I would like to comp ar and contrast are lacquer and Russia . The gross domestic product per capita of those three countries are the pursuit lacquer -- 34 000Russia -- 7700As we kitty see , japan has the biggest GDP per capita not only among chosen countries but too one of the biggest GDP /capita in the solid ground This sphere is interesting to analyze due to the fact that it doesn t really erect abundant pictorial resources . Being an island country , it is adjoin by sea and thusly has to extract maximum benefits from its geographic positioning and geological structure . japan practically doesn t ache both ore (except copper ) and any expertness resources . In the old , japan imported both two mentioned type of mineral resources and certain heavy manufacture . unl ess(prenominal) , with the time passed Japan began to develop another(prenominal) economic policy and gradually gave up development comforting production , concentrating its efforts on the noble technologies . Japan started copying electronic models of different products from USA primarily , thus gaining necessary companionship to implement the research and production of quasi(prenominal) products within the country . The scarcity of energy resources made Japan work on energy saving technologies , in which this country greatly succeeded . The structure of Japanese economy looks in the following way : 6 farming , 33 fabrication , 61 service . Japan doesn t restrain sufficient land plots . provided , it grows rice primarily . Fish industry is also actually developed due to in effect(p) geographical location . However , the main source of high GDP per capita are surely industry and services Industry is show by cognizance point spheres . The leaders are simple machine a nd equipment producers that heavily stand t! o national GDP . Those producers are Toyota , Sony , Honda motors , Nippon , Toshiba etc . operate are represented by trade , financial services , banking services , informational technologies and touristry .
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Japan is considered to be one of the biggest creditor of the field , which allows this country to have high GDP /capita and thus high level of manner even though it doesn t have fair to middling immanent resourcesIn turnabout , Russia is very rich in natural resources . Occupying great soil , it lies on the platos , which geologically is very beneficial , because it enables Russia to extract much(prenominal) nece ssary and very expensive on the mankind marketplace resources as oil and turgidness . Russia is considered the most significant exporter of gas in the world . Moreover Russia has considerable miscellanea of natural resources starting from different types of ore and ending with different social structure materials wherefore , Russia has substantial production , primarily heavy industry use its cornucopia of ore and sufficient energy resourcesYet , if compare with Japan (which is silly in natural resources compared to Russia , Russia has 4 times less GDP per capita than Japan Tnis is a rea paradox . However , it crumb be easily explained . Russia relies only on its natural richness , in particular takes advantage of energy resources export opportunities . olibanum , this country can be characterized as raw materials orientated , commodity oriented countries Interestingly , that all developing countries (or the tierce world countries...If you postulate to get a full ess ay, score it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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