Tuesday, October 15, 2013


1. Socrates and Protagoras entered into an argument about the delights and pains within the Reply of the umpteen. In this section, Socrates and Protagoras is having a parole on the opinion of the more an early(a)(prenominal) based on the purpose behind pleasures and pains in ones actions. During the dialogue it good deal be seen that the opinions of the many is unsuitable and not the proper way to view the issue at hand. The Many dont understand the concept of the Good in other slipway besides pleasures implied Socrates (P 212). The Many believes that receiptledge does not govern ones action, besides something else does such as pleasure, anger, pain, and on occasions love (P 212). This doer that even though the Many know right from wrong, they squelch refuse to do so over their excuse that they atomic number 18 overcome by pleasure or pain. Despite their concept of the Good, they affect their ability to have somberness and affect their understanding to knowl edge, by being overcome by pleasure, but wherefore is that so. Socrates argues that pleasure hexes you into being in the present, which causes mint to do things which they know is frightful, if they be overwhelmed by a trust for immediate pleasure or gratification (P 213). Socrates even persuaded Protagoras to guide that pleasurable things are not eternally good, and that painful things are not unendingly bad (P 214).
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Actions that fires pleasure is not always good because they can posterior produce pain. And actions are bad if they deprive individual of a great or steadfast pleasure, which could have b een created by other actions. Socrates even ! points out that actions are good if they shoot about more pleasure than pain, and actions that produce pain may be good if they keep individual from having to endure greater pain such as physiologic training for posterior health (P 214). Protagoras agreed with the many points Socrates do within this discussion of the good and bad of ones actions and its effects of later pleasures and pains (P 213-218). yet pleasure is not considered the Good....If you want to watch a safe essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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