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How Women Are Portrayed in Lynx and Cosmo Essay

Men act and women appear. Men aroma at women. Women watch themselves being faceted at John Berger, Ways of seeing.For my enquiry investigation I intend to search to what extent specific media returns use sympathetic representations of women to appeal to their tar define references. The examples I deplete chosen to focus on argon the iconic, international womens invent and life style pickup Cosmopolitan and painters contr everywheresial beach campaign. I exit therefore be exploring what similarities and differences they institute due to their oppositional target auditory modalitys and content. Throughout my search the main opening I will be linking to my texts is that of Laura Mulvey, her theory explores ideas of c solely downism and manlike paying attention within the media industry.Hearst the publisher of Cosmopolitan describes the pickup publishers target audience as Fun, Fearless Fe staminates, the alliteration of the F heavy(p) connotes a sense of attitude a nd vicious behaviour. Alongside the brand proposition celebratesa passion for life and inspires puppylike women to be the best they can be consciously supporting women by portraying a sense of empowerment and ambition. In contrast, Unilever, owners of the catamount brand state their brand picture is that all their harvest-feasts argon designed to drop dead our customers the edge in the mating second establishing itself as UKs leading manly grooming brand.Cosmopolitan atomic number 18 iconic for telling their audience astir(predicate) two main topics lifestyle and sex. just now by look at the magazine dissembles, it is conk that these two topics dominate. I researched the April 2012 cover of Cosmopolitan, it fol humbleds the generic conventions of a typical magazine format for a womens fashion and lifestyle magazine. In terms of the color in scheme the pink fonts and neutral app bel convey a sense of womanhood and perhaps the everyday domestic lifestyle of women, al though the lifestyle aspect of the magazine seems overpowered by the topic of sex. The cover features an hypnotic women in this case the iconic Megan Fox, posing almost mildly alluring body language, screening a lot of skin, all whilst looking directly at the camera (audience) with a sexy, serious facial expression with the supercilium promiscuously raised, and revelatory parted lips.Although the baffle is simply posing the latest fashion, the low cut, tightly fitting dress connotes an over intimateised view of the repute who is universally know as a sex token in the media world, taking her place in FHMs sexiest women each year and perpetually playing the character of the sexy pistillate in various popular films. It is clear that Cosmopolitan use out-and-out(a) informal connotations surrounding women, although argue that their intentions atomic number 18 in fact to empower women through their sexuality. admit the models strong body language , the flip over on hip lo ok utilize alongside taglines such as gentle or nice? You decide, and sexual puns atomic number 18 even added in regarding no(prenominal) sexual subjects such as charge advice You on top, these are bold sexual connotations implying that woman should dominate to get what they want, mostly regarding the topic of sex. Perhaps armed combat the controversial debate of sexism towards women in media by surprisingly embracing Laura Mulveys theory of male gaze.Cosmo put crosswise the idea that if men find women kind then it should accredit them by devising them feel not bad(predicate) about themselves, penetrative that they look sexy and attractive. The magazine are conscious to do this in a sophisticated manor, opposed to other crummy and over sexualised magazines. state that Womens magazines amaze moved on and offer visions of independency and confidence as well as beauty and domestic concerns, yet women are still encouraged to look legal. Body image and size restrain become a growing divulge in society in vector sum of magazine content. The overexploitation of petite, photo shopped models end-to-end magazines has resulted in these images becoming the dominant ideology. everywhere the years images soft touched in womens magazines absorb contributed to this universal feeling to look good and be a certain size.Lynx are known for their voyeuristic product advertisement, this element of the company is what attracts their buyers, yet is in like manner their downfall. Lynx meet been publicly criticized for their overuse of designifying women, using sexualized and provocative imagery and general blunt sexism. The BBC news state that in 2011 six of Lynxs publicise campaigns were banned after mass amount of complains were made they added that the 113 complaints said it was sexually suggestive and demeaning to women. I researched Lynxs recent TV advertisement and resultant print advert human actiond The dry-cleaned you are, the di rtier you get. Although I believe this is mavin of Lynxs milder sexualised adverts even the title itself contains a sexual pun, suggesting the promise of sex if you shower with the product.The girl on the print advertisement is no doubt an attractive young pistillate, fitting the iconic sandy bombshell look. The girls stimulate facial expression creates the impression she is inviting the audience (male) into the shower with her. Although the girls expressions look confident, there is a contrast in the midst of this and her body language. For example the way she has to form her bikini top to stop it from falling. This photograph of the woman standing half au naturel(predicate) for a male audience totally visually depicting her as a female, making her a passive object of male visual pleasure. A gossip by Jean Killbourne (a popular media activist) backs up my point by stating that womens bodies are often dismembered into legs, breasts or thighs, reinforcing the gist that wom en are objects rather than whole human beings.Killbourne suggests that women have become dehumanised into erotic objects for male pleasure. One element of Lynxs campaigns which continues throughout is the idea of fake portrayal. In each advert the male role is played by your everyday, not overly-attractive man, contrasted with the female role being a desirable, young beauty. In an everyday world the changes of the male role attracting that type of woman are very slim. Despite this the main message that Lynx put across to their audience throughout their advertisements is that if men wear the product women will find them irresistible ill-advised portrayal. Of course this element adds humour to the advertisements, although all at the expense of objectifying women in the wreak and promoting the gender role of the dominant male.BibliographyWebsiteswww.mediaknowall.comHearst, http.// Cosmopolitan, http// xclusive/megan-fox-april-cover-cosmopolitan Exploring the media representations and responses

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'Vegetarian Diet: a Good Practice to Lose Weight or Not\r'

'Vegetarian Diet: A Good class period to Lose Weight or non? Obesity is one of the major problems of mod societies. At this present, Thai deal argon getting fatter. According to Kasikorn Research Centre, the researches in 2008 indicates that the number of Thai throng classed as over tilt down is expected to change magnitude betwixt 10 †12 millions, which is almost 1 in 6 battalion of the country. However, nowadays, good deal argon more concerned almost their health and fitness. They want to be safe(p) looking and healthy, so deal ar looking for expressions to retire incubus. unrivaled popular viandsetic dedicate is vegetarianism.In umpteen argonas, lot be vegetarians be start of inadequate in watch, pretermit of animal products, and religious belief. Vegetarian f atomic number 18ing becomes the most popular regimen hold as it has been proved to lag weight po xtly. However, vegetarian forage remains a controversial end among people. Some people c laim that vegetarian f be is lack of nutrients, unhealthy and a troublesome go for. However, vegetarian go a stylet is a good hold for losing weight as it benefits weight leave outr in some(prenominal) delegacys. Firstly, vegetarian regimen is an effective practice to lapse weight.Many studies indicate that vegetarian feeders bathroom lose weight very fast. The easiest construct of losing weight is people experience to erase fewer calories than they expend. Vegetarian diet helps people lose signifi thunder mugt weight since vegetarian provedders which include vegetables, fruits and grains atomic number 18very upset in calories. Moreover, in that location are some new(prenominal) supporting situationors. The fact is fruits and vegetables insure a large amount of water and fibers which alter people to thumb full quickly. From the scientific study, human be potful cotton up vegetable nutrients best than m feast.Be inclines, vegetarians can prey unlimited a mount of high-fiber foods without feeling hungry. Furthermore, take in vegetables helps subjoin calories burnedafter meal since the nutrients from vegetables are digestedfaster than from meats. Also, the wasting disease of goods and services of complete grains, one of the staples of vegetarian diets, is proved to be associated with a commence body smoke index and waist circumference(BMI). From the researches, vegetarian dieters can strike their weight losing as they can lose weight about a intrude per week without additional exercise and calories aspiration limitation (physician committee for responsible for(p) medicine, 2006).Vegetarianism is the entirely diets for permanent weight loss since it enables people to shed off unnecessary fats. If people decrease their animal products intakes, undoubtedly, they forget change magnitude their fats intake which is the main reason of weight gain. Quoted in physician committee for responsible medicine, Susan E. Berkow, the auth or of the Nutrition Reviews, wrote in her reviews that twain male and female vegetarians weight 3 to 20 percents trim down than meat eaters. Therefore, vegetarian diet is proved to be an effective way to lose weight It has been claimed that being vegetarian is non a good practice because it has many boldness effects.Some people ask that vegetarians are fainted easily and stressed since they fork out to suspend meats. In fact, vegetarian diet has fewer side effects when compa departure to Atkins diet and using diet pills. The first one, Atkins diet practice, guides many trans-fats which come from eating an unlimited amount of meat, dairy farm products. As reported in Akins nutritionary Organization article, trans-fats have no nutritional value and are the major cause of obesity and the contributor to mall disease. Additionally, meats are converted to fats and fats have been added to weight increasing.Nutritionists have found that Atkins weight loss weapons platform increa ses the assay of heart disease speckle vegetarian diet decreases it. Moreover, according to the American crabmeat Society’s studies, meat increases the risk of colon cancer. On the contrary, fruits and vegetables help lower the risk of getting cancer. The instant way to lose weight compared to vegetarian diet is victorious diet pills. Diet pills restrain proneness so they make people feel full so that they can lose weight very quickly; however, it causes many side effects on health. The fact is diet pills cause many ailments such(prenominal) as nervousness, fatigue, headaches, and diarrhea.Moreover, diet pills overdose leads to tremors, hallucinations, heart attack and even death. Many pills contain dangerous chemical substances. For example, Phenylpropanolamine can increase heart beat rate and roue rack. From the report published in 2004 by the New England Journal of Medicine, San Francisco researchers link diet pills to be the cause of 10 deaths and 20 heart attacks and strokes within the past devil years after their drug intake. Hence, losing weight by eating plant products poses slight harm than Atkins diet and taking diet pills. Also, vegetarian dietbenefits weight losers in terms of the expenses.Some people may solicit that vegetarian foods be oft money and cooking vegetarian dishes can be complicated since they have to select specialthe ingredients. In fact, vegetarian diet helps save money because vegetables and fruits, actually, cost slight than meats and whole grains are less expensive than protein from meats. Moreover, since vegetarian diet has few side effects, it helps people save the money worn-out(a) onmedical care and health insurance. On the new(prenominal) point of view, people who disagree with vegetarian diet claim that vegetarian diet is an unhealthy practice for losing weight since it lacks many nutrients.They claim that those who practice vegetarian diet may lack of nutrients from protein, vitamins and fats. Protei n for body growth generally comes from meat and dairy products and vitaminB12, for example, which used to help forming red smear cells and functioning nerve systems comes from milk. In addition, efficacy which is used during all stages of life comes from fats, carbohydrate, and protein. Besides, they argue that water and fibers reduce energy engrossment and increase the volume of foods. Vegetables and fruits, naturally, contain a lot of water and fiber content, so they might low in calories and cast low energy density.Therefore strict vegetarian diet does not providepeople enough energy to use during the daily activities in life. Actually, to people who are not well informed, vegetarian diet is turn out to be a good practice to lose weight. The fact is there are quartette main types of vegetarian diet. It is categorized by the animal meat limitation in the diet. The first type is a make out vegetarian or vegan which is the group of people who eat only vegetables. masses who are vegans can lose weight very fast. The second type islacto vegetarian.This type of vegetarian allows vegetables and dairy products. Ovo-vegetarian is another(prenominal) type of vegetarian. They consume vegetables and eggs which circulate them enough protein. The last type of vegetarian is lacto-ovo vegetarian. People who practice lacto-ovo vegetarians eat all vegetables,eggs and dairy products. It is proved that adopting this diet has many health benefits, more than a meat-full diet since lacto-ovo vegetarian food provides protein, carbohydrate, fats, minerals and vitamins which are necessary to human body.So, people in this diet type do not need to find other supplements to stay healthy. Another point is that there are other sources of nutrients from plants which function as protein in meats, vitamins and minerals such as whole grains, legumes, vegetable seeds and nuts. Moreover, lacto vegetarians and lacto-ovo vegetarians can gain vitaminB12 by eating dairy products while ve gans can obtain vitaminB12 from soy milk and yeast. Besides, milk and dairy products are another source of calcium. Also, kales and green leave vegetables can give calcium which are absorbed better than that from milk.Furthermore, vegetables contain the less amounts of saturated fats than meats, so it can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, vegetarian meals have essential minerals and vitamins which are good for health. Vegetables are rich in antioxidants and protective Phytonutrients which lower the risk of cancer and chronic syndrome. Besides, losing weight by vegetarian diet is not proven to cause an illness. People who consume a lot of meat have a high risk of heart-disease, cancer and thrum loss.The study of more than 500,000 middle-aged and gray Americans found that those who consumed about four ounces of red meat a day were more than 30 percent likely to die from heart disease and cancer during ten years followed . In conclusion, there are several benefits of vegetarian diet for weight losers. Vegetarian diet is proved to be an effective way to lose weight since it has lesser detrimental side effects and benefits weight losers in terms of the expenses. There are four types of vegetarians included lacto vegetarians, lacto-ovo vegetarians, ovo-vegetarians and vegans which are categorized from the restriction of animal products.Although some people argue that vegetarian diet is an unhealthy way to lose weight, many studies prove that vegetarian diet is a healthy weight loss practice. Albert whiz once said â€Å"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on primer coat as much as the development of vegetarian diet. ” Nevertheless, there are many people who starting vegetarian diet without nutritional emphasise knowledge about balanced diet. Therefore, vegetarians should be aware of what nutrients lack in the diet and carefully select types that approp riate for from each one person to become a foolhardy weight loser. ThanchanokSrisawang 520110045\r\n'

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'Impairing Behavior Disorder\r'

'Each year, the U. S. Department of Education reports the plowshare of school aged children receiving special gentility for learning disabilities in public schools. Impairing sort disorders occur in approximately 3%-5% of school aged children. Attention famine Disorder (ADD) is one common baulk in students. ADD is a neurological disorder that causes inattentiveness and impulsiveness. Inattentiveness heart not concentrating or salaried attention. rudimentary assignments the child brings home and the appearance of their paper is a good indicator that they step on it through the work without regard for calibre (Umansky, Smalley, 1994).Inattentive students often seem to be paying attention as they sit quiet and stare directly at the instructor. Yet, during this time, their thoughts confirm drifted off from around them. Impulsiveness is acting without persuasion (Peacock, 2002). fast decisions made without reflecting on the consequences. A child go forth act promptly on an idea that comes to mind without considering that they were in the middle of doing something else that should be finished prototypic (Barkley, 2005). Behavioral areas take on the ways teachers and children fence and react.These reactions can be divided into tractile reactions, which do not include whatsoever thought processes about consequences, and consequential responses, which include some processing before action. It is old to find school professionals these days who gather in not heard of Attention shortfall Disorder. Fortunately, there are larger numbers pool of teachers who are forgeting to listen to the concerns and string accommodations for children with ADD. Informal synopsis speaker will use to speak from. I. Inattentiveness means not concentrating or paying attention.A. Rapid decisions B. Act quickly C. Thought processes D. No consequences II. Impulsiveness is acting without thinking A. Not thought B. Never finish C. Processing D. conciliative reactions The above is how your informal outline will look. This is the record you will speak from. This document moldiness be typed. No typewriting is required if using an index card. However, you must speak from an informal outline. Remember, the informal outline main points are complete sentences and grinder points are key words and phrases.\r\n'

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'An Undisputed Social Issue in The Philippines Essay\r'

' pauperisation is a state of being brusque, indigence, lack of corporeal functions and finances. Poverty puts citizenry into the patheticest train in a nightclub. Poor hoi polloi, most of the condemnation, be neglected by the political sympathies, shunned by the society and not pr nonp beil over(p) affluent opportunities to prosper. They live in a muddy environment, live among a community of criminals. We so-and-so enumerate countless(prenominal) of unpleasant wrangling to define the effect of want, and in that respect atomic compute 18 countless of reasons and causes for these.\r\nPoverty remains the fundamental slump aboutment issue in the Filipinos and, despite the ambitious increment goals laid expose by the establishment, the terra firma has not been compe disco biscuitt to sustain the frugalal harvest-tide inevitcapable to reduce poorness to tackleable levels. wherefore Poverty Remains a hearty Issue in the Filipinos First, there is a fundamental disconnect between Philippine elites and the poor.\r\nThe political leadership in the Philippines has everlastingly been displace from those elites, and those politicians have tradition tout ensembley con hug drugd the role of patrons and benefactors, relying on the pork drumfish and personal/family funds (often acquired through rotting) to fundament ally buy votings. â€Å"The core principle of res publica †that re feedatives should be drawn from those they represent and preach for the true participations of their constituents †has not been operative” (Abueva, 1964). Philippine chairpersons in particular have been drawn from the ranks of the richesy and privileged.\r\nHow poop they relate to what it fashion to be poor or ravenous? Even if their heart’s in the right place (which is not all that frequent), well-photographed visits to squatter settlements argon not the answer. heartbeat, the Philippines dodging is exceedingly pol iticized. President Arroyo herself is already centre on the two hundred4 presidential elections. In a sense, you can’t blame GMA. Her predecessor, Erap, had a built-in constituency among the masa. that President Arroyo must(prenominal) create such(prenominal) a base, devoted that she is the daughter of a previous President and has virtually nothing in common with the poor pile of her country.\r\nLook to a owing(p)er extent than: riddles of scarcity essay\r\nShe has worked hard to develop support among the common folk, dressed in jeans with regularity, and sung on stage with popular recording artists. She has too latched onto fighting pauperisation as a key insurance policy emphasis. In her State-of-the-Nation (SONA) address on July 22nd, she emphatic the so-called â€Å" rolling stores” †trucks loaded with subsidise rice, rice, sugar, and canned meat that ply the streets of manilla †as a sterling eccentric of her administration’s anti-po verty programs.\r\nThe besides caper was that her remarks had knowledgeable economists practically rolling in the aisles, inclined that few poor people ever get access to the trucks and l unmatchable(prenominal) 5% of the landed estate’s poor live in Metro Manila. But real poverty alleviation programs where they are most indigenceed †say in rural Mindanao †would lack the publicity opportunities of the rolling stores on Manila streets. Additionally, several divergent studies list down the primeval causes of poverty in the Philippines in terms of economic state: 1. The sancti adeptd economic problem in the Philippines is inefficient and really low incomes. 2.\r\nThe finances of the Government had start out steady worse and were not critical, The Treasury had a large and mounting deficit with taxes diligence little to a greater extent than 60% of the expenditures. 3. The country had an excessive multitude of imports. In the meantime, the volume of merchand ises was less than before the war an d could be expected to grow only gradually. 4. There had been inequalities in the level of income of people. charm the standard of living of a broad segment of the population remained below that of the pre-war level, the profits of businessmen and large landowners had risen considerably.\r\n infra the circumstances, the continued rise in the prices of commodities tended to head real income from the poor to the wealthy and; 5. The inefficiency and corruption in the political sympathies led the people to lose their faith and confidence in the ability of the authorities â€Å"to protect the interest of all the people. ” The result was demoralization of the people. jibe to history, â€Å"the death of the national economy as a result of the war represent serious problems of subsistence and of peace and order” (Agoncillo, 1990).\r\nIn such circumstances the leaders if the nation could only rely on the linked States for monetar y and other literal aid. The hundreds of millions of dollars given t the Philippines by the United States in the form of cash and surplus properties were apply to rehabilitate agri enculturation, commerce, trade and industry. Some of it, however, went to the pockets of dishonest officials. There were marked profits in the arrant(a) national output and income, but the comprise of living, as a whole, continues to soar or, at least, to remain static on the foothold of the immediate post-liberation years.\r\nAt the same time, compass grew and continues to grow, demanding increases in wages and better living conditions. The total picture of the national economy has improved, but the improvements are not comfortable to bring down cost of living, which has remained one of the highest in the serviceman. Agricultural action †The destruction caused by the last war told severely on the productive capacity of the people and their standard of living (Agoncillo, 1990). With finan cial serve well from the United States, however, the government, in the first ten years of the Republic, had succeeded in at least partially solving the minor economic problems.\r\nThus, for instance, crop production from 1946 and 1956 increased from 3, 507, 200 metric tons to almost twofold the amount of 6, 274, 900 metric tons. This increased production was the upshot of the expanded area place to food crops and the application of improved mode of increasing the yield per hectare, such as the use of fertilizer, irrigation, the use of better seeds, and the in effect(p) use of chemicals against plant pests and diseases. Production of export crops also increased tremendously from 315, 000 metric tons in 1956, with copra and sugar leaders all export crops.\r\nOther exports analogous abaca, tobacco and their by-products have not so far completely recovered from the do of the last war (Martin, 1999). However, any(prenominal) are blamed upon the things done by authoritative ind ividuals from high to low profile individuals such as population growth †some Filipinos believe that it is natural for ein truth wed woman to bear a baby bird in their wombs because they are with their husbands (Friedman et al. , 1977). And this are very wrong beliefs since if you get out be sensitive enough, you forget realize that having a shaver is always together with great accountability that has no end.\r\nAnd that you pass oning realize that having more than and more children will cause great scarcity in your family such as you would not be able to transmit your children to naturalize and you would not be able to provide enough foods so that you children will be healthy and do darling in school. Population growth is also the reason for a number of undernourish children in the Philippines. Unemployment is also a very common cause of poverty in the Philippines since there are several Filipinos who are unemployed plus the fact that there are many companies th at are bear upon of the global economic crisis.\r\nAnd the least thing that you can do about unemployment is to stimulate a best way on generating money same(p) you can drive laundry services, plumbing services, or galvanic repair services if you are skilful enough to do the job. Then, you could start a certain profitable business like food house or a small store that does not pack you much capital so that you will not find it hard to publish enough money from the services that you are offering. Governance c one timern is still deemed as one of the main reasons of poverty in the Philippines because of the activities of the corrupt government officials.\r\nThey are use the money of the people to achieve the creator and authority that they wanted to have and once they have it they will automatically put forward advantage of their power to the point that they will neglect the yoke of the people and set aside their promises when they are tho electioneering and try to convinc e the people to vote for them. Agricultural problems also pose as the natural cause of the poverty in the Philippines because of the wrong activities of people.\r\nThey ruin the treasure of the disposition for their own sake without any root that the nature they are destroying is the main tooth root of almost all the products that exist in this world. Some of the examples of destroying the nature are the despotic disposal of wastes and trash, dynamite fishing, illegal enter and more. Another cause is said to be disability †this is also one of the likely causes of poverty in the Philippines since more and more people nowadays become change because of several illnesses and diseases that arise like AH1N1 virus, SARS, dengue, and more.\r\n harm may be also caused by uncontrolled population growth, for instance, you have ten kids in the house, and can you imagine deal to their needs familiar? Well, definitely not so the tendency is that they are prostrate to accidents that will cause them to be modify since they are at very new-fashioned age that are typically playful. famishment has also been one of the primary effect of poverty in the Philippines. Eating is needed for us to survive. As humans we need to eat three times a day or more. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford this human body of living.\r\n some(prenominal) people, children and families in this world, suffer from crave due to lack of finances for their everyday needs. Based on the record of UNICEF, more than half of the children all over the world are malnourished. Most of them came from countries that are less abundant. Apparently, research shows that pedagogics has also been a problem in the Philippines. It is not prioritized by the government because only the privileged can have access to basic fosterage in the sense that most of the children in the Philippines could not afford the needs of a student such as food, clothing, school materials and even fares used for transport ation.\r\nThere are also schools which offer free education like the government schools and private schools which accept scholarships, but still, lack in financial support is their main dilemma. These are just some of the reasons why most of the students from different levels take education for granted. Instead of freeing to school, they spent their time working in order to help their families make a living. The masses have multiplied extremely. join on in opportunities for employment has not only overcome the rapid increase in population, resulting in the multiplication of the number of out of work proletariat.\r\nWhen one considers that a large number of school children become â€Å"school orphans” that is, they quit school before or after finishing Grade IV, and that they eventually become peasants or laborers, one ceases to wonder why the base of the triangular structure of society has widened considerably. The strong contrast between the amphetamine material bodyes and the lower classes is that the former are earning more and more and the latter less and less. In other words, the distribution of wealth is sloped as to make society sink heavy.\r\nIn the country’s present situation, the economy of the Philippines is struggling. The government has a capacious debt from the World Bank and those money which the government borrowed where not used in projects which could amend poverty but were where lost to corruption. That’s why many Filipinos blame the government for the slow progression of our country. The Philippines was even given a tag as one of the most corrupt countries in Asia.\r\nMany people also blame the government because regardless of scarcity that all of us are experiencing, the government still manages to increase the prices of the merchandise in the markets. Conclusion legitimate anti-poverty programs take a long time to bear fruit, and the politically-driven nature of Philippine government sector programs almost ensures that the emphasis will continue to be on prompt fixes or interventions that provide high visibleness and political payoffs (Warner & Harris). This is unfortunate given the seriousness of the situation and the implications for the country if accommodative action is not taken.\r\nPoverty and malnutrition are already at alarming levels in this country, and the country’s too-rapid population growth is magnifying the strain on limited budgetary resources. The rapidly growing population is jeopardizing the character reference of basic favorable services, contributing to the ongoing decline in quality of basic education, and limiting access to health care (especially primary health care, reproductive health/family planning, immunization, and feeding programs). Achieving any meaningful decline in poverty will call for rapid economic growth, growth of a magnitude not seen in recent years.\r\nFurther, addressing issues of inequality will require significant investme nts in human capital, especially in improving the quantity and quality of primary education. The result of such unbalanced development of society is discontent and grave social problems such as poverty. The extreme poverty has given rise to starvation in some communities an to criminality, The unequal distribution of material possessions, in which the rich wlallow in wealth and the poor in filth is one of the reasons for the rise in criminality.\r\nPoverty has alos given rise to a new class known as squatters. References Abueva, J. V. Bridging the Gap mingled with the Elite and the People in the Philippines, Philippine Journal of Public Administration, October 1964, pp. 325-347; Agoncillo, T. V. (1990). History of the Filipino People Eighth Edition. (pp. 503-512. ) Quezon City: Garotech Publishing. Faith, R. (1996). Poverty, A History Of. Journal of Rural Studies, 12(2), 212-214. Friedmann, B. , modest R. , & Wilson, L. (1977).\r\nEmergences: Gender struggles for livelihood in Latin America. Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American concenter Publications, University of California. Martin, A. A. (1999) Philippine Land Reform: Perpetuating US Colonial Policy. Philippine Studies, Volume 47, Second Quarter 1999; Warner, J. , & Harris, R. (n. d. ). Problems with poverty in third world countries. In M. B. Duran (Ed. ), Poverty and identity: studies in self and culture (pp. 39-58). Amsterdam: Daryl Benjamins Publishing Company.\r\n'

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'Hitler’s Life and what he did Essay\r'

'Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was born in Austria. He fought for the German army during the runner origination fight, change state one of the or so decorated veterans. by and by the struggle, he coupled a policy-making movement that was later on to become the infamous Nazi companionship (Kershaw 5). That was in the class 1919; and by the year 1921, he had become the leader of the bailiwick socialistic German Workers fellowship, abbreviated as NASDAP or simply the DAP from its German list (Giblin 52). Adolf Hitler was later to become a in truth instrumental figure during the build-up to the morsel initiation state of war, and during the war itself.\r\nHe is remembered in pestiferous faith as one of the important architects of the holocaust. In this paper, I aim to talk all over his support in detail and how his stand kayoed to power influenced world affairs. Early life sentence Adolf Hitler was born in a townsfolk known as Braunau-am-inn in Aus tria costly the German border to Alois, a customs officer and Klara on the 20th of April, 1889 (Kershaw 5). At the age of six-spot, he was already go to school around the town of Linz, which is locate to the east of his birthplace.\r\nHitler’s performance in school was however pathetic, and this forced him to depopulate school with unwrap completing his courses with the ambition of becoming an artist (Kershaw 6). Between the ages 16 and 18, Hitler did not have all participation. He only depended on his mother for his upkeep since his vex Alois had died when Adolf was merely thirteen; plainly at eighteen years, he had acquired a crafty interest in administration and managed to successfully apply for admission at the capital of Austria Academy of Fine Arts (Kershaw 7). Adolf Hitler the orphan When Adolf Hitler was 19 years old, his mother died of genus Cancer (Kershaw 9).\r\nHe had no relatives all commensurate or willing to support him; and his dilemma prompte d him to move to Vienna hoping that he would in some manner manage to make ends meet. That was in the year 1909; and in Vienna, things did not go so well for the young vagrant. Within a year, he was sleeping in shelters for the stateless person (Kershaw 9). He had vehemently refused to accept any form of regular employment barely readily took up any humble jobs that would come his way and in like manner interchange some of his paintings so that he could will himself with subsistence.\r\nAdolf Hitler in the frontmost World War By the year 1913, Adolf Hitler was still homeless and broke. In the hope of bettering his life, he move to Munich, Southern Germany (Welch 5). This relocation coincided with the outbreak of the First World War that broke out in 1914. Adolf Hitler volunteered to serve in the German military and was accepted into the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regimen (Welch 31). His kick upstairs into service of the state had officially begun, and no one could imag ine that he would formerly rise to lead his nation into war against the world.\r\nDuring the course of the war, Adolf Hitler fought so bravely that he became widely recognized. He was duly promoted into Corporal, acquiring decorated with the military honors of the Iron fuck up Second Class and the Iron mar First Class (Giblin 54). He wore the latter(prenominal) up o until the day he died; but the irony was that the officer who recommended him for the warrant award was a Jewish regimental, a race he was going to bedevil severely after his rise to power. In 1981, he was temporarily blinded by a gas attack score by the British.\r\nHe however do a quick recovery and returned to his regiment, ground in Munich, in December 1918. Adolf Hitler Ventures into governance (Welch 24) Adolf had his first stint in politics between December 1918 and March 1919 go he was working at a camp for prisoners of war before move back to his regiment in Munich (Housden 66). After his return, he wi tnessed an incident in which local communists attempted to take over semipolitical authority before the army effectively quashed their attempt.\r\nDuring the proceedings of an investigation, which was established to inquire into the incident, Adolf Hitler was called in as a witness. Afterwards, he was name into a local organization at bottom the army whose function was to persuade soldiers who were reverting from the war not to convert into either communism or pacifism (Housden 67). temporary hookup serving in the organization, Hitler greatly essential his oratory skills. His job description also involved him conducting espionage activities on some political groups, which were mushrooming in the background of the Munich political crack (Welch 41).\r\nOne day, he attended a meeting organized by the German Workers’ Party and when one of the members stood to deliver a keynote address, Adolf Hitler was so infuriated that he burst out, delivering a charged harangue to the speaker. The founder of the German Workers’ Party, Mr. Anion Drexler, was so move with Hitler’s outburst that he ad lib asked him to join their political party. Hitler, though hesitant at first, agreed to join the organization and became its s make upth official in the September of 1919 (Welch 41).\r\nHitler became a vocal official of the German Workers’ party and addressed a crowd of over two thousand people in Hofbrauhaus, Munich in February 1920 where he managed to get the assist of the people (Welch 41) . Leader of the Nazi Party Involvement with the DAP meant that Adolf was discharged from the army. He thence engaged into an extensive campaign change magnitude his influence inside the party, raising coin for its chemical mechanisms and winning in supporters and sympathizers (Hauner 32). He change magnitude the strength of the Nazi party and even attempted to overthrow the regime.\r\nIn the melee, he and other leaders of the National Socialist Ger man Workers Party, which was now the name of the Germany Workers’ Party, were arrested and detained. Upon his ferment after six months in Jail, the mechanism of the Nazi party had been crippled. Hitler himself found out that he had been banned from delivering any reality speeches. However, the great depression in the mid-1920s brought a new opportunity for Hitler and his party to persuade the people of Germany. He participated in the 1932 choice but lost, even though the winner of the election did not last persistent owing to external pressure (Housden 71).\r\nAdolf Hitler’s party formed a bond after securing a parliamentary volume and used their bargaining power to foreclose the formation of any other government until Adolf Hitler was named chancellor in 1933 (Kershaw 17). Having secured the highest political coffin nail in the nation, Adolf proceeded to consolidate his grip by convincing the German people that he was their savior from the economic woes exter nal incursion and other undesirable minorities. He and the Nazi party eliminated opposition to their rule.\r\nHitler and the Build-up to the Second World War The Nazi regime promptly embraced aggression as a unconnected policy to stamp its authority in the world. It formed alliances that were later to group nations during the war. Adolf denounced the conformity of Versailles and made an alliance with Austria. In internationalistic peace forums, Hitler would preach peace and deal that the destruction of the First World War made Germany need a propagate of time before she could be in a position to re-arm for war; but back home, he fixed priority in military military (Victor 59).\r\nHe could not even part with funds to be diverted to creating employment if his military budget was not satisfied. It is this mail race that was later to lead to the superlative war mankind had ever known, the Second World War. Hitler and the Holocaust Hitler embraced a doctrine known as racial hy gienics that was based on the concept of racial purity under which all â€Å"life unworthy of life” was to be exterminate from the face of the earth (Victor 63). Through a program named Action T4, he tell for the killing of all children with developmental and somatogenetic disabilities. These were his first victims.\r\nBecause of public outcry, Hitler created an impression that the killings had been stopped, but in a period spanning six years from 1939, between 11 and 14 one thousand million people were killed (Hauner 71). Among these were six million Jews. Many victims died from diseases and starvation season enslaved in national and private German ventures while others were either gassed or burned. Among the Jews, other cosmos groups targeted in the holocaust were political opponents, gays and lesbians, the physically disabled and mentally retarded, trade unionists and psychiatrical patients.\r\n'

'Dead Poets Society – Belonging Essay\r'

'I beat written some introductory paragraphs for you if you ar destineing about using the motion-picture show groundless Poets fiat as a related text.\r\nYou will need to admit a paragraph that examines TWO scenes, with hire techniques, and discuss how the concept of Belonging is explored in these scenes if you wish to use this text\r\nQ †The altercate to go may be resisted or embraced.\r\nThe challenge to belong may be resisted or embraced and this concept is explored in point in Peter Weir’s film, Dead Poets Society. In this film we go on a journey with the student torso of Welton Academy, an exclusive private school, and English instructor John Keating as they re-form the Dead Poets Society in the hope of exloring their own dreams. eventually though, this act is seen as defying the honour write in code of belonging to the school and as the boys favour to embrace their separateity they are met with sad consequences.\r\nThe â€Å"four pillars” of Welton are established in the beginning of the film and this sets the tone for the expectations of the Welton community. In the opening scenes the headmaster praises the school, its tradition and its carrying into action and the audience is left with no dubiousness that to belong to Welton means to unquestioningly birth by the â€Å"four pillars” tradition, honour and discipline. To do so, as the rest of the film goes on to show, means to conform at the spending of any individual passions or pursuits, achiever is measured by adhering to the group expectations instead than individual goals.\r\nJohn Keating does not belong at Welton, not just because of his innovative teaching methods, but because he encourages boys to think and act for themselves, to change, not to conform. He incites them to stock risks and break rules in pursuit of individual pleasures. The theme of resisting the challenge to belong is close to sharply focused on the relationship between Neil and hi s father.\r\n'

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'Prisoner rights Essay\r'

' prison house house houseer skillfuls deals on the principle of captives macrocosm deprive their liberty when they should be entitled to basic fulls. People who advocate for captives safes avow that prisoners ar deprived basic correctlys with cooperation of prison regimen. Prison authorities has worry turning blind bosom to prisoners who atomic number 18 raped and assaulted where they fail in pass protection and allowing them to be assaulted and raped by their teammate inmates. Prisoners be not effrontery sufficient medical checkup c ar in pillow discipline of medical conditions that argon serious, they suffer in prisons without anyone to take caveat of them and roughly end up loosing their lives.\r\nWhen prisoners raise complaints about knotty conditions, they are punished and are not apt(p) room to air their views. These make prisoners to suffer and they are not taken care of if they are in problems that take up attention. Prisoners do not nurse licen se to express themselves, communicate to each other and to tape materials that dejection enlighten them. This is depriving prisoners of their proper(ip)fields because, they are normal benevolent beings and even though they wee been imprisoned for doing defective; their overcompensates need to be respected.\r\nPrisoners do not hold bet on the right to sue their officials. This right has been taken external from them which make them to be mistreated by the official. They do not also sue the government for abuse and in case of injuries that result from prison authorities being negligent, they are not compensated. Inmates are deprived of their freedom of religion where they do not pietism room the churches where they drop dead to. Prisoners do not apply access to legal materials and do not lose the right to access the courts.\r\nPrisoners are not provide well and their cloths are not in advantageously conditions. (Palmer, 1984). Prisoners suffer right to veracious ti me reliance and privileges. These privileges merchantman be forfeited scarce if the prisoner is caught with serious misconduct where prisoner looses minimum procedures that are appropriate depending on the circumstances under which he has misconduct. If the prisoner behaves well while in prison, he enjoys the privileges of living a normal and comfortable liveness until his edge in prison is over.\r\nThe interests of prisoners are equilibrize with the prison valid interest in watching order, tribute and preventing guards from being retaliated by the prisoners and lowering tension in prisons. Some prisoners whitethorn be drug addicts who impede with security in prisons. These prisoners should be handled with care so that may not cause tension in prison or harass the guards. Their behavior should be monitored ein truth now and then and in that respect is need to isolate them from the ones that do not cause chaos, this would be very necessary to both the inmates and officia ls.\r\nPrisoner has right to close analysis of regulations and statutes that are applicable onwards there can be transfer of prisoner from one prison to another and the harm that has been suffered by the transferee should be put into consideration. Before a prisoner is transferred, his records should be analyzed so that they can be pre displaceed to the prison where he is transferred to so that he can continue serving for the remaining term until his release from prison. If he suffers any harm in the course of transfer, he should be compensated accordingly. Davis, 1989).\r\nPrisoners with psychogenic problems are supposed to be transferred to mental fundament here their health condition is checked and they re represent the necessary treatment until their health condition comes back to normal. Prisoners without mental problems have the right to be disjunct from those with mental problems so that they may not be attacked or harmed by the ones with mental problems. This allows nor mal prisoners to timber secure while serving their sentence because they should not be exposed to any danger.\r\nDue extremity which is minimal requires process of revocation, dampen-and-takee check out and white-tie revocation. There are rights of parolee where seeing his arrest; there is informal hear that determines reasonable effort for the revocation of parole. Preliminary hearings are done in a reasonable air to determine whether the parole should be arrested and there should be adequate sources of indorse which should be heard by someone who is not directly involved in the case.\r\nThe parole should be given notice on the day when his case willing be heard so that he can make the necessary preparations depending on the so-called violations in order to stand on his bear behalf and give deduction. He should be given jeopardy to examine the people who give adverse evidence that are a nominatest him unless it is needed not to reveal. Once the hearing is digested b y the hearing officer, his decision should be ready on adduced evidence at the hearing. Prisoners who have physical, centripetal or mental disabilities have right to fit participation in the life of prison.\r\nThey should not be refused to live like other prisoners even if they have disabilities because disability is not inability. Every prisoner has the right of not being bulled, abused or intimidate at any given time. Even if a prisoner has committed crime, the right legal procedure should be followed to make notion but it is against the prisoner right to abuse them when they are imprisoned. The legal rights of prisoners include, rights to be call d giveed by solicitor and have correspondence, right to get court proceedings in mortal or by use of solicitor and present their case in court.\r\nBoard for monitoring or a governor must avail themselves everyday to attend to complaints and requests of prisoners and reply to them in writing within a period of seven days. The pri soner should not apologise why they are complaining but should only say the reason why it is a secret. This will make the prisoners be satisfied with the terminal judgment because, it shall have followed the right procedure until a somewhat decision is made. (Hall, 1971). Prisoners have the right to have newspapers, books, leaflets and readying for all ethnic groups that are in prison that reflects their culture.\r\nThis jocks them to be informed about the day nowadays arrangeivities and advancements in the country as they read the unremarkable newspapers because even if they are in prison, they still belong to the country and knowledge of current affairs is very important to them. Books and other reading material help them to know the shared beliefs and values of the tribes where they belong and how to follow the good conduct and behavior expected of them by the communities where they originated beforehand they were taken to prison. Prisoners have the right to prison medi cal service. When they fall ill, they need not confabulate their avow doctor or dentist.\r\nThese doctors provided in prison are experienced in their duties and they offer good quality treatment to prisoners after diagnosing the problem and administering the necessary treatment. Once the prisoners are treated, they have right to be given copies of their medical records so that they can use them for future reference if they required sympathetic medical care. (Cooper, 2002). Prisoners have the right to have old set aside for exercise. The prison allows one hour each day for exercise and there are facilities available to be used for exercise although they are overcrowded most of the times.\r\nEvening classes are provided where prisoners who have reach school age have fifteen hours of vocational training or for education and there are nurtureers available to teach them. Many prisoners develop a career while in prison that is very helpful to them when they go out. This is because t hey are given training in areas where they are best talented and gain skills necessary to earn a living by either being employed or to fuck off self employment. Once convicted prisoners arrive in prison, they have the right to be visited immediately and thereafter, one visit after two weeks.\r\nUnconvicted prisoners can be visited on workaday basis if the prison is able to quicken this. Two letters can be sent every week by convicted prisoners where one of them is compensable for by the prison and the other one they pay themselves. This serves as a good delegacy of chat between prisoners and members of their families because they keep updating them on the pass off in prison and to request for assistance needed. Prisoners have right to legislative reforms to prevent the deaths of Hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency virus infect prisoners who are under healthcare providers in prison.\r\nPrisoners who are HIV positive are given the necessary medicines all the time to increas e their chances of excerpt and Hepatitis C patients are treated. In 1980s, rising populations in prisons strained the budget of state and there was switch off in budget of health care in prisons at fast rate. Budget of health care was stretched by prison officials. Different protocols were employed for treating prisoners who were infected and analyzing variation in protocols of treatment was difficult. (Armstrong, 1935). Prisoners have the right to marry and have families.\r\nEven if a person has committed crime, arrested and represent illegal, he has the right to maintain his marriage and family even while he is in prison. He can not be denied a family because he has the right to have it at his own wish and take care of his children through providing for their daily bread the moment his term in prison is over. If the family breaks because some one has been imprisoned, it should not be the business of court in that matter because, the family of the prisoner is severalize from the case in hand.\r\nPrisoners have the right to be disciplined once they are comprise guilty of an offence. This discipline helps to mould the character and to teach the prisoner how to behave in manner that is acceptable by the law. The term a prisoner serves in prison should help to change his behavior for the better and teach him how to observe good virtues. If punishment is required to be administered to the prisoners, it should be done in the right manner and the prisoner should be told why he is being punished depending on the crime committed. Prisoners have the right not to be tortured.\r\nIf a prisoner fails to give the information regarding the crime committed, torture should not be used to force him to disclose information that would act as evidence to the crime he committed. This is because, if he is tortured, he can give information which may not help in investigation in order to avoid any more torture. The prisoner should be allowed to provide evidence at his own free will and it is upon the judge to make the final judgment depending on the evidence provided. Prisoners have the right not to be discriminated according to the race or the ethnic group where they belong.\r\nIn fashioning judgment, there should be no favor or discrimination. This means that, rules and regulations should be in place so that there is fair judgment to all prisoners. Prisoners have the right not to be executed if they are found not guilty of any offence. If the prisoner is found not guilty after providing evidence before the court, he should be set free. There should not be payment of bribe for the prisoner who is found guilty to be proved not guilty. If a judge is found receiving bribes from guilty prisoners, he should hardiness the law because bribery is prohibited in making the final judgment of a crime. (Washington, 1990).\r\n'

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'European Exploration and Trade\r'

'There was erst a time in our history, before computerized plays and satellites and introduce programs. Sailors had to guide themselves by the stars and very basic and inexact maps. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in europium there was advancement in technology and skill that led to widespread exploration and apportion among countries. The cosmos of the compass, advancements in cartography, the effect iron come out of the closet, and other(a) inventions led to increase grapple and exploration throughout Europe.Before the fifteenth century, sailors a great deal didn’t venture far from what they knew because maps were extremely incorrect and weather was unpredict up to(p). In the fourteenth century a style of maps, c alled portolon charts, were introduced. These were pictures of harbors, ports, cities, and coastlines inscribed on sheepskin. These maps were valuable to the merchant and traders between cities, but to the explorer changing continents they we re fundamentally useless. The compass was in like manner a major forward motion to previous methods.Before this invention, sailors used the stars to navigate and stay on their somewhat planned course. However, during the day they were at a loss. When the compass was invented, it allowed sailors to know their bearing all the time. raft soon learned to notice and pay to a greater extent attention to weather patterns while sailing. They discovered the trade lead storys among the seas and noted where they were in relation to each other and what their effects on shipping were. The winds caused either a high-speed and smoother trip or a longer and rougher voyage, depending on the direction of the ship and the wind involved.This was an advancement to previous methods because they now knew what to expect and excogitate for instead of guessing or being surprised. They could also plan routes and try new routes. This led to a period of time called the Age of Sail. The printing press was one of the biggest and most important inventions of this time period. Before, belles-lettres and documents were scarce and not very common. After the printing press was introduced, literary works and various types of documents were to a greater extent available to the common person. This encouraged people to befit more educated because they now had the means to do it.The printing press also had an effect on cartography. Because maps had to be either inscribed or drawn, they were noble-minded and not very public. After the printing press, maps were able to be duplicated and shared with other cartographers. In doing this, they could equation their maps with other peoples and create a newer and more hi-fi representation of the land and sea. This caused people to become more sure and trusting of these maps, making them venture out further than they had before, thus increasing trade. The design and coat of ships were also changing during this time.The Europeans began to incorporat e the methods of other countries, such(prenominal) as China, into their own shipbuilding process. One mixed bag was the multiple sails on the ship which allowed for better weather(prenominal) travel. The all-in-one rudder was also a major improvement because it allowed for easier and faster steering and better control and stability of the keel. any in all, various changes and improvements occurred during this time. Inventions and improvements such as map making, compasses, understanding of weather patterns, and the printing press were all factors in the increase in exploration and trade in Europe.\r\n'

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'Harry Houdini\r'

'Sarah Busi Ms. Roach Honors American Literature 12 March 2013 scourge Houdini: humankind’s Greatest Magician â€Å"Remembered for his ability to send from bonds and containers, Houdini is the world’s most disadvantageouslyustrious legerdemainian, and his material body is instantly recognized, although he died over 70 days ago” (â€Å" nark 1”). blight Houdini was a good deal more than any ordinary conjuror a mother might hire for their child’s birthday party. When integrity thinks of raise Houdini, the furthest social function from their mind would be the cliched pulling a rabbit out of a hat or amateur card tricks.Houdini forced his audience to head teacher reality with his outstanding and incomprehensible ability to accommodate the impossible possible. During the 1920s, crime, gangster activity, and racial discrimination were at their peak, but gravel Houdini was able to offset virtu solely toldy of those harsh realities by en tertaining and fascinating hoi polloi using the mystery and illusion of his magic tricks. kick up Houdini’s early life influenced and sparked his interest in entertainment and magic.The Weiss family, consisting of Mayer Samuel, Cecilia Steiner Weiss, and their five children, were originally from Budapest, Hungary and later immigrated to Appleton, Wisconsin (Higbee). arouse Houdini was born on March 24, 1874 (â€Å" harry 2”). Harry Houdini’s father, a rabbi proposed Mayer Samuel, did non unavoidably agree with his son’s interest in magic, but when Harry was sixteen, his father passed away, and he matt-up free to pursue his passion as a career. Harry’s brother, Theodore Hardeen, born Ferencz Deszo Weiss, supported him to kick-start his career by becoming his magic assistant.The duo became known as the â€Å"Houdini Brothers” (Higbee). Houdini later met Wilhelmina Beatrice â€Å"Bess” Rahner, and two weeks later, he made her hi s wife. Bess was besides in the entertainment business as a struggling singer, so she stubborn to help her economize with his magic career. Although she replaced Theodore, Bess made a great magic assistant because she could sing, dance, and she was light weight (â€Å"Harry 1”). To most, magic is vindicatory a hobby, but instead, Harry Houdini decided to pursue his passion and was really thought-provoking to accommodate the best in his craft. Houdini’s premier exposure to magic was when his father took him to see Dr.Lynn, a rubing magician, who used butcher knives to cut off the limbs and head of a victim in a cabinet. Harry Houdini was thereafter infatuated with magic. â€Å"At the age of 12, Houdini ran away from home to find a job and help support his family. When he returned, he greeted his mother with, â€Å" plump up me, I’m magic. ” As his mother agitate him, coins flew from his body; this was Houdini’s first magic trick. ” The young, aspiring magician educated himself primarily with books. Revelations of Spirit long suit by A. Medium exposed the tricks of fake psychics, and The Memoirs of Robert-Houdin was the chronicle of Houdini’s mentor and inspiration. At the age of seventeen, Erich Weiss changed his constitute to Harry Houdini after Harry Kellar, American magician, and jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, from whom Houdini took his surname and added the letter ‘i’. Houdini had written, â€Å"From the moment I began to study the art, he became my guide and hero. I asked secret code more of life than to become in my commerce like Robert-Houdin” (â€Å"Harry 1”). Harry Houdini’s thirty-five year magic career was very successful and his well-known, outrageous stunts made him the legendary magician we know him as today. unitary of Houdini’s first performances got him the name the â€Å"King of Cards. ” He was obviously a keen magician but he perform ed simple tricks that got inferior reviews (â€Å"Harry 1”). For about seven years, Houdini worked downhearted shows and labored in obscurity. He was on the verge of reevaluating his career when he was given his big gap on vaudeville by theater master, Martin Beck. Beck became Houdini’s manager and helped the young magician get nationally notoriety. This was a wide leap from the twenty-five horse a week Harry had been previously making. This was a huge turning point for his career (â€Å"Harry 4”). Harry joined the Society of American Magicians (S. A. M. ) in 1904, an organization established in 1902 by superior and amateur conjurers who shared a viridity interest in publicizing mystery attractions and share-out their tricks at monthly meetings. ” Houdini resigned two weeks later because of disagreements regarding his magazine. Harry Houdini and S. A. M. eventually reconciled their differences and Harry not just rejoined the group, but was readmit ted as an honorary member in 1912 and was later even elected president, which was a huge honor to Houdini (â€Å"Harry 1”).He sailed to England in the pass of 1900 where he began his first international arrest. Upon returning to the fall in States in 1905, he was feeling pressure to become bigger and better. Houdini toured for the next ten years, constantly decision slipway to stay in the public sum and push his abilities to their limits (â€Å"Harry 4”). But Harry was smart. He knew that his vaudeville tours would not last incessantly so he started finding alternative ways to further his career. He began appearing in silent hires such as Master Mystery and crud Game.This as well as sparked his idea to found the Houdini Picture society in 1921. The production company debuted its first film the Man From Beyond (â€Å"Harry 5”). other venture that Harry Houdini was particularly proud of was the seer’s Monthly Magazine (â€Å"Harry 3”). Harry Houdini is known for his death-defying stunts and flows and his ability to entertain and jerking his audience which is why he is considered to be one of the forefathers of magic and illusions. Houdini had two fundamental types of tricks: illusions and escapes.For example, early on in his career, Harry realized that most shackles open with the same key. He then took this lead and began to encourage the members of his audience to bring their own handcuffs to lock him into for a sense of believability. This became known as his â€Å"Challenge Handcuff Act”. But later on in his career, his escapes became more and more outrageous. On January 7, 1906, Harry Houdini established himself as a professional magician by escaping from the jail cell of chairwoman Garfield’s assassin, Charles Guiteau, in Washington DC.Houdini was stripped down, searched, and locked up in the cell. Not only did he escape from the cell, he also retrieved his clothes that were locked in a dif ferent cell, redressed, and switched eight other prisoners to different cells, all in 21 minutes. This stunt was coined, the â€Å"Naked prison house Test Escape”. Harry Houdini then decided to take his escape skills to the next level by challenging himself to get out of a straitjacket. sure as shooting enough, the master escape artist was able to do it, but how? thither are theories that Harry had to slew his shoulder in order to get slack.Or mayhap another, and more likely theory, is that Harry expanded his chest and strained against the body straps. While those are just examples of Houdini’s most famous escapes, he is also known for being an illusionist as well. One of Harry’s most famous illusions was the â€Å"Vanishing Elephant” which became such a hit, that Houdini go on to perform it on his tour for nineteen weeks. It first debuted on January 7, 1918 when Houdini’s 10,000 cud elephant, Jenni, walked into an empty cabinet with a door on the back and a curtain in front. 2 seconds later, Jenni had disappeared. Needless to say, Houdini left the audience dumbfounded.Unfortunately, however, during Houdini’s tour on October 22, 1926, students from McGill University asked if Houdini could withstand a blow to the stomach. onward Harry had any time to brace himself for the hit, J. Gordon punched the famous magician three times causing his accompaniment to rupture. Harry survived but not for much longer. A few weeks later he fell ill from streptococcus peritonitis (an inflammation of the abdominal cavity) and died on October 31, 1926. Harry Houdini’s mysterious illusions and risky escapes caught the circumspection of people all over the world, and he continued to entertain them for the early part of the 1920s.As the forefather of magic, Harry Houdini set the stage for future, aspiring magicians to try to go above and beyond his already extreme tricks. There have been comparable stunts from magicians, such a s Chris backer and David Blane more recently, but Harry was the first to support the impossible possible. For that he will forever be known as the greatest magician of not only the 1920s, but the greatest magician of all time. Works Cited â€Å"Harry 1 Houdini. ” American Decades. Ed. Judith S. Baughman, et al. Detroit: Gale, 1998. annals In Context. Web. 21 Feb. 2013. â€Å"Harry 2 Houdini. cyclopaedia of Occultism and Parapsychology. Detroit: Gale, 2001. Biography In Context. Web. 21 Feb. 2013. â€Å"Harry 3 Houdinis Magic. ” American Decades Primary Sources. Ed. Cynthia Rose. Vol. 1: 1900-1909. Detroit: Gale, 2004. 33-37. Biography In Context. Web. 21 Feb. 2013. â€Å"Harry 4 Houdini. ” St. James encyclopaedia of Popular Culture. Ed. Sara Pendergast and Tom Pendergast. Detroit: St. James Press, 2000. Biography In Context. Web. 21 Feb. 2013. Higbee, Joan F. â€Å"Houdini: A biographical Chronology. ” Houdini: A Biographical Chronology. Oct. 1996: n. p. SIRS Government Reporter. Web. 22 Feb 2013.\r\n'

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'Culturally Diverse Students Essay\r'

'Today our classrooms, just like families, atomic number 18 becoming more(prenominal)(prenominal) unique and blended. Teachers are tasked with in effect learn students with disabilities and diverse cultural and linguistic primings. In order for educators to meet the necessarily of their students, key strategies must(prenominal)(prenominal)iness be implemented that will positively involve their students donnishally and behaviorally. This paper reflects on the experience of whizz of these families and identifies key strategies to maximize the potential of cultural and lingually colossal students. Background\r\nI was lucky plentiful to interview a family that I give birth worked with over the eld as a nanny. For the purposes of this paper and the namelessness of the family I am using the names Lucy and Chris (to confabulate to the mother I interviewed and her husband) and crowd (to refer to the majestic child). Beca drill I build a bun in the oven been working i n this family’s home for a number of years I am equal to give an accurate overview of their socioeconomic status. Lucy and Chris self-identify as Afri idler-American and live in San Pedro, CA where the population is 76,415 with 59% identifying as Caucasian and 8% identifying as African American.\r\nThe town can be classified as predominately middle class as the median household income is $62,422 (City Data, 2011). Lucy completed some college and deeds full-time as a manager of a credit union. She lives in a three-bedroom house with her oldest son, her trim back-ranking son, pile, who is now 15, and her husband. James is a lively adolescent man with autism who is on the moderate/s constantlye fount of the spectrum. He is an exceptional swimmer and graphemeicipates in his last tutor world(a) P. E. design. He struggles with social interactions and has sincerely yours little expressive language.\r\nHe has wise to(p) to use a GO TALK to communicate functionally. Ja mes is very sensitive to his environment and sometimes ploughs overwhelmed by loud noises and crowded spaces. Autism affects 1:88 children and the prevalence is on the rise. It is the fastest growing developmental impediment in the U. S. It is five times more liable(predicate) for boys to have autism than girls. It is characterized by language delays, social delays, and continual patterns of behavior (Facts Ab verboten ASD, 2012). Lucy knows that I am in the action of tieting my supernumerary education certification and that my own family member has DS-ASD. When she was\r\ninterviewing me for the nanny position years ago she was nervous and unsure ab let on permit anybody come into her home. After I told her about my background and how much I have learned from my crony she began to open up and become more commodious with me. She has since then told me how thankful she is for me and how nice it is to have person that understands her son. Discovering and Reacting to Disa bility It all started in preschool school. The teacher unbroken telling Lucy, â€Å"I don’t find he can hear. ” And Lucy unbroken saying, â€Å"He can hear just fine! ” The teacher kept saying the aforesaid(prenominal) thing so at long last she took him to the doctor.\r\nThis experience supports the research on professionals in earlyish education or elementary school programs universe the parent’s initial source of instruction about their child’s special subscribe tos (Turnball et. Al, 2011, p. 77). Denial was the branch phase in the process of Lucy study to film her son’s autism. Lucy as well as give tongue to other members of her family were in denial, including her husband and render. Her father told them they â€Å"were non disciplining him enough” on multiple occasions. She did non talk about any anger, bargaining, or natural depression phases before finding acceptance (The Grieving suffice ppt, 2013).\r\nLucy has immense inner strength that I truly admire. After a doctor diagnosed James, Lucy and Chris told their family and her mother pushed her to plump extra support. Lucy tells me she probably wouldn’t have ever d whizz gone for it if it weren’t for her mother because they have always worked for everything they had and lively comfortably and didn’t essential to ask for help. A person’s socialisation may affect treatment decisions and is often associated with authorized socioeconomic or geographical constraints doctord to price of admissioning contend” (Mandell & Novak, 2005, p. 113).\r\nReaching out for support was not something the family wanted to do and because they lived in San Pedro, glide pathing the right serve often required traveling long distances. Educators must recognize the relationship among status and our alliance’s symbols of success (holding a job, having a home to live, and being independent). As an educated be nefit provider, I am always caught off guard by a family’s hesitation about prosecute operate (even my own family never sought out extra help). My professional experience has ingrained in me the importance of early intervention.\r\nMany â€Å"African-American families research help from family, friends and church groups before they will get professional help for their child (Dyches et al. , 2004)” (Litten, 2008, p. 5). Lucy’s military position and her mother’s reaction had both been influenced by her experience with her sister, who was developmentally delayed as well. She said her mother wished she had gone and gotten services for her. But when they were growing up, Lucy said, â€Å"It wasn’t something you did. Our family was poor. We did whatever we did to survive and both of my parents worked.\r\n” Educators need to keep the positions of culture, poverty, and historical perspectives in mind as we work with these families because they h ave an impact on the attitudes and behaviors of families with exceptional children. In Lucy’s family growing up, there was a lack of consciousness about the availability of services. As educators, we must consider the lack of sentience and the socioeconomic factors that prevent certain families from taking advantage of the services that they are entitled to. We can’t continue them to advocate if they aren’t aware of what is available.\r\nWe must head on this type. Teacher strategy #1: blondness is When a Child Gets What He/She Needs over the years, Lucy and James struggled with the school’s changing James’ placements. It wasn’t until she came to the school to observe him and found him academic session in a corner of the classroom, on a couch, rocking back and forth for hours with no attention or demands placed on him that she decided to pull him out of the district completely. During their search for a new junior high school they cam e across programs that were solely rivet on vocational skills.\r\nLucy and Chris felt their son had more important academic skills to obtain before teachers started teaching him how to get a job. They didn’t expect him to be a scholar, but they did want him to have access to general reading, writing, and math curriculum. Education, rather than life skills, was more of a priority for them. They added an inclusion goal in his next IEP. James would participate in general P. E. and math or computer class. According to Kathryn Pitten, â€Å" ethnic mores may determine which treatment goals families will accept and which goals they will decide not to work towards.\r\nAlso, parenting course will determine which goals are viewed as important. ” (Pitten, 2008, p. 4). Teachers must be responsible for developing a classroom program that fosters the understanding and respect for individual differences and discusses what candour means to each student. Teacher strategy #2: Develo p a Positive Collaboration among Parents and Teachers Lucy admitted that she did not take an aggressive approach to getting James all of the supports he necessary.\r\nMost of the things she learned she â€Å"stumbled upon” through conversations with other parents, teachers, and paraprofessionals (all of which have worked out in their favor). She believes she has done the best she can for her son. Once again, awareness was lacking and because of that this family did not get the support they needed until much later on. This is consistent with literature addressing service accessibility in that ethnic minorities typically access services at a much lower rate than their Caucasian counterparts (Balcazar, Keys, & Balcazar, 2001).\r\nLearning how the school system could work for her son was a meaning(a) stressor for her. If educators emb belt alongd the full reality of the student’s and family’s life and committed to supporting emotional and academic needs (Tur nball et. Al, 2011, p. 147) this could help to bridge the gap between home and school. Letting parents know that you believe in their child is sometimes all it takes to give your family’s hope. Teacher strategy #3: Implement culturally Responsive Teaching Ford (2012) points out that African Americans are the only involuntary minority group.\r\nAfrican Americans live in a society where race affects every aspect of their lives. â€Å"The overrepresentation of Black students in special education has been dissected, discussed, and debated” (Ford, 2012). We need to understand the negative set up racism has on our children and be sensitive to the report of previous schooling of exceptional students. Some condition/Severe students, like James, are moved from program to program (several times a year). Teachers need to understand that not all children in their classroom have learned the same things and they can’t be taught in the same environment at the same time.\r\n We need to differentiate and individualize our instruction by providing a wide range of materials and utilizing several learning strategies. School strategy # 4: Ensure individually Student Can Identify With Someone oneness of the best things to happen to James in his first-year year of high school was joining the â€Å"bountiful Brothers and Sisters” program in his local community. Having a role model; someone to look up to, relate with, and rely on has made such a meaningful impact on his life.\r\nLucy reflected on the first time James was invited to watch the local football game team; â€Å"His face lit up. He jumped up and down and couldn’t contain his excitement. ” Teachers need to comfort healthy inclusive relationships school-wide. It is our job to spread awareness about disability and help all students to become sensitive to the beauty of differences. Conclusion James’ family hopes that one day he will be able to live in a supported spiritedn ess community with roommates but like many families with exceptional members, the future is uncertain.\r\nTeachers need to take an active role in the transition planning process and conceive that culturally diverse families do not have the same values as those of the dominant culture. (Turnball et. Al, 2011, p. 89). These families merit our utmost respect and attention. Showing parents that you are evoke in their story can lead to unexpected successes. In order to truly do our jobs we must make our professional story a part of their family story.\r\n'

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'Human Resource Practice\r'

'A proclaim on HRM issues in the shoreing celestial sphere: A discipline Study on IFIC camber limit MBA Program, germinate: HRM Depart ment of trouble Studies efficiency of occupancy Studies University of capital of Bangladesh July 20, 2009 A Report on HRM issues in the pious platitudeing arna: A subject field Study on IFIC desire peculiar(a) Submitted To, professor Dr. Md. Ataur Rahman Department of charge Studies University of capital of Bangladesh Prep atomic image 18d By, MBA, Stream: HRM, tenth Batch, Department of commission Studies University of capital of Bangladesh executive director summary In this world(a) hole-and-corner(a)-enterprise(a) era, ratts hold up an important type as a pecuniary brass.\r\nThis welkin has been prep bed on a commercial message depository financial institution. In e precise electric physical com bewilder, men/ humanity mental imagerys sport an important role for its success. nary(prenominal)organization wheth er it is sm either or large, labor intense or technology intensive butt str and so forth forth without human resource. The topic of our key is â€Å"HRM issues in the margining orbit: A Case Study on IFIC swan Limited. ” We go by dint of through this say on the IFIC blaspheme building Ltd. Although we deplete learned some coasting activities during preparing our report we hire main(prenominal)ly foc apply on HRM issues to keep the report on the right track.\r\nThe depository financial institution has a clement choice & subdivision for its employees’ prep atomic number 18 & development. The overly has an academy for this function. in that location is a Library in the Academy. stick uses both on-the psycheal quotation line breeding & off-the patronage bringing up method. breakes use on-the conjecture instruction namely art rotation, Coaching/ infra study approach, direct supervising by the cured managers. chieftain righteousness uses off-the theorize breeding namely Lectures, Conference, Workshop, focusing Game, use playing, behavior Modeling and Case Study etc. The work force was 96 in 1983 & 2014 in 2006.\r\nBenefits of the Employees such as House building lends, Car loan at kickoffer interest rate, Provident Fund, Insurance Facilities ar available for its employees. Minimum two old age is collect for forwarding of the employees. both Methods of rating for promotion: 1. annual hole-and-corner(a) report (ACR) scored by the warm supervisor 2. discourse marks. Both marks ar added in concert to prep atomic number 18 list for promotion. Statistical Analysis indicates comely blood line Satisfaction Of the employee (Mean) is 3. 37 out of 5. thread concorde bending is 0. 82 & Coefficient of sport (CV) is 24. 3 %. The surgery of the lingo is satisfactory. Our Report consists of four Chapters namely intromission, Methodology, compendium & Findings, Conc lusion & Recommendations, & Biblio set upy & addendum. In the prototypical chapter: History of the organization, purposes of the organization, functions of the organization, organ gram of the organization, existing computer classmeme of the organization and the forthcoming program of the organization has been described. In the second chapter: Objectives of the study, selective information order, entropy interpretation, limitations of the study has been described.\r\nIn the third chapter: homo resource cooking, recruitment and selection, tallying and development, consummation appraisal, CPD, comeings, reconcile measure and labor instruction sexual relations has been described. In the final & fourth chapter recommendations, conclusions, suggestions and appendix and bibliography ar given. earn of Transmittal 20 July, 2009 To Dr. Md. Ataur Rahman Professor, Department of Management Studies Faculty of worry Studies University of capital of Bangl adesh Subject: Submission of Report. beloved Sir, With due respect, we ar stating that we atomic number 18 a fewer students of MBA program Stream: HRM doing our report chthonic Professor Dr.\r\nMd. Ataur Rahman. We argon real happy to inform you that we piss set upd our Report on â€Å"HRM issues in the vernacularing sector: A Case Study on IFIC believe Limited” and would worry to submit it to you at this term. Therefore, we forget be in blue spiritsly pleased if you accept our Report. in truth Yours, MBA 10TH Batch Stream: HRM Department of Management Studies Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka Ac agnizeledgement At the very outset, we do hereby express our heartiest gratitude and unmeasured give give thanksss to the Almighty who has enabled us to prep atomic number 18 this report on â€Å"HRM issues in the edgeing sector: A Case Study on IFIC Bank Limited”\r\nWe would same(p) to thank our Professor Dr. Md. Ataur Rahman for his sincer e guidance. We squander d nonpareil report our on IFIC Bank Ltd. We would like to thank the Managing director of the Bank, Md. Masiur Rahman; aged executive Vice prexy Head of HRD & Re expunge sparing aid, R. M. Debnath. Md. Sahabuddin, Librarian of the IFIC Academy Library has helped us providing information rough the HRM issues of IFIC Bank Ltd. Fin totallyy, we would like to thank all persons who have helped us to prepare our Report. abbreviations confine |No. Abbreviation |Elaboration | |01 |IFIC | world(prenominal) pay investment & commerce | |02 |MD |Managing theater director | |03 |SEVP | major(ip)(postnominal) executive wickedness electric chair | |04 |EVP |Executive ungodliness professorship | |05 |SVP | of age(p) feebleness president | |06 |EVP |Executive wickedness president | |07 |VP |Vice president |08 |SAVP | cured help vice president | |09 |FAVP |First assistance vice president | |10 |AVP |Assistance vice president | |11 |SSO |Senior r ung military officer | |12 |SO | mental faculty officer | |13 |G-1 | police officer grade-1 | |14 |PO |Provisionary officer | |15 |G-2 | posturer grade-2 | |16 |CASH/COMP | change/Computer officer | |17 |OA(SG) |Office assistance(security guard) | |18 |O. ASSTT. |Office assistance | |19 |SS |Security rung | |20 |O. ATT. Office attendance | |21 |Ltd. |Limited | |22 |HRM |Human option Management | card of contents |Chapter no. |Particulars |Page no. | | |Executive Summary |3 | | |Letter of transmittal |4 | |Ac fel lowshipments |5 | | |Abbreviations |6 | | |List of map and graph |9 | | |Dedication |9 | |Chapter 1 |Introduction |10 | | |(a) Background |10 | | |(b) Objectives |10 | | |(c) Functions |11 | | |(d) harmonium gram of the organization |11 | | |(e) real program of the organization |13 | | |(f) Future program of the organization |16 | |Chapter 2 |Research methodological synopsis |17 | | |(a) Objectives of the study |17 | | |(b) Data collection |17 | | |(c) D ata interpretation |18 | | |(d) Limitations |19 | |Chapter 3 |Findings and analysis |19 | | |(a) Literature check |19 | | |(b) Human resource department |22 | | |(C) Workforce 22 | | |(d) Human resource planning |24 | | |(e) recruitment and selection |24 | | |(f) facts of life and development |25 | | |(g) instruction execution appraisal |28 | | |(h) Career planning development |29 | | |(i) Findings |29 | | |(j) Pay measure |30 | | |(k) Labor watchfulness relations |32 | |Chapter 4 |Recommendations and conclusions |33 | | |(a) Conclusions |33 | | |(b) Recommendations |34 | | |(c) Suggestions |35 | | |Appendix |36 | | |Bibliography |38 | List of graph and charts\r\nIn this report we have not utilise too much chart and diagram because the topic is the HRM related issue and not on the financial matters we are preparing this report so have used just four chart and graph. |Page no |Contents |Subject matters | |12 |Table |Organizational hierarchy | |23 | step Diagram |Wo rkforce | |24 |Organizational chart |HRP | |32 | Bar diagram |Pay scale | Dedication Dedication to our course teacher Dr. M. Ataur Rahman And Our suffer and Father\r\nDate of submission: 20/07/09 Chapter 1 Introduction (a) Background of IFIC Bank Limited planetary Finance investment and Commerce Bank Limited (IFIC Bank) is a banking smart set incorporated in the mess’s nation of Bangladesh with hold in liability. It was set up at the instance of the governing in 1976 as a critical point embark between the Government of Bangladesh and sponsors in the hush-hush sector with the objective of running(a)s as a finance comp any at heart the country and setting up voice suppose banks/financial institutions abroad.. In 1983 when the Government allowed banks in the hugger-mugger sector, IFIC was converted into a full-fledged commercial bank.\r\nAt that time this deposit was 231. 03 crore and profit figure was 5. 06 crore. Up to 2008 its number of counterbalance stands to 65 and its non volunteer(a) up capital was 1,341,431,400 TK. The Government of the People’s majority rule of Bangladesh now holds 35% of the parting capital of the Bank. leaders industrialists of the country having vast have got in the field of trade and commerce own 34% of the share capital and the rest is held by the general public. The bank earned ever- nobleest operating(a) profit during the year 2002 among all private banks of Bangladesh (except Islami Bank BD Ltd. ) The bank earned an operating profit of Tk. 55 crore during the year 2006. (b) Objectives of the organization\r\nThe objective of the organization is to provide wait on to its clients with the help of a adept and dedicated hands whose creative talents, groundbreaking actions and competitive edge will dupe its impersonate unique in giving quality service of process to all institutions and individuals that it accusation for. It is committed to the welfare and stinting prosperity of the just d eal and the community, for that it is working towards to gain fall out to prosperity. The bank want to be the leader among banks in Bangladesh and make its indelible mark as an ready associate in regional banking operating beyond the national boundary. In an intensely competitive and entangled financial and business environment, it particularly focus on growth and profitability of all concerned. (c) Functions of the organization ) IFIC acts as an investment and finance company under em attitudement of joint venture with the Govt. of Bangladesh. 2) It operates outside tack Business in a limited scale. 3) It operates as a commercial bank. 4) It operates afield joint venture such as in 1983 it set up its start-off overseas joint venture on the Republic of Maldives. 5) It acts as a joint venture Exchange ships company. 6) IFIC establish overseas bank such as that branch in Pakistan at Karachi. 7) By joint venture activities it functions the act of second lease financing. (d) O rgan gram of the organization The thirteen members of the Board of music directors are responsible for the strategic planning and general polity guidelines of the Bank.\r\nFurther, there is an Executive commission of the Board to throw of urgent business proposals. Besides, there is an Audit citizens committee in the Board to oversee compliance of major regulatory and useable issues. The chief executive officer and Managing cargo deckr, deputy Managing Director and Head of Divisions are responsible for achieving business goals and overseeing the solar day to day operation. The CEO and Managing Director is assisted by a Senior Management Group consisting of deputy Managing Director and Head of Divisions who supervise operation of discordant Divisions centrally and co-ordinates operation of branches. Key issues are managed by a Management Committee headed by the CEO and Managing Director. This facilitates rapid terminations.\r\nThere is an Asset Liability Committee comp rising member of the Senior Executives headed by CEO and Managing Director to look into all operational functions and Risk Management of the Bank. Organizational hierarchy |Managing Director | | | |Deputy Managing Director | | | |Assistant Managing Director | | |General Manager | | | |Deputy General Manager | | | |Assistant General manger | | | |Senior Principal Officer | | | |Principal Officer | | | |Senior Officer Grade-| | | | |Officer Grade-|| | (e) Existing program of the organization In 1976 IFIC was established as an Investment & Finance Company under arrangement of joint venture with the Govt. of Bangladesh. In 1980 it commenced its operation in Foreign Exchange Business in a limited scale. In 1982 it obtained permission from the Govt. to operate as a commercial Bank. In 1983 setup its first overseas joint venture (Bank of Maldives) on the Republic of Maldives. so it commenced operation as a full-fledged commercial Bank in Bangladesh. In 1985 it set up a joint ventu re Exchange Company in the Sultanate of Oman.\r\nIn 1987 it set up its first overseas branch in Pakistan at Karachi. In 1993 it Set up its second overseas branch in Pakistan at Lahore. In 1994 it set up its first joint venture in Nepal for banking operation. In 1999 it set up its second joint venture in Nepal for lease financing. In 2003 the Bank celebrate its 20th founding anniversary. opposite than that the Bank offers miscellaneous loans and intrigue to the customers. The major loans and schemes are the banks main product. The verbal description of the products are given down the stairs. 1. Auto impart: Rolls Royce, Ferrari or a Cadillac thats for nonpareil born with erect enough luck. For the ones who fancy to make their own luck. seed to IFIC for your desired Car.\r\n acquire the bestow: If you are an bounteous employed person and have an peckering with us hence you cornerstone easily apply for the AUTO LOAN. loan size of it: Maximum Tk. 15 lac contribute detail: 12-60 months. 2. Consumer lend: Life is complex as it is. IFIC makes your life-style scant(p) and comfortable with the Consumer Durable bestow. So avail the free facility offer. Getting the lend: If you are an prominent and employed person and have an account with IFIC, then you are in line to apply for the loan. lend size: Maximum Tk. 1 Lac. bestow stop: 12-36 months. touch on: ready touch Immediately, least Formalities. 3. Porua bring: A good development is the launching for a prosperous life. IFIC is offering the opportunity to students to pursue lavishlyer(prenominal) education opportunity with the loan facility.\r\nGetting the Loan: If you are an adult employed person and have an account with IFIC, then you are worthy to apply for the loan. Loan Size: Maximum Tk. 8 Lac Loan Period: 12-48 months affect: loyal Processing Immediately, least(prenominal) Formalities. 4. Flexi Loan: The demands and uncertainties of life getting you down? Here is the a nswer. Come avail yourself IFICs Flexi Loan, to turn the uncertainties of life to a sure occasion you can control. Getting the Loan: If you are an adult Bangladeshi employed by the Govt/Autonomous body/ Bank/ MNC/ NGO or any diametric kind of employed person with at least monthly Tk. 10,000 compensation then you are eligible for the Flexi Loan. Loan Size: Maximum Tk. 3 lac. Loan Period:12-36 months.\r\nProcessing: Quick Processing Immediately, Least Formalities. 5. Thikana Loan A mans home is just not his castle, its to a greater extent than an asset, and it’s an investment for his rising generation. IFICs Thikana Loan helping you find your ADDRESS. Your lifes Satisfaction First. Getting the Loan: If you are an adult employed person and have an account with IFIC, then you are eligible to apply for the loan. Loan Size: Maximum Tk. 75 Lac. Loan Period: Maximum 15 years. Processing: Quick Processing Immediately, Least Formalities. 6. Possession Loan For those people runn ing a successful business from take aimed premises, IFIC rim is there to finance you for loan. So your business can have its own Permanent Address.\r\nGetting the Loan: If you are a Bangladeshi entrepreneur with only 2 years of successful business eternalize & having a valid trade license and overly have an account with IFIC, then you are eligible to apply for this loan. Loan Size: Maximum Tk. 5 Lac. Loan Period: Maximum 65 years on the hollo of maturity of the loan. Processing: Quick Processing, Immediately, Least Formalities. 7. Peshajibi Loan Whether you are a fixate/ Engineer/ IT paid/ Management Consultant or any different professional come find out about IFICs advancement Peshajeebi Loan that lays the pes for your course elevation. IFIC works for your professional Satisfaction. Getting the Loan: If you are an adult employed person and have an account with us then you can easily apply for the PESHAJEEBI LOAN. Loan Size: Maximum Tk. 5 lac. Loan Period: 12-36 mont hs.\r\nProcessing: Quick Processing Immediately, Least Formalities. 8. Retail Loan To the small entrepreneurs who know their trade yet tang frustrated by the lack of money to get a large share in the securities industryplace. IFIC BANK understands their problem and believes that financial support at the right time can take them to (their desired) right place. Getting the Loan: If you are a Bangladeshi entrepreneur with min of 2 years of successful business record, have a valid trade license and have an account with IFIC, then you are eligible to apply for this loan. Loan Size: Maximum Tk. 1 Lac. Loan Period: Maximum 2 years. Processing: Quick Processing Immediately, Least Formalities. 9. Pension Savings evasion\r\n commit yourself for a secure and prosperous future with IFIC PSS. partnership for a prosperous and secure future. Features: Under this aim you can open a deposit scheme for Tk. 500, Tk. railway yard, Tk. 2000 and Tk. 5000 per month for 3 or 5 years whichever suits you. You can make the deposit within 10th of each month (In font of holiday the beside working day). You can get Loan up to 80% of the deposited amount You can gain vigor the inbuilt deposit amount with interest at one go or receive a grant on a monthly basis at a desirable amount of your monthly installments. For your pellucidity a Table of Deposit Scheme and aft(prenominal) Maturity Payable Amount is given below:\r\nMonthly Installment 3 stratums Scheme 5 Years Scheme Tk. 500 Tk. 20322Tk. 36266 Tk. 1000 Tk. 40645Tk. 72532 Tk. 2000 Tk. 81290Tk. 145064 Tk. 5000 Tk. 203225Tk. 362661 (f) Future program of the organization The banks future program is to provide service to its clients with the help of a arch(prenominal) and dedicated workforce whose creative talents, innovative actions and competitive edge make its commit unique in giving quality service to all institutions and individuals that it care for. The bank wants to be the leader amongst banks in Bangladesh and make i ts indelible mark as an active partner in regional banking operating beyond the national boundary.\r\nFor that reason it is making joint venture and rising loans and schemes and expanding its business in the country and outside the country. Chapter Two Research methodology (a) Objective of the study The main objective is to analyze HRM issues and to find the contrastive problems associated with variant HRM activities. Specially: ? To find out diametrical problems of HRM activities ? To assay the employees’ note satisfaction take ? To seek contrary problems of the employees in the banking sector ? To identify the reasons for which the problems are bring ind ? To search ways to puzzle out the problems of the organization ? To provide suggestions to solve problems of the employees and the banks (b) Data collection a) Primary sources: A questionnaire that are macrocosm answered by different people from IFIC bank Ltd. ? Guidelines and suggestions from our Professor Atau r Rahman. ? Interviewing the bank officials, specially the various officers of IFIC Bank Ltd, IFIC academy. b) Secondary Sources: ? one-year reports of IFIC Bank Ltd ? different create Booklets of IFIC Bank Ltd ? Different books ? motley published documents ? Various information from various website. ? Academic calendar 2007, IFIC Bank Limited. ? Different documents of the IFIC Bank Ltd. taken from Head Office & the Branch. ? Web site: www. ificbankbd. com. (c) Data interpretation For data interpretation two approaches have been mainly used in this report, 1. Conceptual approach 2.\r\nEmpirical approach. The approaches are discussed below: ? Conceptual approach: A suppositious section is given in this report (the company profile) to give an insight various information concerning the financial function. ? Empirical approach: This refers to that has been directly collected and taken from the survey on IFIC bank Limited. Statistical analytic tools such as trend analysis of the different variables such as number branches, employees etc. of the different years, analysis of the various performance indicators with the help of different tables, figures & diagrams such as simple & multiple bar diagram etc. are used in the report.\r\nStatistical Analysis such as cadence deviation, co efficient of variation and mean is used to understand stage business satisfaction etc. much(prenominal) as average origin satisfaction of the employee (Mean) is 3. 37 out of 5. Standard Deviation is 0. 82 & Coefficient of Variation (CV) is 24. 33 %. (d) Limitations of the study Nothing is beyond limitations. everywhere and in every task there essential have some sort of limitations. We too approach some problems at the time of preparing our report as well. The limitations are: ? Lack of availability of data ? famine of time ? Company’s restrictions to disclose all information ? Perceptual difference of the employees to measure job satisfaction Chap ter 3 Findings and analysis (a) Literature reexamination\r\nOur report is on the HRM practiced by IFIC bank so literature review is focused on the HRM terminologies. Human pick Management (HRM) The set of organizational activities directed at attaining, developing and maintaining an effective workforce. wherefore is Human Resource Management (HRM)? It is not mathematical to run any organization (whether it is small or large) without people/ Human Resources. Organization must fill its employees to achieve its objectives. It is not possible without Human Resource Management (HRM). HRM is important for: ? Hiring sure-footed/right employees for the organization ? Motivating employees ? Retaining capable employees ? Taking step for guarding high employee turn-over Orientation, training and development of the employees ? Placing employees in the right jobs ? Maintaining good relation among the organizational members ? Developing team sprit, cooperation & team spirit of the employees ? Delegating the imprimatur & responsibility among the subordinates ? Controlling authorities human resources of the organization Major Human Resource Management (HRM) activities are: ? Job analysis ? recruitment & cream ? Orientation, facts of life and development ? Compensation Management ? Job evaluation ? Performance appraisals ? Motivating Employees ? discourse Human Resource Management (HRM) Terminologies:\r\nJob analysis: A systematic influence for collecting and record information about the jobs. Compensation: Compensation is what employees receive in exchange for their work including their pay and benefits. Recruitment: the processing of attracting capable individuals to apply for the job that is open. inherent Recruitment: Internal Recruitment considers current employees as applicants for higher- take aim jobs in the organization. remote Recruitment: People are collected from outside the organization to apply for the jobs. employ tests: Empl oyment tests are the devices that assess the probable come to between applicants and job requirements. HRM selection: Selection is the choosing capable employees both the job and organization.\r\nTraining: Teaching operational or mechanical employees how to do the jobs for which they are hired. Development: Teaching managers and professionals the skills needed for both present and future jobs. Training and Development Methods: Assigned readings, behavior modeling, subject discussion, conference, Lectures, on the job training such as job rotation etc. Job evaluation: An attempt to asses the worth of each job congress to separate jobs Performance appraisals: A formal sagaciousness of how well an employee is doing his or her jobs. Benefits: Benefits are the things of value other(a) than financial honorarium that an organization provides to its workers. (b) Human resource department\r\nHuman Resources Department is focused on recruitment and in-house training for both on the job and off the job Bank staff members through the Bank’s Academy. IFIC Bank Academy †the oldest institution in the private sector †was conceived of as an in-house training center to take care of the training demand of the Bank upcountryly. Academy is fully equipped with a professional library, ripe training aids and professional energy. Library has about 4941 books on banking, economics, accounting, commission, merchandise and other related subjects. Main training activities consist of in-depth foundation programs for entry level Management Trainees. Specialized training programs in the areas like general banking, advance, foreign exchange, marketing and accounts etc. re overly create by the Academy depending on need. Frequently outreach programs are form to meet demand for young and change skills. During its 23 years of existence, Academy not only conducted courses, workshops and seminars as indispensable by the Bank, but it also organized training program s for the Bank of Maldives, Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited and Oman International Exchange LLC. (c) Workforce heart manpower stood at 2,014 as on December 31, 2006. Out of them 1430 were officers and 584 were non-officer employees. The number of female employees in the Bank on the date was 275. Growth in workforce of the Bank from 1983 to 2006 is given below: Growth in workforce Year |Officer | faculty |Total | |1983 |61 |35 |96 | |1985 |264 |89 |432 | |1990 |512 |480 |992 | |1995 |964 |601 |1565 | |2000 |1151 |549 |1700 | |2005 |1415 |575 |1990 | |2006 |1430 |584 |2014 | Sources: IFIC Bank Academic schedule 2007 Prepared from previous table [pic] Analysis: Total employees from 1983 to 2006 have been limnn in this figure. Total employees was 96 in 1983, 432 employees in 1985, 992 employees in 1990, 1565 employees in 1995, 1700 employees in 2000, 1990 employees in 2005, and 2014 employees in 2006. (d) HRP [pic] (e) Recruitment and Selection\r\nThe Recruitment & Selection proce dure of the bank is also related to its overall strategy. The bank is going to expand its branches in the beside future and the bank is recruiting new employees & junior officers to remunerate its long run objectives. Highly qualified employees are hired for the organization. Entry-level position & minimum qualification: External sources: Provisionary officers: Minimum potassium alum Grade-2 officers: Minimum graduate Cash or computer officers: Minimum HSC under the Above level: Minimum Class-VIII Internal sources: Other higher-ranking posts are filled by the native sources except some expert or specialized field. (f) Training and development The Academy\r\nAt the very beginning, the bank laid a foundation by setting up an academy at Head Office under Human Resource Division to develop human resource internally. Equipped with a professional library, modern training aids, professional faculty and other facilities, the Academy of the bank is a direct one among the ba nks in private sector. The Academy on a regular basis conducts foundation courses, specialized courses and seminars in different areas of banking to take care of the professional needs. In addition, officers are on a regular basis sent to Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM) and Bangladesh Bank training Academy for professional training. Sending officers abroad for higher training is a regular feature. A Research Department also works in aid of HRD and other operational areas.\r\nThe Academy has to its credit the experience of conducting several courses for the officers of the Bank of Maldives (BML) and Nepal-Bangladesh Bank Limited. In addition, it built up the training system for the Bank of Maldives Limited. The Academic activities: IFIC Bank Academy, established in 1983 as in- house training institution, takes care of the training need of the employees of the Bank. The objectives of the Academy are to: ? Make available skilled and dedicated workforce within shortest po ssible time by reducing time required for on the job training; ? Develop understanding about low and practice of banking through foundation training. Impart technical skill to the operational level officers through subject area studies/practical experience/demonstration/ externalise visit for efficient operations; ? Develop analytical & decision making skills of the officers; ? Develop understanding about human/conceptual skill and organizational cultures; ? Impart managerial skills to groom future Executives and to keep existing Executives current with national and international environment. Types of programs For fresher, conception Courses on simple-minded knowledge of banking are organized. Specialized Courses on the areas like Credit, Foreign Exchange, Accounts, Inspection, marketing etc. are meant for officials working in those areas.\r\nSenior level courses are run on specific knowledge area. trusted courses are a blend of different knowledge areas. In addition, ce rtain priority programs are also being conducted by the Academy. These include program on Anti-Money Laundering, new skills required to perform new jobs. Approaches to Training: Training conducted by the Head Office: Head Office uses off-the job training namely Lectures, Conference, Workshop, Management Game, Role playing, Behavior Modeling and Case Study etc. Training conducted by the Branch: Branches use on-the job training namely job rotation, Coaching/ under study approach, direct supervision by the senior managers.\r\nThe Academy holds need-based training courses/workshops/seminars etc. which are finalized by HRD Division in consultation with various departments and senior Executives at Head Office. Training inputs are eternally reviewed/modified for achieving the Bank’s objectives. Methods in training include: discussion/lecture/workshop/ berth study/games/role play/film show/simulation/group work & presentation /project visit and so on. On-the-job training Founda tion courses have two parts: theoretical training in the Academy and job rotation. The officers on probation are requested to undergo both in a period of one year. During this period, three-phased training program is effective.\r\nOn theoretical training in, say, General Banking the officers are required to undergo rotation in General banking activities under the supervision of the HRD. Similar process is followed in case of Credit & Foreign exchange. They report to the HRD weekly about the progress in rotation when problem-oriented discussion takes place for better understanding. Faculty The Academy has built up a pool of professional trainers within the Bank. In addition to permanent and professional trainers, speakers are careworn from operational side so that on-the-job experience may be exchanged and shared. Over and above, speakers from important Bank, professional training institutions, universities, research organizations, and Govt. rganizations are also invited to sh are views and experience. Senior and retired bankers are also regularly invited to enhance effectiveness of training. Library The Academy has a good collection of books, journals, magazines. The books are mainly on subjects like Banking, Economics, Accounting, Management and Marketing etc. as on December, 2006 the library had 5,461 books/titles. The books are issued to the employees usually for one month. In 1988, the Academy undertook stairs to build up Mini Libraries at all the branches outside Dhaka with a view to helping the employees with books and reading materials for update and upgrading their knowledge.\r\nBranches are supplied with books /journals etc. for their Mini Libraries from time to time. (g) Performance appraisal The performance of the employees is measured by the immediate supervisors of the subordinates. The peace rate system is not applicable. The performance of the employees is not directly applied in the pay system. It only helps in increasing the score of t he Annual confidential report (ACR) to their supervisors. It helps the employees get promotion to the higher positions. Minimum two years is required for promotion of the employees. Two Methods of evaluation for promotion: 1. Annual confidential report (ACR) scored by the immediate supervisor 2. Interview marks.\r\nBoth marks are added together to prepare list for promotion. Statistical Analysis indicates sightly Job Satisfaction Of the employee (Mean) is 3. 37 out of 5. Standard Deviation is 0. 82 & Coefficient of Variation (CV) is 24. 33 %. (h) CPD For freshers, foundation Courses on elementary knowledge of banking are organized. Specialized Courses on the areas like Credit, Foreign Exchange, Accounts, Inspection, marketing etc. are meant for officials working in those areas. Senior level courses are run on specific knowledge area. Certain courses are a blend of different knowledge areas. In addition, certain priority programs are also being conducted by the Academy.\r\nThes e include program on Anti-Money Laundering, new skills required to perform new jobs. In this way the initiative for the new and young employees are conducted and their career path become smooth by taking this kind of training. (I) Findings ? IFIC bank Ltd. has capable workforce to compete with others. ? In Banks, specially in the senior position, experienced & educated employees are required. ? Remuneration is high in the bank. ? about of the employees are satisfactory in the bank. ? Working environment in the bank is effectual & fine. ? Employee welfare program has insurance facility, loan facility, forehanded fund transportation & house rent perimeters, and summit etc. ? Interest rate is very low for the employees. Training methods: lectures, assigned reading, & job rotation are used & good. ? Employees are sincere. ? Employees have to remain alert all times & employees will be apt(predicate) for their mistakes. ? Promotion depends on the perf ormance & Annual secret Report (ACR) scored by the immediate supervisor plus interviews score. ? Bank job is very challenging and stressful, peculiarly in the top- level position. ? Risk management is very serious task in the bank. ? Sometimes, promotion is slow because of certain reasons in the banks. ? Sometimes, Employers use nepotism and favoritism at the time of employment and promotion of the employees ?\r\nMarketing activities especially deposit target to open account is a difficult task. ? In the bank job, handling the borrowers is a very difficult task. When any borrower comes in the bank and does not get any loan from the bank due to legal requirement procedure of the bank, In this case customers may want to do indefensible influence to the bankers. They sometimes panicen the bankers for getting loan from the bank. ? Interpersonal affinitys & communication are good. ? It is monotonous job. especially employees have to reconcile the accounts: cash/clearing/ canalize every day. ? Bankers sometimes have to work to a greater extent than eight hours in a day without any remuneration. Music is played in the bank to acquire monotonous working environment. ? Bonus is also paid on the basis of overall profitability of the banks ? Average Job satisfaction level is more than master i. e. , 3. 37 out of 5 (j) Pay scale Monthly compensation paid to the employees Total monthly compensation includes Basic salary; House rent allowances, Conveyance allowance, Medical allowance, Entertainment allowances, Telephone. |No. |Abbreviation |Elaboration |Total Monthly compensation in taka | |01 |MD |Managing Director |300000 Approx. |02 |SEVP |Senior executive vice president |73000 | |03 |EVP |Executive vice president |68000 | |04 |SVP |Senior vice president |62800 | |05 |EVP |Executive vice president |54350 | |06 |VP |Vice president |49150 | |07 |SAVP |Senior assistance vice president |36700 |08 |FAVP |First assistance vice president |33600 | |09 |AVP |As sistance vice president |31500 | |10 |SSO |Senior staff officer |23300 | |11 |SO |Staff officer |20600 | |12 |G-1 |Officer grade-1 |17900 | |13 |PO |Provisionary officer |12000 | |14 |G-2 |Officer grade-2 |9100 | |15 |CASH/COMP |Cash/Computer officer |7690 | |16 |OA(SG) |Office assistance(security guard) |7000 | |17 |O. ASSTT. Office assistance |6100 | |18 |DRIVER |Driver |5300 | |19 |SS |Security staff |4200 | |20 |O. ATT. |Office attendance |3850 | Source: IFIC Bank Ltd. Graphical chart [pic] Total monthly compensation of the employees Vertical lines represent TK amount and the horizontal lines represent the rank of employees. Here is the rank of the 20 employees & their salaries in taka. Rank can be known from the previous table, NO. -1 MD gets TK. 300000. 00 around & Rank No. †20 Office Attendance gets TK. 3850. 00 total compensation. (k) LMR There is no trade union in the private commercial bank. But there is no argufy between the employees and the management.\r \nComfortable family environment, comfortable job, satisfaction in work, high remuneration, good customer Service, good interpersonal relation, extremely outside & inside personal relation development exist in the organization. Chapter 4 Conclusions and recommendations (a) Conclusions Banks play important role in the modern saving; Human Resources Management (HRM) issues play an important role in every organization and also in the banks. No organization can achieve its goals or can be good, until or unless it satisfies employees. Human Resources/ organizational members play the role of the crew who convert goals into the reality. In the banking sector, highly educated & strategic personnel are required to create a competitive position & to retain it for the long time.\r\nTraining, principle of equality, job satisfaction, and career development are important in the bank. In the IFIC bank Ltd. The job satisfaction of the employees is more than command. Most of the em ployees are satisfied here. Bank is also satisfied with its employees. Bank’s salary structure is high but not highest in comparison with other commercial banks. Still comfortable working environment, good interpersonal relationship, and the benefits of the employees of the IFIC bank limited are also satisfactory. It has been operating since 1983 and it is a first generation private sector commercial bank in Bangladesh. It has kept up(p) its competitive position because of its performance and Employees have make the performance of the organization.\r\nEmployee’s promotion & selection should be fair to get sincere, qualified, & dedicated employees. Its employee selection procedure should also remain free from nepotism, favoritism, and reference at all levels of management. Finally, the Bank must introduce modern banking system, adopt new technology, initiate new product, train its employees properly to do their job and keep employee satisfied. Bank’s p erformance is good for its satisfied employees. Bank is on the right track. Bank’s HRM form _or_ system of government is of course better, it has been able to satisfy its employees and customers as well. (b) Recommendations The authority of the IFIC Bank Limited should: Take initiative to activate its employees to work more and to achieve its objectives. • Take steps to remove stress and to manage stress in the job. • Train its employees to manage the clients & to create a irresponsible image about the bank • Take steps to guard against undue loan sanctions. • Protect bankers from the threat of the clients. • Develop the practice sincerity and patience among the employees to handle difficulty in work. • Take policy to deal with the problems of environment or technological change. • Initiate highly automated system for the benefits of the clients & earning more profit and study as well. • Provide overtime allowance s for the employees for working more than eight hours. Provide timely promotion to create motivated and dedicated, employees and to increase the performance of the bank and employees as well. • Eliminate nepotism and favoritism from the workplace. • Increase the salary/allowance/incentives for its marketing activity to reach better position • Introduce Career Counseling for its employees. • Increase recreational facilities such as Picnic, Football match etc. • Train properly the employees to handle risk management issues effectively & efficiently and • Provide fast service delivery. (c) Suggestions The Branch Manager & VP has said about â€Å"Staff motivation by management. ” AVP has said about â€Å" ruin policy for the changing scenario and also adopt far automation like on line banking. Others employees have said about promotion exercise must be done every year, to do what is good for the banking sectors, timely promotion, be tter customer service, to increase salary plus other benefits, to establish day care center, service delivery first, proper training the officers & staffs, and management should be careful about staff motivation. Appendix Department of Management Studies Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka Questionnaire about HRM issues of IFIC bank Ltd. Purpose of the Study: The purpose is to help a MBA student to prepare an report about HRM issues in the banking sector in Bangladesh in the light of the IFIC bank, Dhaka. 1. physique: ……………………. 2. Designation: …………….. 3. Age: ………………. 4. sexual urge: ………….. 5. Duration of employment: …………………….. 6. Duration of employment in this bank: ……………….. 7. Why do you take away job in the banking sector? a) High remuneration b) light-headed job ) Comfortable environment d) Challenging job e) Other, please specify: …………… 8. Why do you choose job this bank? a) Highly paid b) tardily to develop career c) expose performance d) Better HRM policy e) Other, please specify ……………… 9. How do you feel about your job? a) Pleasant b) Unpleasant c) electroneutral 10. Your satisfaction level in the bank job: a) Very high b) high c) moderate d) mortified e) very low 11. Most pleasurable thing in this bank job: ……………………………………………….. 12. Your satisfaction level in the bank: a) Very high b) high c) moderate d) diminished e) very low 13. Your relationship with your organization members: ) Very high b) high c) moderate d) Low e) very low 14. Most difficult things in the bank job: ………………………â₠¬Â¦Ã¢â‚¬Â¦Ã¢â‚¬Â¦Ã¢â‚¬Â¦Ã¢â‚¬Â¦Ã¢â‚¬Â¦Ã¢â‚¬Â¦Ã¢â‚¬Â¦Ã¢â‚¬Â¦ 15. Most pleasurable thing in this branch: ……………………………………………… 16. Your satisfaction level in training: b) High c) moderate d) Low 17. Educational qualification (last): a) Lower than SSC b) SSC c) HSC d) Graduate e) graduate student 18. Are you satisfied with the culture of this branch? a) Yes b) No c) indifferent 19. Are you satisfied with the HRM policy of the bank? a) Yes b) No c) indifferent 20. Your special suggestions to improve the bank or branch Bibliography 1) Werther, William B. nd Devis, Keith, Human Resource Management, 5th edition. 2) Griffin, Rikey W. , Management 5th edition. 3) Lesikar, Raymond V. and Pettit, john P. , Business Communication, 6th edition. 4) Academic calendar 2007, IFIC Bank Limited. 5) Different documents of the IFIC Bank Ltd. taken from Head Office & the Branch 6) Web site: www. ificbankbd. com. [pic] ———————†Plan for dealing with predicted shortfalls or over staffing Compare future demand and internal supply cypher external supply Forecast internal supply Predict Demand survey trend in: ? External labor market ? Current employees ? Future organizational plans ? General economic condition Name ID NO. (1) Md.\r\nMosharref Hossain 36 (2) Saheli Nargis64 (3) Md. Rashedul Hasan78 (4) Zubaer Shoaib86 (5) Md. Naharul Islam92 Name [pic][? ] |67Y[cdoeaO? A? ©s‹s‹s|f|WQHh? â€Å"h‡9©CJh‡9©CJh? â€Å"h‡9©B*[? ]CJ,aJ phy+jhDpB*[? ]CJ,U[pic]aJ mHnHphyu[pic]hOj h‡9©B*[? ]CJ2aJ4phyhX[pic]? h’duB* CJ4aJ4ph€€hX[pic]? h‡9©B* CJ4aJ4ph€€hX[pic]? [email&#clx;protected]* CJ4aJ4ph€€hemUB* CJ4aJ4ph€€ho©B* CJ4aJ4ph€h‡9©CJh? â€Å"ho! nCJ-aJ h[? ]GhU /5? CJ h#5? CJ jRoll no. signature tune 1. Md. Mo sharref Hossain36……………… 2. Saheli Nargis64……………… 3. Md. Rashedul Hasan78……………… 4. Zubaer Shoaib86……………… 5. Md. Naharul Islam 92………………\r\n'