Thursday, December 13, 2018

'Public Education System\r'

'In the erstwhile(prenominal) few decades condition has shifted its point from education to fashion. Students be judged upon their shoes or jeans rather than their knowledge. Uniforms in the human beings education transcription is a great idea, non tho is it cost effective, but also it gives the students a chance to concent target on their studies and not hand over to worry about what to wear tomorrow. Plus the annoyance or military unit rate drops in schools that know a constant policy, and those that do not function on campus atomic number 18 spotted quicker and easier.\r\n unavowed schools ave already adopted this idea as good as some schools in England and Australia. Early dawn or late evening fights over what is allowed to be listless to school could come to an end if uniforms atomic number 18 issued in the public The kids that come from lower classify level backgrounds atomic number 18 the kids out there limiting drugs and committing the crimes, but the m championy made goes to debase the in vogue(p) designer jeans, effective so that they argon â€Å" cool” at school. A difference in the violence on school grounds has decreased in areas were school uniforms are mandatory.\r\nGang activity is not as high beca expend the students bay window not take their colors or signs at school. Sgt. Joe Battle, a extensive Beach, California juvenilia officer states that, â€Å"uniforms take away the zero(prenominal) 1 reason that kids treat each former(a) differently; how they look” (Ritter, 1A). Long Beach was the origin public school in the nation to know mandatory school uniform policy. The crime rate there is down 76 percent, and assaults on school property is also down by 85 percent (Starr,1). One of the reasons behind the sudden change in school policy has to do with the unexampled-made school hootings.\r\nThe most famous and talked about one was the Columbine High School. The two teens were able to chip in in weap ons to the school under trench coats. With uniforms this could hire been prevented, because long coats are not to be worn in the school. Even the President of the United States is contemptible to the uniform policy. President Clinton has given speeches during his State of the trades union address including that uniforms keep kids, ” from killing each former(a) over designer jackets” (Ritter, 1A). The way that the kids are dressed-up is more important than the grades they reserve.\r\nThe students are able to focus on the education rather than someone elses new clothe. Parents that were not too sure of the idea entertain that there are more positives than detrimentals to wearing uniforms. The students are less distracted and can concentrate on the teacher. Students admit that having everyone wear the similar thing is easier on them. No one worries about whether or not they wore something last week or that they dont pretend the realize brand labels to flash aroun d. Kids that cant afford the name brands are the ones with the lower test scores and woefuler attendance.\r\nThe cost of uniforms in comparison to the latest fashion is ridiculous. For what it would cost to buy a major household appliance, two or three of the latest designer outfits can be bought. The students who dont have the money to buy all the newest turn tend not to go to class as much because they encounter they dont fit in. It used to be that the kids that wore the K-Mart or Wal-Mart brand of clothes were thought of as uncool. Uniforms dont lonesome(prenominal) bring down the cost of clothes for the parents, but the school spirit is higher and the students feel a sense of unity.\r\nThe line between the poor and rich kids is brought down, the students can no longer displease on another because of their clothes as they are all dressed the same. Administrators can spot a person who does not belong on campus immediate and easier if they a dont have a school uniform on. Uni forms can be bought at almost whatever clothing store. Prices range from $5-$7 for shirts, $10 for knickers and pants and $7 for a jumper. Now canvass that to $30-$80 for jeans and$15-$30 for a shirt. Majority of parents only buy two or three uniforms a school year\r\nStudents all dressed the same that is the whole idea. But there some negative aspects of this area. Psychologist Ruth Rubinstein at the Fashion Institute of newfangled York argues that having students dress alike decreases their sense of expression or creativity. Although students can express themselves in the classroom or even wear different socks. Some old age are specified for the elective dress down, where the children can wear what ever they would like. If the students have to wear uniforms thence so should the teachers and staff.\r\nHow can the students be expected t follow the teachers lead if they are not in uniforms as well? This makes the whole school pertain and the principles job easier for enforcing the dress code. Some schools do have strict dress codes if a not a uniform policy. Students must wear clothing that is capture for a learning environment. No sleeveless shirts or offense slang or short, shorts are not allowed. Students that do not follow the rules could be suspended. Schools could go as far as to not allow skirts to be worn. Some schools have an optional uniform policy.\r\nMost parents and students choose to wear uniforms because of At the moment many public schools are only using uniforms under a voluntary basis. With this system they hope to increase awareness of the benefits that these uniforms hold. These uniforms will attend to to lower budgets, school violence and help students get going more accepted among their peers. Fatal accidents could be avoided with the use of uniforms in the public school system. It is not just a fast growing trend to make the school look better, but also a way to increase the chances of a more stop learning environment.\r\n'

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