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'Vegetarian Diet: a Good Practice to Lose Weight or Not\r'

'Vegetarian Diet: A Good class period to Lose Weight or non? Obesity is one of the major problems of mod societies. At this present, Thai deal argon getting fatter. According to Kasikorn Research Centre, the researches in 2008 indicates that the number of Thai throng classed as over tilt down is expected to change magnitude betwixt 10 †12 millions, which is almost 1 in 6 battalion of the country. However, nowadays, good deal argon more concerned almost their health and fitness. They want to be safe(p) looking and healthy, so deal ar looking for expressions to retire incubus. unrivaled popular viandsetic dedicate is vegetarianism.In umpteen argonas, lot be vegetarians be start of inadequate in watch, pretermit of animal products, and religious belief. Vegetarian f atomic number 18ing becomes the most popular regimen hold as it has been proved to lag weight po xtly. However, vegetarian forage remains a controversial end among people. Some people c laim that vegetarian f be is lack of nutrients, unhealthy and a troublesome go for. However, vegetarian go a stylet is a good hold for losing weight as it benefits weight leave outr in some(prenominal) delegacys. Firstly, vegetarian regimen is an effective practice to lapse weight.Many studies indicate that vegetarian feeders bathroom lose weight very fast. The easiest construct of losing weight is people experience to erase fewer calories than they expend. Vegetarian diet helps people lose signifi thunder mugt weight since vegetarian provedders which include vegetables, fruits and grains atomic number 18very upset in calories. Moreover, in that location are some new(prenominal) supporting situationors. The fact is fruits and vegetables insure a large amount of water and fibers which alter people to thumb full quickly. From the scientific study, human be potful cotton up vegetable nutrients best than m feast.Be inclines, vegetarians can prey unlimited a mount of high-fiber foods without feeling hungry. Furthermore, take in vegetables helps subjoin calories burnedafter meal since the nutrients from vegetables are digestedfaster than from meats. Also, the wasting disease of goods and services of complete grains, one of the staples of vegetarian diets, is proved to be associated with a commence body smoke index and waist circumference(BMI). From the researches, vegetarian dieters can strike their weight losing as they can lose weight about a intrude per week without additional exercise and calories aspiration limitation (physician committee for responsible for(p) medicine, 2006).Vegetarianism is the entirely diets for permanent weight loss since it enables people to shed off unnecessary fats. If people decrease their animal products intakes, undoubtedly, they forget change magnitude their fats intake which is the main reason of weight gain. Quoted in physician committee for responsible medicine, Susan E. Berkow, the auth or of the Nutrition Reviews, wrote in her reviews that twain male and female vegetarians weight 3 to 20 percents trim down than meat eaters. Therefore, vegetarian diet is proved to be an effective way to lose weight It has been claimed that being vegetarian is non a good practice because it has many boldness effects.Some people ask that vegetarians are fainted easily and stressed since they fork out to suspend meats. In fact, vegetarian diet has fewer side effects when compa departure to Atkins diet and using diet pills. The first one, Atkins diet practice, guides many trans-fats which come from eating an unlimited amount of meat, dairy farm products. As reported in Akins nutritionary Organization article, trans-fats have no nutritional value and are the major cause of obesity and the contributor to mall disease. Additionally, meats are converted to fats and fats have been added to weight increasing.Nutritionists have found that Atkins weight loss weapons platform increa ses the assay of heart disease speckle vegetarian diet decreases it. Moreover, according to the American crabmeat Society’s studies, meat increases the risk of colon cancer. On the contrary, fruits and vegetables help lower the risk of getting cancer. The instant way to lose weight compared to vegetarian diet is victorious diet pills. Diet pills restrain proneness so they make people feel full so that they can lose weight very quickly; however, it causes many side effects on health. The fact is diet pills cause many ailments such(prenominal) as nervousness, fatigue, headaches, and diarrhea.Moreover, diet pills overdose leads to tremors, hallucinations, heart attack and even death. Many pills contain dangerous chemical substances. For example, Phenylpropanolamine can increase heart beat rate and roue rack. From the report published in 2004 by the New England Journal of Medicine, San Francisco researchers link diet pills to be the cause of 10 deaths and 20 heart attacks and strokes within the past devil years after their drug intake. Hence, losing weight by eating plant products poses slight harm than Atkins diet and taking diet pills. Also, vegetarian dietbenefits weight losers in terms of the expenses.Some people may solicit that vegetarian foods be oft money and cooking vegetarian dishes can be complicated since they have to select specialthe ingredients. In fact, vegetarian diet helps save money because vegetables and fruits, actually, cost slight than meats and whole grains are less expensive than protein from meats. Moreover, since vegetarian diet has few side effects, it helps people save the money worn-out(a) onmedical care and health insurance. On the new(prenominal) point of view, people who disagree with vegetarian diet claim that vegetarian diet is an unhealthy practice for losing weight since it lacks many nutrients.They claim that those who practice vegetarian diet may lack of nutrients from protein, vitamins and fats. Protei n for body growth generally comes from meat and dairy products and vitaminB12, for example, which used to help forming red smear cells and functioning nerve systems comes from milk. In addition, efficacy which is used during all stages of life comes from fats, carbohydrate, and protein. Besides, they argue that water and fibers reduce energy engrossment and increase the volume of foods. Vegetables and fruits, naturally, contain a lot of water and fiber content, so they might low in calories and cast low energy density.Therefore strict vegetarian diet does not providepeople enough energy to use during the daily activities in life. Actually, to people who are not well informed, vegetarian diet is turn out to be a good practice to lose weight. The fact is there are quartette main types of vegetarian diet. It is categorized by the animal meat limitation in the diet. The first type is a make out vegetarian or vegan which is the group of people who eat only vegetables. masses who are vegans can lose weight very fast. The second type islacto vegetarian.This type of vegetarian allows vegetables and dairy products. Ovo-vegetarian is another(prenominal) type of vegetarian. They consume vegetables and eggs which circulate them enough protein. The last type of vegetarian is lacto-ovo vegetarian. People who practice lacto-ovo vegetarians eat all vegetables,eggs and dairy products. It is proved that adopting this diet has many health benefits, more than a meat-full diet since lacto-ovo vegetarian food provides protein, carbohydrate, fats, minerals and vitamins which are necessary to human body.So, people in this diet type do not need to find other supplements to stay healthy. Another point is that there are other sources of nutrients from plants which function as protein in meats, vitamins and minerals such as whole grains, legumes, vegetable seeds and nuts. Moreover, lacto vegetarians and lacto-ovo vegetarians can gain vitaminB12 by eating dairy products while ve gans can obtain vitaminB12 from soy milk and yeast. Besides, milk and dairy products are another source of calcium. Also, kales and green leave vegetables can give calcium which are absorbed better than that from milk.Furthermore, vegetables contain the less amounts of saturated fats than meats, so it can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, vegetarian meals have essential minerals and vitamins which are good for health. Vegetables are rich in antioxidants and protective Phytonutrients which lower the risk of cancer and chronic syndrome. Besides, losing weight by vegetarian diet is not proven to cause an illness. People who consume a lot of meat have a high risk of heart-disease, cancer and thrum loss.The study of more than 500,000 middle-aged and gray Americans found that those who consumed about four ounces of red meat a day were more than 30 percent likely to die from heart disease and cancer during ten years followed . In conclusion, there are several benefits of vegetarian diet for weight losers. Vegetarian diet is proved to be an effective way to lose weight since it has lesser detrimental side effects and benefits weight losers in terms of the expenses. There are four types of vegetarians included lacto vegetarians, lacto-ovo vegetarians, ovo-vegetarians and vegans which are categorized from the restriction of animal products.Although some people argue that vegetarian diet is an unhealthy way to lose weight, many studies prove that vegetarian diet is a healthy weight loss practice. Albert whiz once said â€Å"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on primer coat as much as the development of vegetarian diet. ” Nevertheless, there are many people who starting vegetarian diet without nutritional emphasise knowledge about balanced diet. Therefore, vegetarians should be aware of what nutrients lack in the diet and carefully select types that approp riate for from each one person to become a foolhardy weight loser. 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