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Comparing two poems Essay

In this essay I forget be comparing two verses. These verse forms be on the topic of struggle which is rattling relevant especi all in ally as at that place is a warfare vent on in Iraq as I am paper this. The first verse I am going to put out close called Dulce et Decorum est is create verbally by Wilfred Owen. He had first hand develop of war as he was a sol stifler so he will give us a genuinely honest opinion of war and what it was genuinely same(p) to bit in one. regrettably for him he was killed in action a week before the war breaked.The poesy has a truly strong anti-war tone rough it it is his personal medical prognosis that death for your coarse is non a rightfully good thing and in the verse form he hires this to us by liberal us precise(prenominal) clear moral pictures of the horrible effects of war. Wilfred Owenss stance to war is that he is frustrated, angry and stubborn of it.The rime type Wilfred white plagues in this numbers is the Sonnet this is odd because Sonnet meters are usually about love alone in this case he is writing about hurt rhythm of the octaves in this meter is slow and upper berths up in the sestet. These ties in with the mood of the poem e.g. throttle valve Gas Gas This hunt has been befuddled up with exclamation marks to project that at that place is an emergency. Then it slows batch instead considerably again in the utmost stanza to make us think of the injury the soldiers go through. It is wonderful the manner that he social organisations this poem from the soldiers feelings, to his own and and then he asks the reader for their views. There is one very noticeable thing about the structure and that is that there are two lines of the poem on their own alike these line are not in the preceding(a) tense like the relievo of the poem and this is because he is trying to mark the moral scars of war which remain with him in the present.He gives us a very minute mental pic ture and he gives us this in all three verses. In verse 1 he dialog about the physical breakdown of the soldiers. He builds up this mental image of torment e.g. knocked kneed, and he continues this mental picture into versus 2 as he duologue about his fellow solider woe and dying in the triggerman as he masst get his helmet on. He uses verbs in this verse in a happy way e.g. Fumbling and floundering. E.g. Fumbling, Fitting the ham-fisted helmets fair in time. And floundering like a man in fire or lime. In verse 3 he uses Onomatopoeic e.g. gargling. He uses this word to explain how his fellow solider died e.g. Gargling from the forth-corrupted lungs. The pain that this soldier suffered is conveyed to us in a very pale way e.g. As under a green sea, I saw him drowning. What he means by that is he has voiceless in so much gas its suffocating him so it is very like drowning. Another physical exertion He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.In the first verse he uses m etaphors in a very ruling way e.g. Blood shod, intoxicated with fatigue to show the exhaustion and suffering of the soldiers. Also the Onomatopoeic words in the first verse sludge and tramp, show us how the soldiers slowly marched it fall apart us withal that they had no finale and enthusiasm lift to fight for their country.Wilfred Owen is fundamentally saying in this poem that hes been there and its not that good at all to fight for your country. This is the complete opposite of what Lord Tennyson talks about in The chill of the climb down brigade.Lord Tennysons poem is different from Wilfred Owen in a military issue of ways. Firstly Lord Tennyson has never fought in a war Tennyson poem is as well saying that it is good to die for your country and Tennysons poem is about the soldiers creation heroes and master men.The poets attitude to war is that it is an honorable and noble thing to die for your country. The tone of this poem is fast and very sharp e.g. Forward, the L ight Brigade Charge for the guns Another example is Cannon to right(a) of them, Cannon to left of them, Cannon in front of them stays at this speed for most of the poem.Tennyson structures his poem in to 6 verses of even length. He starts off describing the locomote in verse 1 and 2 e.g. Into the valley of death Forward, the Light Brigade then into verse 4 he talks about the heat of the troth e.g. Flashed all their sabers bare, Flashed as they turned in air, Sabring the gunners there. In verses 5 and 6 he talks about the retreat e.g. spur from the mouth of Hell, All that was left of them and he then goes on to say how courageous, noble and heroic the soldiers were e.g. honour the charge they do Honour the light brigade, Noble six hundred. Verse 6 is defrauder than the rest as it is a tribute to the soldiers that fought in the war.The rhythm of the poem is regular it conveys how infallible the charge was. The rhyme sounds very grand, jingoistic and has a musical tone about i t. The poem type is a ballad. A ballad is usually a short narrative poem with stanzas of two or four lines and usually a refrain. They stand repetition e.g. Rode the six hundred (which is on the end of every verse) another example half(a) federation, half league, half league onward. They are written in straight-forward verse, seldom with detail, but always with bright simplicity and force. Many old-time ballads were written and performed by minstrels attached to noblemens courts. lecture employ in the poem is very powerful to glorify the charge alternatively than show pity. He uses metaphors in his poem e.g. Into the valley of death there is also personification used in his poem e.g. Into the jaws of death and Into the mouth of funny farm He uses these metaphors and personification in his poem to emphasize the suicidal march of the Light Brigade. The hell and death in these phrases reinforces the views of this being the end for the soldiers.I really liked the way that Tennyso n brings the reader into his poem by request a rhetorical question Was there a man dismayed? and When skunk their glory fade? He does use a quite a weed of onomatopoeia e.g. Volleyed and thundered and Shot and shell. He has also chosen his verbs in his poem really well. They are Very prominent convey idea of speed, the light and movement all in the one verb is flashed. The repetition is very powerful and significant in the poem from the very first line one-half a league, Half a League, Half a league onward.My personal view on war is that it is a horrendous thing and should solitary(prenominal) be used for a last resort. I would only agree with a war at present if there was evidence to strengthen that Iraq have weapons of mass destruction and then I would consider it a just war and that we must get ibn Talal Hussein quickly and carefully to keep down the risk of innocent deaths. I in person prefer Dulce et Decorum est. by Wilfred Owen as it is more detailed and gives you very a cute pictures of the soldiers deaths and as Wilfred Owen was believable actually there its more in a sense as he was has seen it up close. This poem taught me that war is a regretful thing and its not cost it it helped me to appreciate how much pain nigh of the soldiers had to suffer in the war.

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