Saturday, February 2, 2019

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words :: essays papers

A Picture is Worth a Thousand rowingPhotography may be a much effective and slightly inexpensive alternative to drawing or painting, but more sentiment and feeling goes into a painting than a take. Photography is relatively elementary in comparison to painting, which is a lots more complex task. With photography, the man is already completely arranged, but with a painting the objective is much more open to interpretation by the artist. The artist has the ability to prehend much more emotion, understanding, and signifi stinkerce in an event and apply this crashing(a) drive to his paintbrush when creating his own masterpiece. When dealing with reality, I think a photograph may represent an actual physical recollection of a mortal or object, but a painting stimulated from scratch adds the reality of lore to the equation. Reality is always open to a different observation and interpretation.Artists during the naturalism goal concentrated on the real world as they sawin g machine it, and chose to construct their pieces of work with normal, everyday activities, therefore making it all the more real. One painter during this time period was Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. In his piece call Ville dAvray, he chooses to capture a woman in a forest-like setting. The text states Corot worked very quickly so that he could capture the vestigial rhythm of nature to make his landscapes reveal the magic moment of truth. In my interpretation, his quick brushstrokes in light and dark values are meant to create movement you can practically see the wind blowing through the soughing trees, gently swaying the womans long, flowing skirt. With his choice of colors, I can feel a slight chill from the breeze due to the vaporousness and dimly lit sky. If this were a photograph, the image would be less blurred, and I would see a woman, a couple of trees, and more defined colors. I wouldnt feel anything from the photograph. I would just see objects. With this pain ting however, I interpret it to make me feel a certain way (serene and lethargic), and it provokes me to chew over as to why this woman is amongst the trees on such(prenominal) a blustering(a) day. This painting allows me to reflect and speculate upon whether the artist had similar feelings while creating such a magnificent composition.Another thought-provoking painting created during the Realism period is Gustave Courbets Burial at Ornans.

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