Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Dante’s Inferno: Contrapasso

Expect No Mercy What goes around comes around. When sinners stir hell they atomic number 18 forced to experience the counter-suffering of contrapasso. For each sin, Dante gives a limited penalization relating to that sin. Some of these sins include wildness towards self, violence towards paragon, sorcery, and hypocrisy. For the despicable lives they lived on earth, they are doomed to suffer relating consequences for all of eternity. No green leaves, just now rather black in color, no smooth branches, save squirm and entangled, no fruit, but thorns of poison bloomed instead. (XIII, 4) No longer humans, but trees, they jump in a fruitless wood, being eaten by half-woman, half-bird creatures called Harpies. These sinners collapse perpetrate Violence against themselves. They destroyed their bodies on earth so they have been denied both resemblance to a body in hell. Harpies are perched on them, eating their leaves as they scream in pain. When leaves or branches are ripped from them, they bleed and none as though limbs are being torn from their bodies.Their wounds heal so as to reoccur, making it so the harpies may eat them eternally. This is not a reasonable form of justice, as once thought in Dantes time. The Christian church has changed its opinions on felo-de-se since the publishing of Dantes work. at once not even awarded a Christian burial, people who commit suicide are now considered not in the right state of mind. Since they have suffered in life, they should not be forced to suffer for eternity in death. Despite the undeserving sufferers previously noted, many of the people tack together in hell deserve to be there.The blasphemers have committed the sin of violence against God. They have either cursed God or offended God directly during their lifetimes. These sinners lay on their backs in burning sand sodding(a) up at the skies as fiery flakes rain down on them. They committed sins against God, therefore they shall spend eternity staring up at him and accepting his wrath. Violence is horrid and the punishments in hell show how it hindquarters come back to you in death. But even deeper into hell the sins cause worse, as do the punishments. There are things that people are not supposed to enamor during their lives on earth.The hereafter is one of these things. The first sinners found in the eighth circle of hell attempted to see the future using forbidden means such as black magic. The punishment that these fortune tellers are forced to endure is they walk around forevermore with their heads twisted facing backwards, only able to look behind them. Their eyeball are filled with tears so anything that they could see is completely blurred. You see how he has made his back his chest because he wished to see besides far ahead, he sees behind and walks a backward track. (XX, 37) These punishments are absolutely fitting to the sins they have committed. These so-called sorcerers spent their lives in the twisted adult male of magic, so it is only fitting that they are twisted themselves in hell. This is the suffering that awaits them in hell, and theyve earned every bit of it. Deeper into hell there are sinners who twisted the truth, this is where the hypocrites are found. They deceived people during their lives by pretending to have beliefs or virtues that appealed to others.Now they slowly trod around wearing cloaks that look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside they are lined with heavy lead, that weighs the sinners down. The orange-gilded cloaks are thickset with lead so heavy that it makes us, who are the scales it hangs on, creak as we walk. (XXIII, 100) Since they hid their lawful selves in life they must walk forever, hiding the weight of their fabrication which they must carry for all of eternity. If they stop walking, the lead gets hotter and hotter until they start locomote again.Being eaten for all of eternity, staring into the skies as fiery flakes rain down, heads twis ted on backwards and hidden weight that must be carried forever are some of the punishments in hell that await sinners. These specific punishments relate or contrast to the sins of those who suffer them. Contrapasso is the passing of just punishment for sins, and punishments that relate to the sins are the most fitting. For the damage they have done on earth, these offenders are cursed to suffer the abuse they have earned themselves in hell.

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