Friday, February 15, 2019

Graduation Speech: Remain in Christ :: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

Its been great attending County christian School. Where else do students notch into school at 755 and receive a loving cup of hot chocolate and a cookie? Then, after third period, Mr. Obrastoff combs our pilus and sings to us. It re all in ally has been a delightful place to go to school. In all seriousness, we have been blessed to go to this school. We have been face uped after and protected. Now, we prepare for the accepted world. We will be facing new temptations and challenges. Its not like as soon as we walk out these doors after receiving our diploma theres freeing to be a line of rough-looking guys who are personnel casualty to be saying, Hey Ill break out you ten million dollars if you go rob that bank, or Hey, do you fate to join the mafia? Its not going to be like that. However, formerly we are out from the protection of our school and families, it will be among just God and us. Our society today will be support infidelity, lying, and substance abuse. Self-cente redness will be the dominant viewpoint. For those of you who are going on to another Christian community, I challenge you to be the antithetical ones. Christian groups too often say, yeah, praise God, and then not always walk in His steps. They see Christianity as just obeying the big rules kinda of a daily faith relationship with God. They might even read you to do subtle things that break Gods rules. Take that extra step and unfeignedly be a leader. Be the one person that everyone can look up to and say that you have the love of Jesus in your heart. register them that you are truly on fire for God. For those of you who are going on to a secular society, I challenge you to remain in Christ and try to find some Christian friends. You are going to be in a hostile environment. Most people wont believe the alike(p) things as you. People will not only be communicate you to do little things that will break Gods rules, but also things that reckon big. You need to stand up for you r beliefs and show them that you are different. This means you cant be afraid to say no, thats not right, but remember you cant resist temptations on your own, you need God working openly in your life. If you find a good group of Christians, it will also help you to have soulfulness to hold you accountable and fellowship with.

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