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Magical Realism and Fantastic Sublime in Laura Esquivels Like Water fo

Magical pragmatism and Fantastic Sublime in Laura Esquivels corresponding piddle for ChocolateThe different elements of the story Like peeing for Chocolate are amazing. The feelings that go through a person upon listening, watching, and savour events that happen during this story of the Spanish familys lives. The customs of this family were so unorthodox. This story is unfounded grand and magical realism combined. Laura Esquivel wrote this novel in 1992. The nationality of the people in the novel was Mexican. A person can tell by the personal valetner expressions were made and the things that were done in the story. The novel has many fantastic sublime elements as well as magical realism. The elements of the story that stick out in a persons mind are the birth of Tita, the feelings of the love that Tita has in her heart for her sisters keep up, Titas cooking, the shower catching on fire, and Titas sister riding absent on a horse. Upon the birth of Tita, her mother floode d the kitchen table and bag when her water broke. The fluid had turned to sodium chloride and had to be swept up off the floor. This type of thing happening in the real adult male is not going to happen. The fluid turning into the salt was definitely a magical realism element. The fluid from the birth drying up like salt is similar to the sublime. The mysteries of cooking are treated in Like Water for Chocolate. The sublime seems to have a definition of being inhuman, an image that cannot be named. The magical realism has the definition of being magical and unreal. Titas love she had for her sisters husband upon their marriage and through out the time of their marriage and lives. Titas love neer changed. It was the magical way Tita felt in her heart about the man she loved and the ... really hard to distinguish the difference between the two. The secret mysteries in the story of Like Water for Chocolate seem to never show the real meanings. The novel is interesting and k eeps a person on his or her toes. The main aspire in the story is the boiling point that a person has inside will eventually boil over, effrontery enough time. Emotions run high through out the story as well as the way each and everyone deal with the way the emotions number out. Works Cited Arensberg, Mary. The American Sublime. Albany State University of New York Press, Albany 1986. Esquivel, Laura. Like Water for Chocolate. N.Y. Doubleday, 1992. Faris, Wendy. Scheherazades Children Magical Realism and Postmodern Fiction Magical Realism Theory, History, Community. Ed. Lois Parkinson Zamora and Wendy B. Faris. Durkham, N.C. Durham Duke up, 1995 163-190.

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