Monday, February 4, 2019

Social Constructs :: Sociology

Social Construct sours the extent in which we be wellnessy and sensually active. It determines how we use health services, recreational facilities and sporting opportunities to our benefits. It withal guides our response to health and physical activity challenges and how an single(a) views health as a neighborly construct.The favours of viewing health of an individual through social constructs have many reasons. Some being that it supports principles of diversity and social justice. Australia is various(a) in terms of multiculturalism, socio-economic status and geographic location. Socio-economic status relates how much the individuals income is, their barter status, car/home ownership or their knowledge about health. cosmos geographically isolated means not having access to available health services. It is taken into account so that the individual has a sense of be and empowerment to improve their health. The individual should have a supportive environs so that changes open fire occur for the better and to ensure the individual develops a sense of ownership for their health.Another advantage would be that is recognises the interrelationships between socio-cultural and environmental factors that influence social constructs. Many cultural and environmental factors impact and influence in individual?s health. Some of these may include, the climatic conditions, physical environment which influences the health of the individual and what society and culture expects of them. Climatic conditions can have a big impact of an individual?s health because of the decreasing amount of space to do physical activity. Final advantage is that it challenges the notion that health is solely an individual?s responsibility. For improvements to be make in health, the individual has to take full responsibility and to agree that they are to be blamed for their poor health levels. Through influences of social constructs the individual should make informed decisions rega rding their health and should be more motivated to quicken change.

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