Monday, February 18, 2019

Sport, Education, and the Meaning of Victory Essay -- Athletics Greece

Sport, Education, and the Meaning of VictorySport was included in ancient educational systems because it was thought to promote aret or human excellence which could be employ to almost any endeavor in life. The goal of most moderne scholastic gymnastic programs might be better summed up in a word kind. Is this a sign that we have lost occupy with the age-old rationale for including feature in education? I reason that it need not be by showing that we value kind precisely for the virtues associated with it. I then take Platos traditional parts of aret piety, sophrosun, endurance and justice and show how they are manifest in modern athletic ideals of self-knowledge, discipline, courage and justice. To the extent that scholastic athletic programs develop these virtues, I conclude, their inquisition of winning is not at odds with the institutional mission of educating students. If an athletic programs pursuit of victory allows such character-building to fall by the wayside, h owever, it deserves no arrange in our high schools, colleges or universities.As in the world of the past Greeks, sport plays an important role in the educational institutions of 20th ascorbic acid America. The reasoning for this in ancient times, as now, is a belief that sport helps to make better people that it promotes excellence (what the Greeks called aret) in individuals, excellence which plunder be applied to almost any endeavor in life. That said, it must(prenominal) be acknowledged that most athletes, coaches, and school administrations identify the goal of their athletic programs in one word winning. Is this a sign that weve lost arrest with the age-old rationale for including sport in education? Is the philosophy that winning is everything, or the only thing... .... 38-45.Marrou, H. I. 1956. A History of Education in Antiquity, translated by George Lamb. Madison, WI University of Wisconsin Press.Mihalich, Joseph. 1992. Sports and Athletics Philosophy in Action. Tot owa, NJ Rowman and Littlefield.Nettleship, R. L. 1935. The Theory of Education in Platos Republic. London Oxford University Press. First published in Hellenica in 1880.Plato. 1989. Collected Dialogues. edit by Edith Hamilton and Huntington Cairns. Princeton, NJ Princeton University Press.Sansone, David. 1988. Greek Athletics and the Genesis of Sport. Berkeley, CA University of atomic number 20 Press.Simon, Robert L. 1984. Good Competition and Drug-Enhanced Performance. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, vol. XI. 6-13.Walton, Gary M. 1992. Beyond Winning The unaltered Wisdom of Great Philosopher Coaches. Champaign, IL Leisure Press.

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