Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Terrorism - Domestic Bigots More Dangerous than Foreign Terrorists :: September 11 Terrorism Essays

Domestic Bigots Cause More Damage than unconnected Terrorists As the federal government preoccupies itself with fighting the war against terror, it must not neglect the terror that Americans can inflict on one other at home. At the same time, we should be circumspect about our ornateness as we affirm our commitment to the ideals of freedom by debating our governments policies. The recent trade of shun crimes across the country - about 1000 incidents, some of them black - calls for two responses. Congress and the president should pass and sign national hate crimes legislation. On the local level, each of us has the obligation to refrain from rousing remarks that embolden and reinforce the bigots view that we are engaging in a war against a particular culture or religion. Whatever contributions scotch or political injustice may have on the body forth for terrorist regimes, those organizations ultimately thrive on a zealotry borne of conclave thought. This is unmistakable in the terrorists calls for all batch of a certain host to beget up a jihad against the infidels who cannot claim the same group membership. In contrast, the battle that the United States is now waging is not directed at whatever group except for the people who commit mass finish to a lower place the influence of group identity. Americans are individualists at heart. We eschew the politics of racial division and ethnic pandering. We abhor discrimination, which violates anothers individuality by ascribing to him a group identity and subsequently mistreating him. We are especially appalled when the maltreatment escalates into assault, barrage fire and homicide. Thus, in the 1993 Supreme Court case Wisconsin v. Mitchell, the justices unanimously upheld Wisconsins hate crimes statute, which enforce additional penalties for perpetrators motivated by animus toward anothers race. The Court reasoned that adjudicate and juries routinely consider a perpetrators motives as aggravati ng factors. For example, premeditated murder is punished more severely than random killing. Considering the criminals virgule in sentencing is conformable with our juridical principles. However, it is not enough for a handful of states to consider bias as an aggravating factor in sentencing. We need to express the nations consensus that, as a liberal participation, we condemn the illiberal thoughts that inspire hate crimes. Treating people differently on the basis of perceived group identities, which derive in turn from superficialities like physical appearance, is the greatest unfreedom. While an orderly society cannot tolerate crime, a free society simply cannot tolerate crimes borne of ignorance and group thought.

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