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A Comparison of Midterm Break and The Early Purges Essay example -- Po

A Comparison of Midterm Break and The Early PurgesFor this assignment we have study two poems by Seamus Heaney. Bothof these poems are linked because they are most Heaneys earlymemories of decease and how he coped with these difficult partswhen he was a young.The subject matter of the poem Midterm Break is about his comradesdeath. It also tells us about his feelings about this death. Heaney isaway at boarding school. Waiting in the college sick bay. Heaneywrites At two o clock our neighbours drove me home. Which showsthat his parents were unable to come to pick him up as they might havebeen held up with approximatelything.Heaney wanted to express his feelings, to let us know what he feltlike having to cope with the death of his little associate. It must havebeen a particularly difficult situation for him.There is a lot of sadness in the poem from the beginning. Heaneywrites of bells knelling classes to a close. Knelling is a sound offuneral bells, not a school bell. This indica tes that Heaney is departureto a funeral. The first person he encounters is his farther crying,this is an extraordinary sight for him. He always took funerals in hisstride. This shows hes been to other funerals, but he has not beenaffected in the homogeneous way. Heaney also remembers a family friendcommenting on the death as a hard blow. This means harsh/unexpectedalso it is an downtrodden pun as his brother has also suffered ablow. Heaney feels self-conscious when older men stand up to shakehis hand. They say to Heaney grubby for my trouble, the wordtrouble again seems insubstantial. He has to cope with strangers andwhispers from the race that dont know him. He holds his mothershand but she c... ...rites in the fourth stanza that hewas frightened this contrasts greatly with dans attitude. Heaneysadly hangs around the g-force for some time afterwards. Heaney forgetsthis image but it comes back to him when he sees Dan cleanup spot otheranimals. He appears to have come to t erm with the farmyard slaughterwhen he grows up. Heaney writes it makes sense, this suggests thesame cold-hearted views as Dan taggart. The last line suggests thatHeaney realises now that some animals are pests. He still does notforget the unsettling incident when he was younger.Both poems show how Heaney deals with death. The death of animals aswell as his brother affected him. In one poem he is dealing with anaccident, a death and also peoples reactions. In this poem he dealswith deliberate cleanup spot of animals, this is a colder, harder poem andit is also unsentimental.

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