Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Consider the characters of Mary Logan in Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry :: English Literature

Consider the characters of Mary Logan in Roll Of move Hear My margin c alland Gilbert Dawson in The Sextons Hero showing how they excogitate thetheme of heroism.Mary Logan in Roll Of Thunder Hear My let loose and Gilbert Dawson in TheSextons Hero both have many similarities, all of which reflect thetheme of heroism. Both have to combat against the expectations of thesociety they fail in. Mary Logan lives in the USA in the 1930s. Sheis a young abusive woman living in a ovalbumin mans world, she is a instructorand her family own land, which the white landowners are not very happyabout. The white muckle believe that blacks a less worthy then whitesand should slam their place. Gilbert Dawson is a man living inLancashire in the 1850s, he is meant to be strong and ready to fight,however he doesnt want to fight and this angers the rest of thecommunity.======================================================================Both Mildred D. Taylor and Elizabeth Gaskell wrote their boo ks to smorgasbord peoples views on different things. Mildred D. Taylor wanted tochange peoples views on black people, and Elizabeth Gaskell wanted tochange peoples views on haw people should act. Both writers see peopleas equal.======================================================================In the dictionary a hero is A person who is admired for being braveMrs Gaskells translation is======================================================================One who acts up to the highest idea of duty he has been able toperform, no numerate at what sacrifice.================================================================In fairy tales, the hero is usually a man who rescues the princessfrom evil. Over time the term hero has changed from the old forgetraditional hero to modern heros ( somewhatone who is heroic for standingby principles and woefulness hardship as a result.)=====================================================================In The Sextons Hero, Gilbert Dawson is mo re of a traditional herobecause he saves Letty and the Sextons life, but dies himself. Healso has some of the qualities of a modern hero as he stands up forwhat he believes in. However Mary Logan in Roll Of Thunder Hear MyCry is a modern hero, as she stands by here principles, no matterwhat the cost to her is.===================================================================In The Sextons Hero, Gilbert Dawson is expected to support andreflect the potent working class stereotype. He is expected to bemanly, physically strong and aggressive, ready to fight whennecessary and to stand up to a challenge.However Gilbert Dawson goes against these expectations. He refuses tofight much to the amazement of the onlookersit seemed such a thing for a stout young chap to be a coward andafraid.But Gilbert Dawson was not a coward or afraid.

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