Monday, March 4, 2019

Habits Essay

costume 1 BE PROACTIVEIn my own personal conduct I whoremonger apply this particular habit by seeing see the good side of things such as my family and how we argon in society. I should not base my happiness on what surrounds me rather, I should seek my own happiness from within myself. I should not let my family relieve oneself in the way of my own happiness. As a teacher I dumbfound to know that there atomic number 18 things that I can do on my own to make the learning experience more applaudable. I devote to seek things I can do for my students on my own. habiliments 2 BEGIN WITH THE END IN MINDI have to focus and seek what I want for myself however, I have to estimate that what I want should be based on my individual personality. I always wanted to be a teacher and I can say that I am now where I envisioned myself to be. I have to manipulate realistic goals. In my professional life, I have to act and work according to the goals I have set and when and if I do reach the se goals, I have to set brand reinvigorated goals to pursue.HABIT 3 PUT FIRST THINGS FIRSTI am sure that at this point I will have set what is important for me. I believe that I should always have to come in first, followed by my family, then my friends, and all the others coming after. I prioritize myself to be able to give to others I have to love myself first to be able to give love. Being a teacher, my first priority are my students and what I can teach them, all the rest are supplementary to this important priority.HABIT 4 THINK WIN-WINI want my family to enjoy the same things that I enjoy. What I have, I also want those who are important to me to have, so I have to be decisive and gritty in seeking these things. In the same manner, I want my students to be as empowered as I am as a teacher, so to enjoy this mutual benefit, I have to remain wide-awake in defending their rights and their capacities.HABIT 5 SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND, accordingly TO BE UNDERSTOODI should not act like I know everything. I should try to conduct others as a convey of enriching myself. If I want other people to appreciate me and consider me for what I am I should be sensitive and responsive to others. I consider my students sources of learning in as much as they consider me a source of their knowledge. This way, the chain of understanding remains open in some(prenominal) ways.HABIT 6 SYNERGIZESince I value my family and friends I should consider them in everything especially in things I want to achieve. I have to accept them to work with me and allow myself to work with them for a more holistic get along in everything I do. Problems are solved easier with many contributing to the issue and so I must not shut out my students from problems that we unremarkably come across with in education. I have to accept the concomitant that as a teacher there are problems that are crack solved with my students contributing to the solution.HABIT 7 SHARPEN THE SAWI personally know that I am athletic, emotionally open, socially considerate, and spiritually decided. I have to focus on these four strengths of mine so that I do not remain static and continue and consistently improve in general. Teaching requires that I focus on what I am good at and build on this. I am very good with children and can simplify complicated information quite effectively. I believe that I should hone my skills in these areas to become a more effective teacher.

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