Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Internet PrivacyThe e-commerce merchant (Tanaka, 1999). Table 1 illustrates some types of information collected by websites. Table 1 individualised Information CollectedType of Information Number of Sites1 Percent1personal Identifying 335 92.8%demographic 205 56.8%Personal Identifying Only 132 36.6%Demographic Only 2 .6%Both Personal Identifying & Demographic 203 56.2%None 24 6.6%1 Number and Percentage from purse of 361 surveyed websites.Source Georgetown Internet Privacy Policy Survey Report to federal Trade Commission June 1999The consumer may feel a name or address is a small price for the item or portion of information they will receive. Usually, the consumer does not understand or take the caden ce to find out the use of the information after placement in the websites database. This electronic data gathering on consumers using the Internet by e-businesses creates the demand.

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