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Students Absenteeism

INTRODUCTION Absenteeism, according to Merriam- Webster dictionary guidance of life chronic absence. In the context of the take it is the habitual or knowing failure from going to coach. It gouge non be denied that every now and then, savants may f only behind some train activities and lessons. But it becomes a riddle if the student depart be away from coach for many days. Chronic rattlepatedee students are po pution at a disadvantage both sociall(a)y and academically. They little girl bulge kayoed on critical stages of social inter run and development with their looks and at the alike time impacts negatively on their academic hand.This lavatory result to hapless ego-esteem, social isolation, and dissatisfaction that could hale necessitate precipitated non-attendance in the first place. School absenteeism is an dismay problem for administrators, teachers, parents, and the society in general, as well as for the pupils in particular. Unaccepted absence has a negative effect on peer relationship which could cause absence. Also, prolonged absence nooky rush injurious effects for the child in later life. bookmans who are absent from the domesticate are at the risk of dropping out of school early.Absenteeism as well affects the teachers officeiness present anatomy campaign in sequential and devised way. This can have an effect on the progress of all the students attending the class. One way of addressing this problem is to identify the causes wherefore students become truant from school. Once they are singled out, understood and analyzed, specific actions and measures can be undertaken. This result eventually redound to the better performance of the students, teachers, and the school in general. II. Background of the study Jason Caringal is a student who belongs to heteroclass.He is already threesome year and he is not a shy type and unspoken student. He tends to sleep when he wants, and commit absences without informing his teachers. He have been absent two days in a week and though he go out come to school he seldom record in school activities. III. Review of Related Literature A child or students interest is the most basic cistron that makes a radical instruction system work in an organize way. From the head to the base members of this organization, the condition of one and only(a)(a) may affect the others.This sweet of educational system is comparable to a series light tie where in the state of one greatly affect the others. Population and plow circumstances within that population which causes negative feedbacks can be primary condition of a poor product. The separate or classroom type of make way of acquisition has given that impact to the community being the unremarkably used system. Its effectiveness has been proven and has never been out of fashion. The relationship amongst the students physical presence on the class discussions and their learning performance are greatly relative. Class participation is just one way of measuring a childs learning ability. In a class, the teacher-student relationship is one of the most fundamental units in students learning. When a student misses a day of school he/she must(prenominal) have lost the chance to hear others, interpret and analyzing the lessons or joins the interaction within the class. This lost is being rooted to two different courses and variable factors under these courses. The inquiry might be a family situation or an individual problem. Then, under these courses are the factors that contribute to a childs regular truancy.These may be finance cin one caserns, disability, psychotic imbalance, poor school climate, family health, transportation problems, drug and alcohol use, and differing community attitude towards education, (Savers, D. et al, 2005). Absenteeism in one angle view point is one of the most common causes of corrupting performances of the students. Especially to those who are included in the ad vance intelligence curriculum, absenteeism causes a great lose and may result to giving up an aimed position. It can also cause social repletion especially when a class is composed of a great number of students.This habit causes a plight to the school establishment when big figures are involve and may decline the schools performance. On the other hand, contamination of sickness and complaint can be avoidable because of the absences of a person (Marburger, D. ,2001) A students attendance may be the grounds of the results of his or her learning performance. School administration and faculty may also affect the absenteeism position of their student, and so as the population of those who practice absenteeism affect the administration and the school itself.Absenteeism in students affects their school performances especially when they are in a group or teamwork for their assignments and projects. Since grouping will helper develops the students cooperative and ability to share and g ain knowledge from their group mates will also miss the opportunity of gaining knowledge from the absent student (Koppernhaver, 2003). According to Schmidt in 1983, absenteesm affects the students ability to get high tally in interrogatives which can cause the change magnitude of grades or the student may fail and will cause him/her to parallel the same year level.Students who have spent time attending lectures or classes have a significant, positive effect on students performance. Students that participated exhibited higher(prenominal) grades and scores in examinations of the student. Marburger states tat the difficulty inferring the effect of absenteeism on performance because, once a student is absent in a class, he or she may miss the opportunity of learning other techniques. He run aground out that missing in class progresses the likelihood of missing examination material covered that day compared to the students who were present in the class (2001).It indicates that sour absentees at an inner-city school in South Wales had significantly lower self concept self-esteem, more deprived socioeconomic backgrounds, lower intelligence level, and more educational problems to control groups. Suggest that remedial measures for absenteeism should focus on ski lift self-concepts and changing attitudes toward school (Reid K. , 1982). Absenteeism is the most significant factor to affect the function of assembly lines in the development of the School Administration.Those high level of absenteeism have negative repression colleges effect to the production of quality levels of well trained students because of work specialization. The analysis of hundred absentees reveals hundred of instances of negative effect of building well discipline students for the future. In contrast to the empirical evidence it confirms that absenteeism produce higher level of problems, that value specialization among student has been significant reduced in the students achievements (Mate o R, 1998). Here are some causes of absenteeism . wish of Subject Interest 2. overleap of Personal Interest in studies. 3. Available opportunities for entertainment like malls, word picture halls etc. 4. The mental capacity of a students does not matches with the the course opted. 5. as well as much Pamperness from family. 6. The poor teaching skills of a teacher also nutriment away student from the school. 7. Lack of confidence 8. Ragging also cause absenteeism 9. Lack of allied activities also causes absenteeism like no sports program, no freshers or farewell parties ,no annual day celebration etc. 10.Poor forage of canteen may also be consider as one of the reason for absenteeism. 11. Poor infrastructure facility in school such(prenominal) as no place in a library to sit is also one of the reason of absenteeism. 12 Excess of homework and sometimes fear from examination keep away students from school/college. 13 zeal for the participation in TV shows in dance musical or act ing,G. K. contest programs also increase the percentage of absenteeism. 14. Preparation for examination causes absenteeism. 15. If school or college is far off the percentage of absenteeism may increase. 16.Over expectation of parents also deteriorate the attendance of a student when s/he is inefficient to cope with parent nature of making comparison among their own children of with the friends of their child. 17. as well much socialization causes absenteeism. It mostly happens during teen age and college when the students forms a group to freak out . 18. Inferiority complex within student causes absenteeism. V. Solutions make by the Teacher to remedy the cause of the problem A. Counselling approaches As a subject teacherer I blab to him and gave some advices in regards with his attitudes.I explained to him that it is not good to be always absent because it will affect his performance. It will be very hard for him to cope up with different activities. B. maternal involvement prog rams Parents know everything that happened to their child, with this as a solution I test an advice from our guidance and from my CT. I shared that there is a need to remonstrate with the parents of the child. I told to my student who is related to him that Im going to talk with his guardians, and if they can able to visit the schools during their free time.During the visitation we talk the problem of his son, it became clear to us real reason of his always being absent and I asked also for their help in order to minimize his absenteeism. C. Student Centered Agreements My student and I do an agreement, that though he made absences he should make sure that he will complete all the outputs and requirements upon submission in order for him not to be late an all his task or responsibilities. We also agreed that he will not commit absences unless he cannot carry himself in school. VI. Results or FindingsAfter adopting several solutions, I came up with this result. Students attendance is always affected by the health condition. Once the student is not feeling well the aptness of it is to absent on their class. If the teacher did not give any bushel with the problem of the student, definitely the performance of the student will fail. Otherwise if the parents did not coordinate to the school in regards with their son, problem may really occur. VII. Recommendations Having the base from the findings the researchers offer the following recommendations that can be taken into considerations . The school administration with the parents of the concerned students must conduct and effective conference dialogue with the help of findings of the study. 2. Solutions to the different areas of difficulty due to absenteeism can be taken action by individuals in their respective fields. 3. Orientation and briefing on these students might be conducted to all least they would commit to absenteeism with the help of the study. 4. Removing Sickness Parents, teachers, can control sic kness by emphasizing upon school students to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and health.Physical check up must be carried out as programme. These measures will not only check the absences but will improve the overall health of the school pupils. BIBLIOGRAPHY Internet Resources http /Q/What_are_the_causes_of_absenteeism_of_students http//www. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/absenteeism http//www. studymode. com/essays/Absenteeism-3-898789. hypertext markup language ACTION RESEARCH IN SOCIAL DIMENSION Submitted by Kimberly Mae D. order Rosales Jethro H. Salvan Sharmaine D. Fiedalan Angeli Rose E. Robles Shenalyn I. Ilagan Rolando L. Tampucao (ENGLISH MAJORS)

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