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War of the Rats Essays -- David L. Robbins Literature Essays

fight of the RatsWar of the Rats, compose by David L. Robbins, and the movie Stalingrad, directed by Joseph Vilsmaier, are two comminuted sources to be employ in furthering ones understanding of the here and now world war and specifically the appointment of Stalingrad. Both of these sources cover chiefly the same material. They both are dramas about the bout of Stalingrad, yet individually has their own unique perspective upon the war. These two sources can be used together to increase ones knowledge on the outlet at hand.War of the Rats, a book that has been recently published is essentially a war inside of a war. It focuses more on a personal battle of two men then it does on the battle of Stalingrad on a whole. The book has four main characters and is mostly found on these race. Robbins seems more content on telling his drama he is revealing to the reader then giving actual historical accounts on the battle of Stalingrad. Robbins story starts out about the Rus sians skilled assassin, Army headman Master Sergeant Visily Zaitsev. Zaitsev is a famed sniper, known for killing the opposing Germans with ease. The Germans realize how dangerous of a weapon Zaitsev is, and counter with their own surpass sniper, S.S. Colonel Heinz Throvald.Throvald is sent with one mission kill Zaitsev. Also included in the plot of Robbins book are Tania Chernova, Zaitsevs assistant, and Corporal Nikki Mood, a involved German soldier. Tanis Chernova and Vasily Zaitsev eventually fall in love. The novel eventually ends with the two master snipers, Throvald and Zaitsev, crossing all(prenominal) others paths. In some of a cliffhanger, the book finishes off with both Throvald and Zaitsev putting crosshairs on each others head. Although it is very entert... ...ery educational. Both are based on factual events. War of the Rats is more about two individual people than the actual war, but still gives a brief overview about the battle of Stalingrad. Stalingr ad focuses on the suffering of the German soldiers and probably is more useful than the War of the Rats in the sense that it covers the actual war more. However, both are passing recommended and go hand in hand. One would probably understand the magnificence of the Second World War on the Eastern Front in world history most if he or she looked into both sources. kit and boodle CitedBeschner, M. George, and Alfred S. Friedman. Youth Drug Abuse. Toronto D.C. Heath, 1980.Dogan, Shamed. Legal Drinking Age Should Drop to 18. spicy 1997 February 14, 1997 Group Survey of 100 people. Should the Legal Drinking Age Be Lowered to Eighteen? May 25, 2000

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