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Issues on Down Syndrome Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Issues on Down Syndrome - quiz ExampleIt is usual that open language skills to senescence adults with Down syndrome, are affected signifi set uptly compared to communicative skills (Carter Young & Kramer, 1991). Expressive language may remain intact over a long period, and so acting as a measure of overall ability. Studies have extensively examined adults with Down syndrome on their discourse and language. Predictors such as school tutorials, how the person with the disorder grows up in the family, and enrichment therapies influence their schoolman writ of execution (Bird &Thomas, 2002). Age, language and related skills in adults with downs syndrome Studies establish on downs syndrome are increasing rapidly. Most of these studies seek to commit the connection among ageing, language and correlated skills in adults. According to Iacono, Torr, &Wongs inferences, the measures of relationship between language and ageing fail to investigate linguistic domains but rather sensitivity to change. It is evident that expressive language tends to settle with age among adults with downs syndrome compared to receptive language. Studies show that, receptive vocabulary is stronger with age than auditory sentence structure (Cooper & Collacott, 1995). In this case, the expressive language is weak, the speech delays or slows among ageing adults. According to Rasmussen & Sobsey 1994, longitudinal studies conducted on forty (40) historic period old adults with downs syndrome shows much wrong in communication skills in particular receptive language. The film similarly indicated that dyspraxia sets in, a central nervous system condition affecting speech production. In addiction, this disorder affects the truth in gesture use. The ability to respond to auditory stimuli weakens with age meaning that the affected may not respond to when addressed verbally. There are difficulties in comprehending vocals, in this case the person with downs syndrome is poor in understanding sp oken language and word discrimination. Scholars questions whether the language decline was as a result of loss of memory, or part of adult-ageing process related to downs syndrome. Receptive language in downs syndrome individuals (40-49 years) shown to be low in comparison to the younger individuals (Dalton and Crapper-McLachlan, 1986). Predictors of intelligent attainments of young pack with Downs syndrome According to Turner, S., Alborz, A., & Gayle, V. 2008, most good deal think that academic achievement is anchored on the type and quality of education. Moreover, they lack knowledge on how parents can offer incredible support. In cases where children have a disability, people lack confidence on intellectual attainment of the child at home and school. However, school and guardians play a salient role in education. Stephen turner and his colleagues reported findings on a research they conducted. These findings identify school and parents as factors that influence academic achiev ements of young people with Down syndrome. The children in the longitudinal research were born between 1973 to 1980. The children under study varied in cognitive behavior, this was mainly to represent different abilities in downs syndrome. The researchers also choose families based on occupation and education backgrounds. Research indicated that young people with Down syndrome predict progress. Young people who attended mainstream school had impressive academic attainment in writing, reading and numbering even in their adulthood. Turner and Gayle points

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Assignment 1 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 26

1 - Assignment patternThere has to be accurate harmonization between jobs as advantageously as vertical silver communication amongst job levels in order to obtain inter-functional coordination. The meaning of this is that the management of an organization must be used to gaps of employment such as shortages, surplus, or even deficiencies in between levels of jobs as well as job categories. (Zeiger, 2014) For this to be achieved there is the requirement for knowledge of, as well as manoeuver over the workforce elements as well as their individual connections.If decisions are to be made in the absence of such inter- connections linked between job levels as well as job categories, the effect will be a labor force which is disgustingly out of balance in term of moreover a qualitative sense or a quantitative sense. The decisions that are made for the valuation reserve of gaps of employment are dependent on, together the external sources of employment as well as the midland sources of employment. For instance, if decisions are poorly conceived, the outcome could be the impossibility of promoting from within caused by understaffing. Another reason for this could be absence of employee training at certain job levels or in certain job categories (Zeiger, 2014). The privation of ability to promote from the inside is a clear implication of additional expenditure for the firm caused by requirement of external recruitment as well as the lack of progression for the employees in the organization.Decisions on job categories and levels are critical to the conduct as well as results of the HRP since they are a personal manner to achieve the goals o the organization. Their absence is likely to lead to a workforce that is imbalanced. In addition, they help drop costs of the organization through internal recruitment and create employee

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Education is Important Because It Develops the Individual Essay

Education is Important Because It Develops the Individual - raise ExampleThe syllabus itself where learning to read, write, count, draw, take somatogenetic exercise, hear music, play games etc., serves to develop the mental and physical abilities. Once basic literacy and numeracy are achieved, many doors are opened for independent thought and action. The imagination expands, the instauration of books is available and with it, all areas of knowledge. Communication skills also grow, and with these comes the ability to relate to others and the world at large. Of great importance too, are the relationships formed with others in and outside of school.The other clawren, t apieceer, janitor, head teacher, classroom aide and so on, a great number of individuals outside of the family are now a part of the childs experience and serve to expatiate it.Such a world reflects society at large and the learning within is applied outside. The need to be polite to others, to respect those who hel p, serve or share knowledge, to learn to share, to participate and contribute, all these are merry elements within a good genteelnessal structure. Social skills developing thus are taking the child towards becoming an adult who can learn and who can contribute positively to society. Already we can come across the value of education, both to the individual and the world.Social, emotional and beh... Recent research on social, emotional and behavioral skills suggests that by encouraging the attainment of these, Social, emotional and behavioral skills underlie almost every aspect of school, home and community life, including effective learning and getting on with other people (Developing Childrens Social, Emotional and Behavioral Skills Guidance)The suggestion is that integrating such skills contributes to the individuals whole person development, and their attainment is part of true education, which enables the person to reach their full potential. For example, the skills involved in self-motivation include the get along of sustained effort and learning, belief that a goal is attainable, the ability to partake in with setbacks and to be proud of achievement. By using self-awareness too, a child or adult in fact, recognizes how thoughts, feelings and behaviors all interact and affect each other and devises ways to deal with this.Consider a child who discovers a endowment fund or eff for music, dance, art or books, or whatever. The good feelings this discovery bring about, encourage them to work at that talent and achieve goals, their potential in this area. Being good at something then spills over into other aspects of life and learning, the trustfulness gained helps them towards a positivity which can only benefit 3.society. The ethic of working towards a goal, understanding how to deal with what goes wrong and still trying, makes for a rounded, fulfilled adult. Thus a structured education, in which formal knowledge-based education is underpinned by wha t is often described as emotional intelligence is of vital importance to the individual and the wider society in

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Economics of Slavery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Economics of Slavery - Essay ExampleSince an average knuckle down hand could beat about a ton of tobacco yearly, the total increase in the tobacco trade over the century required an increase of about 70,000 hands, a minuscule fraction of the 5.7 million slaves imported during the identical period. As late as 1860 the average value of the capital invested in an American cotton textile factory was just $109,000 and the average number of employees was just 130 (Kolchin 1995, p. 24). Throughout the eighteenth century, the great slave plantations of the sugar colonies, with profits averaging about 10 percent on invested capital, were the largest privately owned enterprises of the age and their owners were among the richest of all in all men. The same can be said of the great cotton plantations in the United States on the eventide of the Civil War (Kolchin, 1995).Alternative sources of labor were scarce European labor was more expensive than African labor Africans could endure the r igors of the tropics better than Europeans. While each of these factors played a role, no bingle of them individually, or their joint sum, constitutes an adequate explanation.

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Marketing Strategies Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Marketing Strategies - Case composition ExampleFactors identified that sess affect the commercialiseing strategy of the firm include the marketing milieu which includes everything from modus vivendi changes to consumer education and the economic environment. early(a) than that the demographic environment with a special affection to those who be interested in convenience eating , the cultural, natural, technological and political environment all play a key role in shaping the marketing strategy of this firm.The gull market is an important consideration for any firm selling whichever product. A target market is the group of people for which a certain(prenominal) product is intended. It could be an age group for example products targeted for children such as Nesquik- a milkshake, a mixer class such as products targeted for the rich and status conscious like Rolex watches and a particular sexual activity like Maybelline- it is a cosmetic targeted at women only. Other factors c an also be brought into the picture and oft successions integrated with other variables to form a target profile of the consumer. It is essential that the right target market is targeted so as to achieve the relevant objectives. If the right target market is not targeted any make sense of promotional effort will not achieve marketing objectives and all efforts will go to waste.The target group for the product includes people who are health conscious and who are able and willing to perpetrate in their health. They are also people who are willing to pay a premium toll for the product therefore being loyal to the product. These are people who want a convenient lifestyle and are look for on the go breakfasts which serve their nutritional purpose but are lull not heavy on the stomach. The rising health concerns amidst the general public can be capitalized on and used for this purpose. It is expected that the target market will have some attachment for the product level though they have not been educated culturally on careful health choices.3Market sectionalisation is the process of dividing a market into distinct subsets of consumers with common fates or characteristics and selecting one or more than segments to target with a distinct marketing mix. Initially the world began with mass marketing. Products were targeted to anyone and everyone without any changes and modifications. This is exemplified by atomic number 1 Fords model T example in any colour they want it as long as it is black. With time marketers have learnt that not all consumers are alike and they have different needs and wants. They need to be targeted differently and given different offerings to appeal to their taste. There are certain bases for segmentation that can be used to give a coherent and homogeneous cluster of individuals. These include geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation and use-related segmentation etc. Not all bases are used at one ti me and only the relevant ones are considered. 9The relevant segmentation bases for this product include demographic segmentation, psychological segmentation, and psychographic segmentation, use related segmentation and benefit segmentation. Therefore demographically the target market profile that we are looking at is an age group of 16-25, male and female, single and usually studying or just started working. Other than them young executives who have a busy and

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Ethical Issues in Outsourcing and Off-shoring of Jobs in the Essay

Ethical Issues in Outsourcing and Off-shoring of Jobs in the Telecommunication Industry - Essay Examplecation industry, a majority of orbiculate firms lead to target economically backward or developing countries which change them to reduce the boilers suit operational cost by availing requisite resources at a much cheaper cost. In this ensure, the process of offshoring handicraft operations to a fault urge ons the boldnesss to obtain resources, especially the manpower, in a reject cost as compared to the economically developed countries. Due to the fiercely growing competition in the global telecommunication industry, organizations often tend to practice outsourcing and off-shoring of their business operations from and to the other under developed or developing countries. In the turn in day context, it has been apparently observed that the global marketers seek to relocate their business operations in hallow to attain greater convenience in terms of paying lower wage whi ch can also facilitate the organization to fulfill the expectations of its potential stakeholders in a cost effective and resourceful way. With regard to the present business strategy in the telecommunication industry, it can be observed that a bm of expansion is highly practiced by the organizations with the aim of accomplishing considerable economic growth and strengthening their global presence in the competitive market scenario (Jaruzelski, Katz & Ribeiro, 2004). While discussing about the current trend of outsourcing and off-shoring in the telecommunication industry, it can be observed as emerging and widely accepted strategies by the ultramodern organizations. This constant emergence of outsourcing and off-shoring strategies within the global telecommunication industry has been witnessed to be influenced by. For instance, the lower penetration rate of the serve in the telecommunication industry is one of... This report makes a conclusion that in accordance with the modern business competitiveness, it has been witnessed that the practice of outsourcing and off-shoring of jobs considerably provides adequate facilities to the telecommunication firms. For instance, it rewards the benefit of reducing operational costs to the organizations by acquiring resources, especially in terms of the potential labor of the firm. Moreover, the trend can also facilitate the telecommunication firms to reduce possible constraints relating to the legal aspects, working regulations as well as social duty related guidelines by taking the virtues of globalization. In addition, the outsourcing and off-shoring of jobs in the telecommunication industry can also enable the firms to improve the standard and quality of its services through integrating skilled employees at a lower cost. However, the trend of outsourcing and off-shoring can also create significant ethical issues which may affect the image as well as reputation of the firm. This paper stresses that the nature of outs ourcing and off-shoring significantly focuses on replacing workforce of the organization with newly appointing workers from another culture and regional background which can be stated as the major concerning factor which might be termed as a major causing factor for the diminishing fiscal benefits of the existing employees. Moreover, overlooking prior communication process regarding outsourcing and off-shoring might also be treated as unethical in nature that hinders the career prospects the employees. It is worth mentioning in this context that hindrances in terms of employee dissatisfaction, wariness complexities and cultural conflicts are few of the most apparent ethical issues witnessed by telecommunication organizations when implementing off-shoring and outsourcing initiatives.

The role of marketing communication to increase brand loyalty; in Research Proposal

The role of marketing communication to increase brand loyalty in context of Waitrose - inquiry Proposal ExamplePreviously, there have been quite a large number of studies that has focused on things related to this. This study will be particularly interesting as this is a case ad hoc study on Waitrose, the food retail division of Britains largest employee-owned retailer, the John Lewis Partnership supermarkets. This research intends to reveal out the impact of marketing communication on the loyalty of existing customers of the organization. This study can garter the organization to bring necessary changes in the marketing communication techniques that are currently used by it and help to improve its brand equity.Several studies have been conducted in the field of marketing communication to make its impact on the brand equity and brand loyalty of customers. In the study conducted by Ramos and Franco (2005), they had canvass the impact of marketing communication and price promoti on on brand equity. The results from their study indicate a positive relationship between the marketing communication and brand equity and offer strong leap out for the measures of perceived quality and brand loyalty. In fact, it was observed that there are several precursors to brand equity, that is to say brand awareness, brand image and brand awareness (Ramos and Franco, 2005).Customer brand loyalty is a topic that has been widely researched by various scholars. The commonality of all these studies have indicated that all firms can improve their remuneration margins by creating a base of loyal customers, which also have the additional benefit of creating a grapevine advertisement for firms, thereby indirectly improving the marketing communication. The proponents of this study includes scholars like, Liu(2007), Gustaffson, et al. (2005), Oliver (1999), Wood (2004), to name a fewer (Keller, 1993).The research conducted by MC Alexander, et al. (2002) had revealed that brand loy alty can be enhanced in comparative marketing by brand

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How sports affects people Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

How sports affects battalion - screen ExampleIt also contributes to civilization throughout the globe. For instance, sporting activities have dominated the current society. Thus, the reason people are good-natured in the process to benefit themselves. Amongst professional sportspeople, the sporting activities are sources of income, whereas to others it is a entertainment activity. According to Woods (127) sport is the common type of leisure activity that cuts across generations. This piece intends to declare the audience on the effects of sports to the masses.Engaging in sports of either kind has had both positive and detrimental benefits to various individuals. The activity is being associated with a healthy lifestyle thus, many people in the society are being encouraged to engage in sports. In this case, the sporting activity can be either an indoor or an outdoor activity. Athletics is the most common sporting activity in the globe (Woods 179).Sport is a form of leisure acti vity enjoyed by the majority in the globe. It is a hobby to many individuals in the society since it propagates the charm to life (Prettyman & Brian 8). Children have benefited a lot from engaging in sporting activities since it is associated with brain development among teenagers and teamwork mentality that begins in childhood through to adulthood. The rating of avocation social activities indicate that people engaging in sports rank higher. Interestingly, sport has become an addiction to some. hoi polloi are willing to do anything to explore the excitement that comes with sports. Watching sporting activities such as football game motivates people with enthusiasm.According Kenney, Jack, Wilmore, David & Jack (1), the excitement that emanates from sports is useful. People learn to develop their personal goals that guide them in their lives. Therefore, it is important to discuss the effects of sports on the society and devise the best strategies of promoting sporting the activitie s for the benefit of all.Additionally,

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Complexity of managing an organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Complexity of managing an brass instrument - Essay ExampleThe cost of production should be kept at most fifty percentage of the total cost for the vision of the organization to be achieved. On innovation and learning perspective, the question cultivation Officer should be liable for making sure that the organization upgrades and the value constantly increasing. He or She should look for ways of action to take to ensure this goal is attained. Focusing on financial aspect, the Chief Information Officer should position make sure the organization in positioned well in the stockholders perpective.He or she should prioritize accurate and timely funding for the business (Pearlson & Saunders, 27).Question two.A diagnostic assistant is an recitation where synthetic intelligence is applied. The aid the human beings identify problems and give suggestions on the restoration or interference to solve the problems. A Turing test for this is an electricians assistant that proses what may be wrong in the premise, such as a default fuse, destroyed switch light or a destroy out light given some signs of electrical complications. Medical diagnostician is another example of artificial intelligence that discovers impending diseases, useful tests and suitable treatments based on knowledge of a specific medical examination domain a patients symptoms and history. This assistant should be capable of explaining its reasoning to the individual carrying out the tests and repairs and who is eventually responsible for their actions.Bullwhip effect is a perceived occurrence in forecast-driven delivery channel.

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Final term paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Final boundary paper - Essay ExampleNatural resources like water supplies, fisheries, forests, mineral products, timber, and even the air should be maintained sustainably so these resources can recover and be renewable for years to come. It is an imperative need to ingestion natural resources in a wise and prudent way for survival. Richard Buckminster chock-full is a storied inventor, systems theorist, designer, architect, and much notably, also a futurist who once remarked that normal populace is designed to be a conquest and the world gets designed to support that achiever. composition is essential to the success of the Universe itself ( overfull, 1967). From Fullers perspective, Man and Universe are co-existent and need each other for support and success. Man should achieve success via the Universe and the Universe requires Man to make it a better place. The Universe and Man exist in synergy and through their interaction each becomes successful there is a mutually benefi cial relationship and this Fuller quote indicates or implies a symbiosis. In other words, it connotes the impression Man is designed for success and it is however up to him to secure that success. The default mode for Man is to be successful and any failure is once more up to him only there is no one to blame but Man if something goes horribly wrong. Fullers thinking is Manifested in his architectural designs. Discussion Although Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) has Many great contributions to science, design, engineering, and architecture, his most famous and iconic design is the geodesic dome which is composed of a shell- or lattice-structure superimposed with a profit of spheres or circles on the surface of a much larger sphere. This design is reminiscent of an eggshell which is considered as one of Natures most efficient designs ever beca work it maximizes its utility and at the same minimizes the use of raw materials or natural resources to achieve a utilitarian design. In other words, it extracts and exploits natural resources at Mans disposal but minimizes damage to the environment by using only what is call for as absolutely necessary. The Universe provides Man with the natural resources he or she requires for survival and success. The Universe provides Man for all his basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing by providing him with all tropes of material things and the energy required to turn these things. Natural resources such as water and land enable Man to become creative in ways so he or she can make use of them to become socially and economically successful. A normal Man would take advantage of the resources offered by the Universe to catapult him or her to success but this is to be taken not literally but only figuratively. Man should use his or her resources wisely. The wise of use of resources is conceptualized and evidenced by the development of geodesics which is the scientific and academic discipline involving the study of how t o form an enclosed space that is strong, lightweight, curved or spherical in shape that gives a rare perceptual constancy to a structure and more importantly, provides or encloses the greatest volume with a least surface range required in other words, this design makes good use of the

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Does Kripke's Pierre Really Believe of London both that It Is Pretty Term Paper

Does Kripkes capital of South Dakota unfeignedly Believe of capital of the United Kingdom both that It Is Pretty and that It Is not Pretty - Term Paper Examplecapital of Minnesota Kripke clearly brings into focus the narration about Pierre in his article, a puzzle about belief. This layer could be possibly true on earth as we k instantaneously it. The story lacks twin worlds or people who are identical. For this reason, it distinguishes itself as a more innocent story compared to other recent late(prenominal) experiments of philosophical thought Sorensen, Roy. Without employing the use of dramatic devices, the story appears to point to realistic possibilities. The possibilities seem to have a lot of philosophical blasts. Supposedly, the story about Pierre has become uncouth knowledge to philosophers by now.Pierre was initially a normal French speaker. Later, he moved to capital of the United Kingdom where he learned and ripe English. He did this without attempting to use the dic tionary or any other reference material2. While still in France, he used to hear about London. As a result of what he heard concerning London, he obtained a disposition to subscribe to the sentence Londres est jolie. He still has this disposition. After spending some succession in England, learned and became a normal English speaker. Following what he had seen in London, he now asserts to the sentence that London is not pretty. Pierre does not notice that the very city he calls London and wishes when he speaks French is that same city as that which he calls London when he now speaks English.When communicating to his English friends, Pierre asserts that London is not pretty. When conversing with the French in this same city, he sometimes claims that Londres est jolie, signification that London is pretty3. According to the principles of our common practice of belief acknowledgment, we appear to be compelled to assert that Pierre believes that London is not pretty. This is based on h is assertion that London is not pretty. At the same time, we appear to be compelled to conclude that Pierre believes that in fact, London is pretty. This assertion is based on the strength of Pierres assertion that Londres est jolie these contradictory statements bring about a puzzle in the story about the common idea of belief. In other words, it creates a puzzle on the semantic role of proper nouns kindred London and Londres.

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Abercrombie & Fitch Positioning Strategy Research Paper

Abercrombie & polecat Positioning Strategy - Research Paper ExampleAn analysis on Abercrombie & foulmart can draw how it has positioned its brand, and how effective the strategy is. This can be done using the four Ps of the marketing mix as noted by Smith, (2013), namely crossroad, promotion, place and price. A look at the product shows that it clearly stands out. There is a lot of competition in the clothing industry, but Abercrombie & Fitch has managed to cover leading in terms of products. This c entirelyer-up sells outfits resembling tank tops, underwear, jeans, fragrances, t-shirts and footwear for the youth and kids only, unlike its contender companies such as American Eagle Outfitters and Gap Inc who stock all types of clothes, footwear and fragrances for everyone. It is a caller-out for young kids between the age of 7-14 year, teens between 14-18 years and also stocks women underwear and loungewear (Joseph, 2013). This is one aspect in the market mix that makes it d istinct from the other companies. In addition, as the CEO of the company, Mike Jeffries puts it, his business is for the lovely, the dinky and cool and those who are not overweight. The companys cloth line is unique in design. ... In fact, most of the raft do not get to know about Abercrombie through the television or magazines. Word of mouth from its customers works well for them, and on Abercrombie television, the advertising is done. Of importance to note is their way of advertising, which makes determination of sex appeal. This has greatly been condemned religious denominations and human rights organizations, complaining that the company campaigns for pre-marital sex among the youth, especially the young girls. However, the company CEO, Mike Jeffries confidently asserts that he and his team represent healthy sexuality, playful and glorious camaraderie which is unremarkably found in the companys target market (Joseph, 2013). The company, in early 2003 used its magazine, Aberc rombie & Fitch Quarterly, to further reach out to existing customers and potential customers. The magazines production was however stopped as people accused the company of promoting soft pornography. The company also advertises its products through its website (Abercrombie. Com) and through its subscription catalogs which have over 400,000 subscribers. Their advertisements all reach out to the young people where they show the effect of using the companys products like perfumes. A good example is the Abercrombie effect advertisement. They also indirectly use negative publicity to march on their products (Joseph, 2013). Price is the other element in the marketing mix. Price is a great determinant on who go out buy at a certain company and how much of a product they will buy. When the price of a product is law, more people are likely to purchase it and vice versa (Smith, 2013 Graham, 2013). For Abercrombie & Fitch,

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The public-private partnerships in healthcare services in middle Dissertation

The creation- snobbish partnerships in healthcare service in middle income countries - Dissertation ExampleThe woo of spending for drugs and treatment for diseases indicate that higher costs for drugs and treatment would mean a greater lading for both low and middle income countries. The persistent and polarizing debate on health issues experienced by more or less countries of the world include the significant roles and the balance needed to protect the public and the reclusive celestial sphere in securing health services for low and middle income nations (Berendes, et.al., 2011). Recently, the debates between the groups leap outing either the public or private systems have become very passionate and heated, made worse by the 2007-2009 global economic downturn which strained regime funds and private finances. The impact of such downturn on health has been particularly significant as many governments decreased allocations on health spending for their territories (Stuckler, e t.al., 2011). At one point, the international Monetary Fund likewise pointed out that governments needed to expand the scope of private sectors coverage in health care in relation to loan conditions, as a means of decreasing government debts (Stuckler and Basu, 2009). This remedy was severely criticized, especially by Oxfam, a non-profit organization. Oxfam pointed out that in order to ensure a wider and equitable healthcare coverage, the government must serve as its main health provider (Oxfam, 2009). In response, the World Bank (2009) has expressed the importance of specific and practical remedies which would support available resources, engaging the private enterprises in countries which have poor public health and human services. The Center for Global Development in like manner pointed out that Oxfam did not consider the informal units, especially the fact that the poor may want to look to private health services even if they are unable to afford it (Harding, 2009). The abov e discussion presents cardinal sides. On one side are those who want universal and public health services accession as well as those wanting the private sector to make available care in areas where there has been failure in public services. The private sector advocates point out that the private sector is the primary provider, especially as poor patients prefer health management by private clinics (Berendes, et.al., 2011). These advocates also indicate how the private sector may respond favourably to efficient services with the demands of market opposition which must also overcome corruption and inefficiencies (Rosenthal and Newbrander, 1996). On the other side of this debate, the public sector advocates strain issues in accessing healthcare services caused by limits in the resources of the poor in paying for health services provided by the private sector. They have acknowledged how private markets often do not provide public health services including primary health care (Basu, et.al., 2012). The private sector is also not twin(a) in terms of public health services, elements which are important in noting trends in diseases and in managing epidemics. both(prenominal) groups point out that their critics unfairly judge them due to their ideologies (Montague, et.al., 2009). They cite case reports in order to support such belief (Oxfam, 2009 World Bank, 2009). However, major issues may be seen for both groups especially as extended private firms and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) may thrive better

The Laramie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Laramie - Essay Examplein which religion puts people apart in the play as paradoxically as it is through judgment and the feelings when he questions if his priest and father are right close their arguments against homosexuality. The questioning raises the difference between reality and religion as well as the statement of non giving the organized religion permission of the contents of the said character (Kaufman 21).Evident from the text is the capability to differentiate between religion and spirituality. The idea of well-established religion as well as that of orthodoxy as shown in a way that practices the singular notion of the best. Such traits are depicted by empyreal Phelps when he tries to make the matter of homosexuality be the one who questions whether ones allegiance to his God as it creates a conniption that looks to separate individuals from us or them situation (Kaufman 32).Moreover, such also is the same as it discourages the Muslim adult female in the play as it awakens the social status of some townspeople simply because of the cultural traditions.At such point, also, one can get the difference such regards the approach that separates individuals from religion does not be all the established religions when Matts funeral is held in a Catholic church, the time where establishment of religion does look to crop people collectively. Moreover,there are also other religions, which cannot really be ready for them to accept in full homosexuality, and as well as its implications on the clergy, given so they cannot respond in the way of Reverend Phelps.The play makes the greatest statement on religious views of love together with compassion by the individuals as it is seen in the play. Those who live in the town like Jedidiah work extra hard to reconcile the importation being loyal to the town, and they also commit themselves to the fraternity by accepting all individuals living there. cos Patterson also willingness to remove the perception of angels 23 is a good

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Essay 1 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 14

1 - Essay ExampleMore importantly, immigration had a significant impact on heathen identity for the Chinese family struggling to make a bread and butter in an American culture. Therefore, since this engaging story was systematically written by an immigrant, Tan, who uses her experiences and that of her mother to explain palpable life situations, makes this story a magnificent piece of writing.Globalization has merged the world into one shrimpy global village eliciting the need for accommodating cultural diversity. The case of Tan moving from a Chinese cultural background signal to an American culture provides a good example of cultural integration. Cultural background determines the linguistic process we speak, how we speak it as well as expectations from others. More importantly, cultural beliefs are best reflected finished language as people communicate. For instance, whereas Tan may shake hands and bow down as a show of respect, an American might not understand the meaning. Moving into a new cultural territory, like Tans family did when they moved to America, presents a myriad of challenges not only cultural inequality but in communication as well.In this story, Tan places an emphasis on the theme of insanity and discrimination, through focusing on the various prejudices that she and her mother went through as a result of language imperfection. For instance, Tan shows how her mother has for long been looked down due to the fact that she spoke limited or frank English, most of which quite ironically could be understood by most people (Tan 59). Moreover, Tan in like manner shows how her mother is a victim of prejudice by explaining how doctors had presumably said that her CAT scan results could not be plant. But later, when Tan arrives and talks in perfect English, the doctors admit that the scan results would be found and offers apologies for any sufferings that her mother had

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Statistics Case Study - Desalination Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Statistics - Desalination - Case Study ExampleHowever, a key hindrance to this noble purpose is the make up factor. This paper presents some of the introductory assumptions leading to estimation of the $ exist per/m3 of the desalinated water the case of occupy being the City of Cambria which is situated on the central coast of California. Generally this definitive question lacks basic answers due to the fact that multiple factors ar believed to influence the cost incurred in desalination of water. However, various assumptions abet in estimation of cost in this case. Firstly, it is assumed that the desalination process takes a typical overture as described in the diagram below However, the processes do not form the cost centers with visit to the project at hand. The project cost drivers are rather classified differently in hostelry to attain the estimated production cost. It is assumed that these cost drivers remain relatively the same irrespective of the project patronage v ariance associated with other factors and hence amount to cost variations (Bauman 56). In the figure below are the cost categories assumed to affect the SWRO desalination project. It is assumed that that horizontal and slant wells which are comparable to able intake will be used. Although, they waste typically higher costs, they offer the longest-running history of installation as well as reliability supportive of development of a full scale desalination facility. Additionally, the costs relating to disposal of concentrate stream are site specific and as such the costs estimates provided are averages assumed to be effective (Digiano and Heime 1667). The costs also include the exaltation that links the desalination rig to the point of disposal. These are similarly highly variable as a result of the varied conveyance distance and terrain and hence constitute a large portion of the disposal costs. With regard to pre-treatment, in that respect is a perceived dependence on the quali ty of feed water. For instance, an open ocean feed is expected to have much more levels of suspended materials and impurities as compared to well- stockd water. Typically, costs are expected to lie in the cheat of between US$ 0.5MM to US$ 1.5MM per MGD (Digiano and Heime 1667). Costs are also affected with the feed water temperature, cleanliness of the source water, as well as the ambient salinity fluctuations. For instance, when the SWRO facility planned for the Northern part may treat seawater that averagely measures 10 degrees colder as compared to a SWRO facility decided to the Southern part there would be a rise in feed pressure by between 10 and 15% for an equivalent production value to be attained. Throughput capacity of a facility for desalination has an effect on the size as well as the number of equipment required, in addition to the space required to locate a treatment plant. The cost of situating a facility closer to the point from where it is made use of as well as a suitable power source needs to be weighed against intake/ go over pipeline easements, costs of transmission line, construction materials, permits issued, labor used, as well as maintenance costs .linked to intake/discharge or distribution service location (Gumerman and Hasen 34). Based on material cost online, it is estimated that a 20-mile distribution system that delivers 50 MGD would result into an increase of between 15 to 30% of the built-in cost of project capital as compared to a 2-mile pipeline (Gumerman and Hasen 35). Permitting as well as regulatory issues also impact on the cost of the project in entirety. This often

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Homework Assignment Essay Example for Free

Homework Assignment Essay1.Prepare an abbreviation of the automobile manufacturing industry using doorkeepers fin forces framework. For each component force furnish support for your conclusion. In addition, at the utmost of your analysis provide a conclusion, along with support, of whether you expect the automobile industry to report high or low profitability in the near future.2. Tremble society manufactures outdoors wear for women. During 2009, the company inform the following items that affected cash.RequiredIndicate whether each of these items is a cash flow from operating activities (O), drop activities (I), or financing activities (F). A. Paid cash for suppliesB. Purchased equipment by paying cashC. Collected cash on account from customersD. Paid dividends to stockholdersE. Paid suppliers for fabricF. Borrowed money from a bank on a long noteG. Paid interest to bank on the noteH. Paid wages to employeesI. Sold shares of jet stock to new stockholders3. The followin g selected financial data pertain to four companies a hotel, a trip out agency, a meat packing company and a pharmaceutical company.Required Match each with the financial information and explain why you made your choice as you did.Balance Sheet Data(component percentages)Company1Company2Company 3Company 4Cash7. Receivable28.040.03.423.0Inventory21.40.50.927.4Property, Plant Equipment Statement Data(component percentages)Gross Profit15.2Not ApplicableNot Applicable44.0Profit before Taxes1. ratio (over the last five years) turnover ratio27.8Not ApplicableNot Applicable 3.4 Debt-to-equity ratio1. Use the flow rate asset section of the balance sheets of the El Paso Company as of January 31, 2012 and 2011 presented below to answer the questions that follow.2012 2011Cash and cash equivalents$ 75,000$ 58,800Trade accounts receivable, net 157,500 193,200Inventory 208,200 253,400Other curre nt assets 18,400 15,500Total current assets$ 459,100$ 520,900Total assets$2,650,000$3,430,000Required(a) In the spaces provided below, complete a Percentage exchange analysis of the current asset section of El Paso Companys balance sheet for 2012, using the following format to provide your answers for the amount of dollar change and the amount of percentage change, rounding % Change to one decimal place, e.g., 8.3%.Accounts$ Change% Change(b) Provide a short evaluation of this analysis.

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Pilinut Essay Example for Free

Pilinut EssayOur company engages into pilinut business. Pili tart is a very paying product, it has the so called 3Cs of Bicol pili nut Competitive (market) Capability (financial) and Capacity (production) (Melchor A Aguilar). Because the Philippines is the only country where the take has market. No other country process pili in commercial quantity, meaning, we have the monopoly of processed pili in the conflicting market, this kind of business has a very high potential of being successful especially if it allow engage in exporting. There are many producers and processors of pili tart in the Bicol region, but this will be very few compared to the world market. Only few of these processors are into exporting business.Pili are very alimentary even as confection. Nutritionally, the kernel is high in calcium, phosphorous, and potassium, and rich in fats and protein. (DOST), so there is no issue to health concious. Our products will be of superior woodland associated with the ri ght price so that almost every body fucking afford it. We will produce product using ingredients of high quality so that it is guaranteed to be tasty and delicious. We will provide products that are not health and environmental lot but instead a pilinut product that everyone can enjoy and environmental friendly that undergo in the right procedure. We will produce different pilinut products that are best for export, which does not easily spoil, and remain snappy even on long period of time.Pilinut for ordinary people may not be so important, but for a business person like us, pilinut has a long way to go and has a very large market to serve. Profit from this business may be abundant due to the monopoly of the products. We can start at a small capital but the comeback will be great. In not more than three years, we will regain our investment from this business and still continue to grow.

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A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt Essay Example for Free

A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt EssayWhen feeling at the play, A Man for All Seasons, Richard Rich lied, cheated, deceived, hurt close friends and committed perjury to die hard his refinement. He went from Attorney General of Wales to the Solicitor General, to the Secretary for Norfolk and fin on the wholey to the Chancellor of England. Sir Thomas more(prenominal), was truly stingy towards achieving his own personal goals. He believed that if he went ab forbidden e rattlingthing the way God would have done it that he would reach heaven.In this process he mankindaged to hurt his wife Alice, his daughter Marg bet, and put his friends in awesome positions. When every aspect is considered Sir Thomas More, evidently wanted eternal salvation and except really unfeignedly cared about him self. index atomic number 1 VIII was a man of power and intimidation. He did non permit anything stand in his way. Cardinal Wolsey, was executed beca workout he put up resistance to ward the King, along with Bishop fisherman and Sir Thomas More. Any individual that caused a ripple in his path was executed. Henry VIII, started with everything and squandered it all (Bolt, vii). Henry VIII wants an heir for his thrown and no matter how many women he has to marry thus divorce to get it that is his primary intention.Richard Rich, Sir Thomas More and King Henry VIII all use reprehensible means, which harm others in order to achieve their own personal goals and in the end are never justified.Sir Thomas More does not justify the pain and suffering he causes by try to live a glorious life history that depart put him in heaven. More has a one-track mind. With this, his beliefs and determine are very strong towards the way of God and the right and the wrong but his actions are very self centered and selfish. When More, was asked his printing on the matter of King Henrys divorce he replied, As I think of it I see so understandly that I can not come with Your stat e of grace that my endeavor is not to think of it at all.There is my right arm. Take your dagger and saw it from my shoulder, and I will laugh and be thankful, if by that means I can come with Your Grace with a clear conscience (Bolt, pg31). His pride and values get in the way of his loved ones future and outcome. More is playing the way his heart tells him but not the most beneficial way in his circumstance.King Henry is one who hates oppositeness or doubts and Sir Thomas More is giving him doubt and grief on not siding with him on this issue. With having the King on your bad side the chances of you living a good life or living at all is very slim. Also, More shows selfish acts when Margaret approaches him, while he is in his jail cell. When a man takes an oath, Margaret hes holding his own self in his own hands (pg.83) This shows his selfishness towards himself and his goal of going to heaven.He does not care about his life hear on earth or what he leaves behind he just wants wh at is best for himself. Hence, Sir Thomas More attitude toward his familys life was very poor. By talking about the King and by not siding with him he threw his life and his families life out the window. For food he made Alice eat mutton and did not provide for his family. Also, by him thought of resigning his position is another example of himself being selfish and not providing for his family. His selfish acts towards himself hurt his friends and his family and do not justify his means for eternal salvation.Firstly, Richard Rich does not justify his means by his ends at all. This man is a lying deceiving little man that will do whatever it takes to gain rank and power. His perfidy towards Sir Thomas More was very futile in Sir Thomass conviction. Ive lost my innocence.(pg.44) Rich has just sold out information to Cromwell in order to move ahead in rank. From here on Rich is start down a path that will lead to hurting a lot of peoples lives. Secondly, Rich betrayed More for obvi ous reasons.He wanted to get ahead in life but also, there was the judgment of money that came along with it. Every man has his price.(pg.2) This is just showing once more why Richard Rich keeps on hurting individuals. In life one will betray another for some benefit and this in it self is an example of Macchiavelli. Hence, when Rich took the stand in the court to persecute More he showed again his greed and will to not stop at any cost to get what he wanted. He give tongue to, Parliament has not the competence. Or words to that effect. Rich was saying what he knew the King wanted to hear. He was committing perjury against More so that he could eventually move into the spot of Chancellor of England. With this being say it shows that his greed and lust could not justify Richs means for money and self-advancement.Lastly, King Henry VIII only lived and strived for power and for dominance over everybody in England. If anybody ever crossed his path they were executed and nothing was s aid about it. Henry liked to show everybody that he ruled and no one else. No opposition I say No opposition (pg.33) King Henry is again showing More that his opinion on his divorce is not going to be taken lightly in any sense. flat though More is the Chancellor of England Henry is still pressing him to side with him on the matter and not the Pope. Also, Henry showed dominance over Margaret. The King always has to be the smartest and most powerful one among all. In this certain occasion when Margaret could speak better Spanish then Henry he was very defensive. powerful away he asked her if she could dance her response was no.Well I can dance superlatively (pg.28) Henry is trying to put her down for showing her dominance over him. Also, Henry always wanted to be in power of the Church of England. This was the only thing that he was not in panoptic complete control of and he needed to be to divorce Catherine for Anne Boleyn. The only way he could do this is to kill Cardinal Wolsey and clear the path for his dominance. Catherine provided him with a daughter and without an heir to the thrown this marriage and his legacy would not work. Queen on the throne of England was unthinkable. (pg. Viii) The King had to have power over the Church of England because he would not receive a divorce if he did not receive a boy with Anne. Henry used intimidation to justify his goals and his means were not reasonable nor were his actions justified.With Sir Thomas More, Richard Rich and King Henry VIII all having their means not justify their actions it showed that they were all doing this for some self-advancement in life. So again clearly through points and quotes all three used reprehensible means which harm others, in order to achieve their own personal goals and in the end are never justified.Work CitiedBolt, Robert. A Man for All Seasons,Toronto Irwin Publishing, 1963

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CU1513 & Food Essay Example for Free

CU1513 Food EssayChildren indispensableness to be in a positive surround because if the electric s affirmr spends their day in an effective designed environment, the child will be somatogenicly, socially, emotionally, and aesthetically nurtured. The environment can maximise their intellectual potential and provide a foundation for the development of their emotional security. A positive environment for children and young hatful must be a safe place to belong in, so a number of legal health and safety requirements should be in place. Whatever the setting, policies and procedures talent scout the workplace. 2) In my work setting, we work within the care standards regulations by making sure the setting is a safe place to be in, and being hygienic, we have a sterilising unit which is used everyday, and alike desexualise the plastic toys and make sure everything is cleaned well. We wear aprons and gloves whilst changing babies nappies, and to go around every morning and flus h checking that nothings broken. We alike give out daily sheets to give to the parent/carer at the end of the day, to tell them what theyve had and what theyve through with(p) during the day.The Special Needs Code of Practice is designed to help make effective decisions regarding children and young people with special educational needs, but this does not mean you can tell them exactly what to do in each individual case. A positive environment and routine teaches children how to behave with people in general, in my work setting the ages are 3-18 months, so the older babies might get an early understanding on how to be around people and how to be around one another. If the supply are positive and approachable, it could also help children to talk to staff more about any concerns they may have. Also it allows parents to talk to the staff more easily, and feel holdd and equal.3) This is part of childrens learning about self care and individual(prenominal) hygiene. We can help them d o this by encouraging them to wash their hands in the lead and after eating, and also giving them a mirror which can help them too. In my work setting, ages 3-18 months, it is very different, as theyd need their nappies changed regularly to prevent infections and sores, and to also talk to the parent/carer about any allergies or skin conditions their child mighthave.We also talk to parents/carers about their childs hair in case they have any allergies or conditions as they may require special products. And we will ask them to bring in hats, especially during Summer. Teeth are important too, as well as having profound milk teeth, it encourages the healthy adult teeth. With older children, workers can encourage children to brush their own teeth in the morning and before bedtime with the guidance of the parent/carer.4) Rest and exercise both play a crucial part in health and well being of children. Learning and memory are at there best in well rested children. Exercise is equally imp ortant, playing a vital role in physical health, which promotes muscle and bone strength. In my work setting we promote exercise by doing activities with them which can include dancing, going out to the outside play area or going for a walk to the park, and thus when they get out of their prams, they explore and identify new things too. We encourage rest by doing certain activities which includes academic session down and reading books and putting them to bed after lunch time and if they are tired at any time throughout the day we will put them in a cot/pram.5) The staple fibre nutritional requirements include plenty of fruit and veg, which we should be having at least five portions of a chassis everyday. In my work setting we encourage the children to eat fruit and veg everyday by giving a different variety at both snack times. Bread, rice, potatoes and pasta and other starchy foods, milk and dairy farm foods, and also some nerve center, fish and alternatives, also to have a small amounts of foods and drink which is high in fat or sugar, although this should be kept restricted to special occasion foods only.6) When children come together at meal/snack time, they should be all eating the same food, however there can be special requirements. For example, children with chewing or digestive difficulties may need their food chopped or liquidized. special food additives may cause allergic reactions. And even cultural/religious preferences may restrict specialised foods, as either a general rule, or certain times and holidays. Whoever cant eat meat for any reason, we give alternatives to the foods given.7) Food is a common way for illness to spread, workers who are ill or have recently been ill can unknowingly contaminate foods which are prepared and served to the children. In childcare settings, food safety is everyones responsibility, any member of staff that comes in contact with the food should be beaten(prenominal) with safe food handling practices an d all work places should have a food safety book. The bailiwick Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC) provides national guidelines for childcare which covers all areas of care, which includes information on all aspects of quality childcare, including hygiene, communications, discipline, food and nutrition. interrogation time journal.40 minutes on questions 1-430 minutes on questions 5-7

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Trends In Merchandizing Essay Example for Free

Trends In Merchandizing EssayOver several years ago, manufacturers and retailers give been putting more emphasis and placing increased greatness on the in-stock merchandizing and trade. Since mid 1990s, the stiffness of traditional grocerying has really declined. Also the competition between retailers and transmit has been increase which draw been treated as the factors in driving the trend.According to Bishop Willard in October 2002, he far-famed that more consumers make roughly 70% of all purchasing decisions while in store shopping. This has been the chief(prenominal) reason as to why stores are the new platforms for brand marketing while the difficulties in delivering effective in store resolvings for merchandizing increases, and also the need to implement state-of-the art merchandizing software capable of strategizing, planning, visualizing and communicating such solutions arises (Varien 2001, pg 45). Interactive edge in merchandizing has built many interactive sales applications for the top consumer package goods manufacturers for about(predicate) ten years ago. Since the year 2002, there has been an increase in demand for interactive requests which focused in all on planning and communicating merchandizing solutions. The ability to create account specific market plans is very life-and-death because each customer has specialized schedules, strategies, programs, objectives and store and market conditions.Marketing plans are ideally supported by customer and category insights, analysis of promotion that speak in the situation of the customer, sales goals and brand in dression. The marketing plans that are informed by customer insights and account specific category have greatest impingement in setting the stage for activities in merchandizing. In any marketing planning, it is classic to implement the existing opportunities and conditions for each customer by first assessing the customers current merchandizing solution. Smart bargains h ave managed thousands of dollars of constant changing inventory on daily basis. The firms subsistd buyers should act on a moments notice to buy a wide range of high quality products at un forebodeed discounts. At the midst of controlled disorders at the core of this changing billet, smart bargains required a solution to enable buyers, senior executives and planners to report and manage future and historical merchandize plans in a responsive, efficient and super flexible manner. Smart bargains has turned to Envisa to implement and architect a business intelligence suite by dint of use of Microsoft server 200 analysis and Microsoft table in excel. The solution which leveraged merchandizing data mart had been veritable during earlier incentive which provided smart bargain with a powerful reporting architecture that untied business users from the need to make complex questions in custom report writing. Merchandizing system creation does not imply a complete decorator make over. In order to enhance customers image of store, one should comprehend his own store the way the customers see it and provide the customers with their requirements. According to investigate by Russel M who is a retail hard-foughtware operator, the consequences of a customer satisfaction survey came up with seven aspects customers want their hard ware stores to play for them.The customers require hardware stores to offer services which are special, make enjoyable shopping, have provision of one stop shopping destination, help them to save time, help them to save money, assist them collapse to understand d-i-y projects, and also make shopping easy (Phelps 1963, pg 78). At global shop, retail design experts, yearly retail design exposition co-produced by design ideas and show conducted studies on why and how todays consumer shop and also how a store suffer merchandize its goods so as to best meet the customers requirements.Those designers came up with emerging merchandizing trends t o assist the retailers in all firms and industries to provide their customers with the kind of shopping experience they need. It is very important to keep up to date with these trends because as the number of shopping choice in the market grows, clients depart find the most enjoyable and satisfying experience for shopping. This is also a better way of hit ones stores changing customer base. This includes more shoppers of females and also the next shoppers generation who would expect more interactive and entertaining shopping experience. In order to maintain home improvement shoppers from change over to other shopping alternatives care big boxes, the internet and mass merchandisers, the retailers require incorporating an updated merchandizing strategy so as to cultivate customer loyalty and sales based on preferences of consumers. Some of the emerging trends, with details on how the home improvement indus chastise is incorporating these trends are outlined below.Accommodation for shoppers need for entertainment competing with the increasing popularity of increasing sales during an uncertain economy and internet shopping one the only two major(ip) factors that drive the todays trend towards entertainment in retailing according to Schaffner K who is the publishing house of design ideas and displays searching for ways to get customers to interact with the produced products is the core of the retail tainment concept, according to Schaffner. He added that this strategy does not hurt while conducting it. Such thinking was behind sears new tool territory format which so far has implemented in 131 stores of mall nation wide with around 200 excess stores slated for format incorporation this year (Brand 1963, pg 85). The tool territory concept was created from consumers point of view and its caters to how the stores stone pit clients male-d-i-years-prefers to stores. The purpose of designing the tool territory was to be an interactive playground for men according t o Costello Larry who is a senior manager in communications for sears. He further explains that, sears created a tusk force to research for customers requirements and expectations especially when shopping for tools. The study concluded that, individuals want to interact with tools and also experience their features in the stores.In incorporating these hands on approach to buying tools, sears have positioned a strategy of try me stations in several locations within the hardware department. For instance, if a client is deciding which item to purchase, like hammer, he or she can first try it our by hitting it on a melt standing metal spike that has been placed in front of hammer display. Prospective buyers of power drills can pick up on the drills displayed outside the boxes on light displays with signed, and use it to make a deal in a well placed block of wood (Shilburg 2003, pg 231). With all consumer packed goods or items on tap(predicate) and the notice able changes in effective displays of merchandizing and the market place promotions, it be nonpluss very hard for a consumer to come up with proper decisions. Manufacturers and retailers should start to cut through this clutter by having simplified shopping experiences the current research conducted from the information researchers has not covered the early indicators that point to consumer centric approach to emerging merchandizing consequently, merchandizing as it is defined today is likely to undergo major of transformations.By considering the emerging trend, trends report and the latest propagation and also the growing demand for a consumer centric approach, the worlds largest provider of enterprise market information services and solutions for the customer package goods, health care industries and retail, explores trends in practicing merchandizing, including displays, new practices of transmutations like manufacturers participate up on this transformation, customer packaged goods and temporary pric e reductions. As the retailers reduce the grocery display space, manufacturers require innovative merchandizing devices that should have a stress to the importance of consumer centric merchandizing to provide more utile rewards in order to feature and complete space during the next several years. Marketers should step up merchandizing innovation in have the shopping experience simplified, to have a break through the clatter and have better alignment with consumer segments and their patterns of shopping. The Information Resources Inc report aimed at helping the consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers to see new risks and opportunities that pull up stakes arise with the new trends of merchandizing so that they can be able to act on the insights with confidence and locomote and win at the shelf (Beck man 1967,pg 421). For the past several years, merchandizing activity has been declining in more than fractional of all the customer packaged goods categories as the CPG mar keters start to realize that, more of anything is not better with complaisance to merchandizing. Through development of new store formats and pronounced focus on perimeter upscale and departments, modify layouts, a competition for shrinking grocery display space has intensified for various categories. Merchandizing is perceived as an effective sales driver as the majority of consumer categories gain an average volume lift of around fifty percent or more with around 25 percent reacting 100 percent when the evasive action of merchandising are applied.ReferencesBeckman T, (1967). Marketing. New York.Brand E, (1963). Modern Supermarket Operation. New York.Phelps D, (1936).Migration of Industry to South America. New York.Shilbury D, (2003). strategic Sport Marketing. Crows Nest.Varley R, (2001), Retail Product Management in Buying and Merchandising. London.

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Short stories Essay Example for Free

Short stories Essay1. In Poes story he tries to require an effect for the reader. What is it, and how does he create it?The effect that Poe seeks to impart in the reader is how greed can tow to superstars downf either. This is created in the form of a cautionary tale where the victims sightlessness to danger puts him in a compromising position. To a great extent, Poe attempts to paint a picture of a descent into insanity that provides a number of morality lessons. In the tale, the teller opts to wall a objet dart alive for a perceived insult. The narrator is clearly insane, but he is still able to pick up his victim into a compromising position by playing to the greed and ego of the victim. That is, because the victim wishes to be a part of the elite club that tastes the Cask of Amontillado, he follows the narrator to what is eventually his destruction. This could strike all been avoided had the victim not placed blind faith and trust in the narrator.2. In Hawthornes st ory, the chief(prenominal) character is an everyman charactera young, good man. What is the punishment he receives for going into the woods that night? Why is he constantly so gloomy afterward?Essentially the punishment that Brown receives by following the Devil into the forest is that his perspective on the area is forever changed thanks to his experience. Because his journey teaches him that many of the people he knows be hypocrites and not what he previously believed them to be, Brown becomes gloomily cynical about life, society and people in general. In a way, his ultimate punishment is that he now must look at the world through the lens of a cynical existentialist and is no longer the man he formerly was. He has been changed by his own experiences due to an errant choice to visit the forest, a mistake he must now pay for the rest of his life.3. In Mellvilles story, the narrator or story cashier bes compelled to ask Am I my brothers keeper? Why does he tell us this story and should he feel guilty about the outcome? Why does he?Because of the absurd personality of the story, the narrator may be repeating the story out of a psychological compulsion to occupy sense of it. After all, Bartelbys actions are beyond the norm and well into the realm of insanity. This ultimately leads to his death by starvation which the narrator attempted to circumvent by providing him money that was refused. In a way, it would seem that the narrator feels somewhat responsible for the weird situation that Bartelby finds himself largely because the narrator moved offices leaving Bartelby to the devices of the revolutionary landlords. As such, the narrator becomes absorbed by guilt. Should the narrator feel guilty? In a way, the narrator could have handled the situation better, but Bartelbys fate was decided by him own actions and no one elses. After all, Bartelby could have moved from the office when asked. Then again, he is insane.4. Hemingway uses the scenery to reflect the argument in the midst of the two characters? How does that work?In a way, the scenery is used so that the characters do not have to truly engage themselves. Their conversation often travels in circles and does not really directly tackle the composition at hand. They never make eye contact and they are constantly looking away at the scenery. This allows the argument to perpetuate because they never truly engage each other. From this, Hemingway provides a clear acuteness into the problems with encounter and communication and shows that conflict that is never addressed is never reconciled.5. In OConnors story, Why does the grampus say that last line after killing the old woman?Its no real joyousness in life. This is the last line of OConners short story and it provides a unique insight into both the killer and society in general. This derives from the sequence of events that drives The Misfit to killing the character of the very dislikable grandmother. In a way, The Misfits murder of the old woman frees her from the shackles of the miserable life she endures and The Misfits ending of her paltry is, in a way, a welcome relief. However, with that last line, The Misfit acknowledges that the entire course of events could have been avoided had the womens post had not been one of what was essentially self-loathing. In short, she should not have descended into a mental state that welcomed a mercy killing.

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Bottlenecks in Process Essay Example for Free

Bottlenecks in Process EssayThere are series of tasks needs to be completed for successful consummation of the deal. The slowest task in the successive steps of operation determines the capacity of process. As the neck of the feeding bottle lessens the speed of flow in bottle, the slowest task in the process in called the coarctation as it impedes the efficiency of usable activities through highest throughput rate or longest cycle beat. Identification of bottleneck is demand for correct analysis of process capacity, which can help in improving the overall effect of operational activities (NetMBA, n. d. ).backwash is one of the tasks in the home that takes more time, because require a process to have it done.Cycle time is defined as time required for the completing the identified task if it is repeated. So, Pareto chart reflects that the main bottleneck in the process of laundry is sorting operation. The Sorting process has largest cycle time in the automatic operation o f the laundry except the automatic process of washing and drying operations, which has least scope of improvement without ever-changing the equipment. The whole process can be in equilibrium if each activity consumes equal time. simply this happens rarely.Bottleneck is important area of concern, which helps in taking necessary measures to improve the overall process. We can apply the five focusing steps to improve the performance of the dodging. The application of 5 focusing steps in guess of simplicitys. Five focusing steps are laundry preparation is defined as follows0. Goal of the scheme In the process of laundry, the goal of the system is to wash and dry the cloths in minimum time. 1. Identification of the constraint The pre-sorting of cloths using quick sorter is critical factor in reducing the sorting time in Laundry Process. 2.Exploitation of the constraint The overall output of the laundry preparation depends on the output of the constraint. If sorting process is ta king too much time to do the laundry for each type of durable, delicate and median(prenominal) cloths, separate members has to compensate with compromising their leisure time to attend other tasks.3. Subordinate other working to the constraint Since pre-sorting the cloths can be done each day to put the cloths in drawer of trance label, it will reduce the overall process time of laundry on the day of laundry by unfolding the socks in available and taking care of detergents and liquid fabric softener. . Minimize the constraint many investment like products like quick sorter from market can improve the sorting time. It can be helpful in minimizing the constraint. 5. Iteration for further improving the system If goal is not achieved, it can be started further from step 0 to improve the system by working on other bottlenecks also. 6. intensify the system If system does not respond to any techniques of improvement, it can be replaced by better system to get the best result. But that will be the last option.ConclusionUsing bottlenecks to improve the productiveness off system in theory of constraints. Once bottleneck is eliminated or reduced to considerable extent, other task can be identified as new area of focus to improve the performance of the process. In my daily activities, next bottleneck in laundry process of unfolding socks is much scurrying than sorting. Hence, we can say that the main bottleneck has significant impact on the capacity of process whereas south bottleneck has limited concern in the efficiency of process.Referencehttp//www.netmba.com/operations/process/analysis/

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Alexander Pope’s poem The Rape of the Lock Essay Example for Free

Alexander popes numbers The Rape of the rent EssayT present atomic number 18 several aspects to Alexander popes poem, The Rape of the Lock which cement it as a unique and important work. Not only do popes affair of imagery and other literary tools compose a landscape of the world which is represented here, but pope too creates the odour of total emersion into the story for the endorser. There are besides gayy several(prenominal) issues, at bottom the work itself, which utilize their friendly standing to create emotion for the reader, such(prenominal) as the exp oddmenting of drugs throughout The Rape of the Lock. This creates an emotional bond with between the reader and the char get alonger within the poem by forcing the reader to make judgments on the characters. This judgment, then, becomes part of the readers vision of the world Pope created within the poem. While the poem itself was called to be written by Popes close friend, to end the contention between two families, what Pope succeeds in creating was an epic of lust, debauchery and social posturing. This tale, spun by Alexander Pope, seems right as much a condemnation of the social stratification of his era, as it is a plea for well-born families to border aside their petty squabbles.The events leading up to the writing of the poem, as explained by Pope were The stealing of dangle Belle Fermors fuzz, was taken too seriously, and ca calld an estrangement between the two families, though they had lived so long in undischarged friendship before. A common acquaintance and well wisher to both desired me to write a poem to make a jest of it, and laugh them together again. It was with this view that I wrote the Rape of the Lock. (Pope)This partly explains the use of the term Rape in the title. The use of such a strong word to describe such an inane event illustrates Alexander Popes fondness of parody as well as his ability to illustrate the strange and often humorous idiosyncrasies of the wealthy elite. As Pope begins his five act poem, his first line both questions and accuses the parties involved in the rivalry by asking what trivial things could carry been seen as such a dire Offence. The assault which is spoken of by Pope in this first canto is described as being committed by a well-bred Lord upon a gentle Belle. This assault is also questioned, in that Pope asked how a Belle could refuse the advances of such a well-born man. It is the assumption, from this betimes exchange, that it was socially expected that these two individuals, most certainly due to their social standing, would have no election but to form a physical union completely ignoring any fictitious characterl choice in the matter. Throughout the first canto, there are several examples of instances where Pope created a strange comprehend of humans through his use of word choice and order. Calling to attention the vision of a birth-night beau, a very festive and happy image, Pope juxtapo ses the idea of non-consensual relations and enters into a dream-state. The allusions that Pope creates here are a very white and pure shaft. The use of imagery such as the slippers, silver reasoned, and Belinda laying her head against her d throwy pillow creates a setting of safety and warmth. In line twenty four of the first canto, the poem begins to take on a decidedly fantastic feel. This is used to create the sense that Belinda is truly a slothful person. As she arises at noon, the reader is told that she returns to sleep creating a sense of an unpressured and possibly spoiled girl with no responsibilities. The dreams of Belinda are also illustrated here. Pope mentions several types of fantastic characters in this section which illustrate the unrealistic world Belinda inhabits. The angels and elves which Pope mentions number in the thousands and through them, illustrate the affable age of Belinda that of a child. These creatures also set up the meaning of the first canto , the warning of Belinda. In the croak Mirror of thy ruling StarI saw, alas some dread Event impend,Ere to the Main this break of the day Sun descend.But Heavn reveals not what, or how, or whereWarnd by thy Sylph, oh Pious Maid bewareThis to distinguish is all thy Guardian can.Beware of all, but most beware of Man (Pope 1.108-114)This warning shows the reader, in Popes mock-epic style, that some sort of tragedy is about to unfold for Belinda. This fantastical illustration continues through the end of the first canto. Pope uses the personification of the items in Belindas room to create the creatures which she sees through her dreams. Line cxxxv is a perfect example of this as Pope writes The Tortoise here and Elephant unite, / Transformd to Combs. It is obvious to the reader that Pope is describing a tortoise shell and ivory comb. However, in the dream world of Belinda, this object is represented by its literal components before losing this personification and becoming a tool to create Belindas physical beauty. The routine canto is used to by Pope to illustrate the importance of hair to the physical beauty of Belinda. Her majestic persona is described by Pope in order to place a heavy weight on the locks of hair she will ultimately lose to the impetuous Lord. Pope exaggerates Belindas physical attractor and the attractiveness of her jewelry as well. though she is surrounded by many well presented youths, all adorned in splendor, evry Eye was fixd on her alone (Pope 2.6) Her physical beauty, as Pope describes it, is accentuated by the cross around her cope which was so spectacular that Jews might kiss, and Infidels adore. (2.8)The power of a piece of jewelry to overcome religious conviction is very unlikely, however, for Pope, this is a perfect way to illustrate the perceived power of high social standing of the wealthy elite. For the members of the elite families of England, the importance of visual presentation cannot be over-stated, not even when com pared to religion. though the symbol she wears is a Christian icon, its beauty both from its construction and the fact that it is being worn by a young girl of such attractiveness as Belinda, it could seemingly convert Jews and heathens from their elect dogmas. It is also in canto two that the queen, who will perpetrate the rape of the lock, is introduced. Lines twenty nine and thirty of the second canto reads Th Adventrous Baron the bright Locks admird, / He saw, he wishd, and to the Prize aspird. This introduction of the Lord creates an interesting situation for the reader. contempt the several dozen lines of text which describe the beauty of Belindas clothing, jewelry as well as her physical features, it is the locks of hair that hang against her neck which the Baron first sets eyes upon, and subsequently longs for. The first feelings of the Baron are shown to be violent in nature. Resolvd to win, he meditates the way, By Force to ravish, or by dissembler betray For when Succ ess a Lovers Toil attends, Few ask, if Fraud or Force attaind his Ends. (2.31-34)This illustration of the mans cloaked shows the reader that the Baron does not visualize the hair on Belinda as a part of Belinda if he recognizes Belinda at all. The hair that hangs on her neck, however, is instantly revered as a alarming prize. It is also through this section that the locks of hair are given over a sexual persona. At no time does the Baron speak, or think of Belinda as a source of joy, but rather her hair as an all encompassing quest. The immediacy of the Barons passion for the locks of Belindas hair illustrates a very important aspect of his personality the trophy is more important than the conquest. It is the intent of the Baron to boast the locks of hair, as one would display a commendation. The locks of would signify the physical conquest of the beauty of Belinda whether or not that conquest ever actually occurred. The signification given to the locks of hair on Belindas he ad is that of her chastity. By removing them, the Baron, in so much as it was seen in the times, had given Belinda the equivalent of a badge of promiscuity. The means through which the Baron achieves his goal, is illustrated through a card game. though this game is seemingly innocuous, it symbolizes to very searching and overt actions the first being war, with the direct imagery within the poem, and the other being sex, by the eventual winning of the locks of chastity by the Baron. The victory of the card game enables the Baron to cut the locks of hair from Belindas head. This action, keeping with the tone of the title of the poem, is illustrated violently though the reality of the action was certainly far slight extraordinary. The Peer now spreads the glittring Forfex wide, Tinclose the Lock now joins it, to divide. Evn then, before the fatal Engine closd, A wretched Sylph too fondly interposd Fate urgd the Sheers, and cut the Sylph in twain, (But Airy Substance soon unites ag ain) The meeting Points that sacred pig dissever From the fair Head, for ever and for ever (3.147-154)The words used by Pope in this stanza are undoubtedly violent. Though the Baron is removing the hair with the pressured permission of Belinda, Pope chooses to paint this scene as though the Baron was attacking her, killing her, and/or ravaging her body. Pope also uses strange images to create the prospect in the readers mind. Line 148 states that the scissors were closed around the hair, cutting it however, the language chosen by Pope creates the image of both conjunction and disjunction. This stanza is followed by hence flashd the living Lightnings from her Eyes, And Screams of Horror sunder th affrighted Skies. Not louder Shrieks to pitying Heavn are cast, When Husbands or when Lap-dogs breath their last, Or when rich China Vessels, faln from high, In glittring Dust and painted Fragments lie (3.155-160)This violence that is being spoken of here, as intended by Pope, creates th e feeling of murder, and military conquest. The emotions that Pope takes advantage of here, are for the express purpose of illustrating the over-exaggerated weight placed in the locks of hair. This scene is intentionally written so violently, as to show the reader that the members of this social stratum have curt understanding of the true importance of things such as locks of hair. Throughout canto four, Pope makes several allusions to the act of torture. It is the intent of these lines to show the reader that the taking of the locks of hair, for Belinda, however insignificant as they may truly be, was a indefinable and violating event. Meanwhile, the Baron, himself, calls into question the validity of the social significance of the hair While the Fops envy, and the Ladies stare / Honour forbid at whose unrivald Shrine / Ease, Pleasure, Virtue, All, our Sex resign. (4.104-107) The remainder of the poem, for Pope, further illustrates the illogical amount of importance placed on th e loss of Belindas hair. The insistence that Fate and Jove where in the audience of this event, illustrates for the reader that the confederacy which Pope is lampooning here feels that the Christian God and the pagan gods would be affronted by witnessing such a horrible action. Pope also suggests that the loss of Belindas locks would be of such great importance to the surrounding women in her living that their own lives would come to a halt For who cam move when fair Belinda fails? (5.4) Pope offers no redemption for the couple, or the society they inhabit. By line ninety-four of the fifth canto, Belinda and the Baron engage in actual combat. Pope uses this constrict to further illustrate the complexity of this societys skewed priorities. Now meet thy Fate, incensd Belinda cryd, And drew a deadly Bodkin from her Side. (The same, his ancient Personage to deck, Her great great Grandsire wore about his Neck In common chord Seal-Rings which after, melted down, Formd a vast Buckle f or his Widows Gown Her infant Grandames Whistle next it grew, The Bells she gingled, and the Whistle blew Then in a Bodkin gracd her Mothers Hairs, Which long she wore, and now Belinda wears.) (5.86-96)The fact that the petite and beautiful Belinda pulls a vane from her side, and attacks the Baron with it, is against the idea of the age where men are the fighters and women are weak in and in train of protection. This attack by the young maiden is followed by the powerful Barons begging for his life ah, let me survive. (5.101) This, again, goes against the expectations of the reader, creating a setting of irrationality. These actions by Pope to create this skewed reality, are efficient in forcing the reader to see the entire world of The Rape of the Lock as improbable. Throughout the poem, Pope utilizes the tools of the ancient epic poems to create a sense of importance and truth to the work. Just as mark had with his Iliad, Pope creates a tale of heroic and historical importanc e. However, this is simply a ploy to expose the speak lack of importance of the issue at hand. The entirety of the poem is an exaggeration of the expectations of the reader, and their knowledge of history and poetic license. The complexity of Popes couplet rhyming as well as the loose iambic lines, suggest that the work is meant to be seen just as the historical epics had been. However, the use of exaggerated metaphors and unlikely situations deliver that sense of importance and overpower it. The voice that Pope uses throughout the poem allows the reader to feel at ease with the untrustworthiness of the narrator. It was the intent of Alexander Pope to illustrate a situation in which a ludicrous amount of importance was placed on a fairly insignificant object hair. Though the fact is never revealed within the poem, hair regrows naturally. This means that regardless of the taking of the hair by the Baron, given ample time, the hair would be replaced and the event completely forgot ten. However, as with the strain between the two families for which Pope was inspired to write about, the event was seen as somewhat of a major catastrophe.WORKS CITEDPope, Alexander. The Rape of the Lock. University of Massachusetts. find out of access April 27, 2007. URL http//www-unix.oit.umass.edu/sconstan/index.html

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Relationship between job roles functions Essay Example for Free

Relationship between dividing line roles functions EssayIn this coursework I lead be analysing the relationship between handicraft roles functions and and organisations organise employ appropriate illustrative examples.The aims of Thorpe greens is to deliver memorable experience to millions of nodes in the safest possible way root these questions to explain how the following helps Thorpe park achieve its aims.Why is it cardinal that Thorpe Park has erupt customer assistants, supervisors and managers? use 1 area of Thorpe Park e.g. the Food Beverage area to help explain why. Thorpe park has separate customer assistants supervisors and managers because if a customer has a problem with a specific department for example nutrition beverage then the customer assistance from that pacific area notify help but if it was to be all together then the business wouldnt flow steadily in facts ein truththing would be manifold up and customers would be unhappy and Thorpe park woul d loose customers and money this is why organisation skills are important if everything was mixed the Thorpe park would know what to improve and do.managers has the most authority then comes supervisor then customer assistants and then the managers pick up control over supervisors and they have control over customer services etc they have different job roles and all of the different job roles help that department run smoothly devising sure on that point aware of their duties and responsibilities and who to go to if theres a problem this is why team work is very important for all small and large business like Thorpe park.Why has Thorpe Park organised its employees into areas e.g. lymph gland Services / Retail / Human Resources / Health Safety etc. What advantages does this give Thorpe Park? Dividing employees into areas gives Thorpe park a advantage because it makes it organised and neat for example if someone has a problem with there tickets they can go to guest services manage r this allows Thorpe park to track what they need to improve on as individually area they would need to change something in each areas in order to short the problem as this shows the general manager the performance of each area theweaknesses and the strengths organisational skills and problem solving skills are a smashing idea. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Thorpe Park having a tall organisational structure? Are there any disadvantages?The advantage of thorpe park having a tall organisational structure is because the general manager of Thorpe park is responsible for less employees as there is managers for each area such as health and safety manager,finance manager,human resources manager etc.the general manager is moreover responsible for area managers the fewer people at the top who manager people below them and at the lower levers there are more employees and fewer managers the function of each layer will be clear and distinc there will clear lines of control and responsibilitys and each employee can be closly supervised.however the disadvantages of Thorpe park having a tall organisational structure are that there are a lot of manager levels than a flavourless chart who have fewer manager levels having a tall structure means slower purpose making for example the product enginer at a small business can talk to the owner straight away however in a larger business cannot respond quickly beacause several(prenominal) management layers could be involved in the decision making tall structures usually mean high costs for different management layers meaning a lot of money is being spent of a large business like Thorpe park in order to have all these different areas in Thorpe park.another disadvantage is that communication is a problem as if has to go through many layers before make a final outcome.Explain how having separate job roles, business areas a hearty organised employee structure help Thorpe Park achieve their aim to deliver memorable experiences to millions of customers in the safest way. Having separate job roles business areas and a well organised employee structure helps Thorpe park achieve their aim as it will make the business it sell organised having seperat job roles keeps the employees in categories and aware of what their duties and responsibilities are and also they can be clearly supervised and made sure they are achieving what they want and working hard.having a well organised employees structure keeps the employees focused on one thing instead of more things meaning the cleanse the job will get done as responsibility gets shared out.

Benefits of Sports Essay Example for Free

Benefits of Sports EssaySports serve as an excellent forcible exercise. Those who exploit sports have a more than positive system image than those who do not. Sports often involve physical activities like running, jumping, stretching and moving about which turn out to be a cracking body workout. Playing sports is energy put to good use. Engaging in sports since an early age strengthens your bones and muscles and tones your body. It sponsors you outgrowth your stamina and endurance. Sports that involve jumping and stretching help oneself increase height for example basketball. Games that involve running, gripe or throwing a ball help strengthen the arms and legs for example soccer and cricket. Swimming domiciliates a full body workout. Thus sports provide the body with complete exercise and engaging in sports direct translates into overall fitness. Research shows that sports improve Math skills in children. Sports that involve aiming and hitting skills, for example, ten nis, badminton, baseball and cricket help them increase focus. They help develop leadership qualities and foster squad spirit in kids.They involve disputation they involve winning and losing. This exposes children to both aspects of life, successes and failures. Sports build a competitive spirit in children and instruct them to be participative irrespective of whether the result is victory or defeat. Playing sports teaches them to accept both successes and failures with a positive spirit. Sports teach you to think with a cool head. The most important benefit of sports is the sportsman spirit they inculcate. Sports help you croak more sporting, more positive and stronger.Playing sports is very beneficial for the development of social skills. Sports teach you to interact with people, communicate with them and collaborate as a team. Sports foster collective thinking and harness your planning and perpetration skills too. Sports build confidence. Winning a game gives you a sense of accomplishment, which boosts your confidence further. Playing sports involves directed thinking. It requires you to strategize. You study to trick out ways to score goals, runs or earn points, as the case may be.You need to devise strategies to win, you need to decide whether to take an offensive stand or a defensive one. You need to tag your opponents strategy and modify yours accordingly. This definitely involves clever thinking, which sports encourage. Studies show that kids who reanimate sports regularly f ar well in academics and do well in school. Sports make you happy. I do it anyone would agree with this. Jumping about, running around, rush along to get ahead, hitting, throwing, bouncing, kicking (the ball, I mean ), shouting, clapping, cheering, falling and standing up againall a part of playing sports. And there is no match to the happiness this brings. They give you the high by change magnitude the production of endorphins in the brain. In separate words, sports be a form of exercise which generates happiness molecules in your body, thus restoring your mental health. Playing sports, you cant be sad. In fact, they bust the sorrow and the stress. Sports generate a positive energy in you, around you. When sports are played at the state or topic level, they increase the players sense of belonging to their community or country.International sports events foster patriotism and a emotional state of oneness among the team members of a country. Playing sports at these levels opens many employment avenues for not only sportsmen and women that also people who join tournaments as volunteers, cheerleaders or in the capacity of sports doctors and physical therapists. As developments are undertaken in cities hosting sports events, sports can lead to urbanization of rural areas. Many cities have started becoming hubs for sports tourism. Sports parks are being developed in many tourist destinations.It is the increasing inclination for playing sports whic h is responsible for much(prenominal)(prenominal) developments. Playing sports reduces some(prenominal) health risks. As sports serve as an excellent form of exercise, it wont semen as a surprise that they offer health benefits like lowering blood pressure, maintaining blood loot and cholesterol levels and reducing other health risks. Yes, if you are playing a sport regularly, you are at a lesser risk of developing diabetes or heart diseases. Playing sports reduces the risk of hypertension and several other stress-related disorders.Research shows that people who play sports regularly can deal with stresses and strains in a discontinue way. Those who engage in sports activities are less prone to depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders. Physical health Benefits The fact is quite evident that playing any sport makes a person energetic. aggroup sports, at clippings, benefit more than solo ones because a person is always happy to play them with ten other people havi ng a similar way of thinking. A team sport keeps health problems at bay. They provide you with the necessary exercise and endurance to maintain a healthy body.It keeps your body in shape and saves you from problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases and weak bones. Women should specially take active part in team sports as it keeps their monthly cycles regulated and prevents them from all the gynecological problems. Research reveals that 60% of the women who play team sports are prevented from breast cancer. On the other hand, kids in a growing age get employ to torn knees and injuries and thus do not become susceptible to it. It helps them develop strong muscles and a good physique.People who are above the age of 55 years should also actively participate in team sports. It keeps them fit when it is most needed. Social Benefits As Aristotle says, Man is a social animal, it is clear that a person ask a company of other people one day or the other. He cannot survive alone. Team sports help the man to become socially interactive. The more he communicates, the more he comprehends. The basic quality of understanding each other develops when a person begins to talk and listen. Team sports help to construct better friendships.Often, it is observed that a team which plays together, stays together The team spends a readiness of time discussing new ideas, opinions and methods with each other. This makes them bond well and add to the team spirit. Moral and Emotional Benefits either individual has an ego that is hidden inside him and which pops up as a devil most of the time One of the best things about playing a team sport is that it kills the ego and converts it into self respect. It is verbalize that, while talking is very important, listening is even more important when you belong to a group.Team sports help develop the quality of listening to each other. We must agree to the fact that speech is argent solely silence is golden On the other hand, team sports build a good self-esteem in individuals. It helps you overcome your fears and mental blockages. It gives you the freedom to experiment and express. It is proven that children who play team sports are fitter and happier. They overcome their complexes with the help of the sport they play. Apart from this, leadership, support and acceptance are three such disciplines everyone needs to imbibe.Team sports make you a good leader. They teach you that a leader is not the boss but a considerate person who takes into account each persons say. They also teach you to accept failures and victory in the same spirit. Children, in the growing age, tend to believe that participation is far more important than victory. The companionship that you gain, the values that you learn from your mistakes make you a better citizen and a humble individual. They keep you grounded. Read more at Buzzle http//www. buzzle. com/articles/benefits-of-team-sports. html Sports boost self-esteem.Watching you r hard work pay off and achieving your dreams brings about loads of self-confidence. If you can achieve something in a sport or with a fitness goal, then you know you can achieve any other goal you set. This is a very rewarding and exiting process. Playing a sport cuts down on pressure and stress. Exercising is a natural way to loosen up and let go of stress. Also, you will most likely make many new friends on the team who can be there for you as a support system. When you find you are having a hooking of stress, you can call up team mates and head to the gym to talk it out and play it out.