Saturday, April 20, 2019

Abercrombie & Fitch Positioning Strategy Research Paper

Abercrombie & polecat Positioning Strategy - Research Paper ExampleAn analysis on Abercrombie & foulmart can draw how it has positioned its brand, and how effective the strategy is. This can be done using the four Ps of the marketing mix as noted by Smith, (2013), namely crossroad, promotion, place and price. A look at the product shows that it clearly stands out. There is a lot of competition in the clothing industry, but Abercrombie & Fitch has managed to cover leading in terms of products. This c entirelyer-up sells outfits resembling tank tops, underwear, jeans, fragrances, t-shirts and footwear for the youth and kids only, unlike its contender companies such as American Eagle Outfitters and Gap Inc who stock all types of clothes, footwear and fragrances for everyone. It is a caller-out for young kids between the age of 7-14 year, teens between 14-18 years and also stocks women underwear and loungewear (Joseph, 2013). This is one aspect in the market mix that makes it d istinct from the other companies. In addition, as the CEO of the company, Mike Jeffries puts it, his business is for the lovely, the dinky and cool and those who are not overweight. The companys cloth line is unique in design. ... In fact, most of the raft do not get to know about Abercrombie through the television or magazines. Word of mouth from its customers works well for them, and on Abercrombie television, the advertising is done. Of importance to note is their way of advertising, which makes determination of sex appeal. This has greatly been condemned religious denominations and human rights organizations, complaining that the company campaigns for pre-marital sex among the youth, especially the young girls. However, the company CEO, Mike Jeffries confidently asserts that he and his team represent healthy sexuality, playful and glorious camaraderie which is unremarkably found in the companys target market (Joseph, 2013). The company, in early 2003 used its magazine, Aberc rombie & Fitch Quarterly, to further reach out to existing customers and potential customers. The magazines production was however stopped as people accused the company of promoting soft pornography. The company also advertises its products through its website (Abercrombie. Com) and through its subscription catalogs which have over 400,000 subscribers. Their advertisements all reach out to the young people where they show the effect of using the companys products like perfumes. A good example is the Abercrombie effect advertisement. They also indirectly use negative publicity to march on their products (Joseph, 2013). Price is the other element in the marketing mix. Price is a great determinant on who go out buy at a certain company and how much of a product they will buy. When the price of a product is law, more people are likely to purchase it and vice versa (Smith, 2013 Graham, 2013). For Abercrombie & Fitch,

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