Sunday, April 28, 2019

Education is Important Because It Develops the Individual Essay

Education is Important Because It Develops the Individual - raise ExampleThe syllabus itself where learning to read, write, count, draw, take somatogenetic exercise, hear music, play games etc., serves to develop the mental and physical abilities. Once basic literacy and numeracy are achieved, many doors are opened for independent thought and action. The imagination expands, the instauration of books is available and with it, all areas of knowledge. Communication skills also grow, and with these comes the ability to relate to others and the world at large. Of great importance too, are the relationships formed with others in and outside of school.The other clawren, t apieceer, janitor, head teacher, classroom aide and so on, a great number of individuals outside of the family are now a part of the childs experience and serve to expatiate it.Such a world reflects society at large and the learning within is applied outside. The need to be polite to others, to respect those who hel p, serve or share knowledge, to learn to share, to participate and contribute, all these are merry elements within a good genteelnessal structure. Social skills developing thus are taking the child towards becoming an adult who can learn and who can contribute positively to society. Already we can come across the value of education, both to the individual and the world.Social, emotional and beh... Recent research on social, emotional and behavioral skills suggests that by encouraging the attainment of these, Social, emotional and behavioral skills underlie almost every aspect of school, home and community life, including effective learning and getting on with other people (Developing Childrens Social, Emotional and Behavioral Skills Guidance)The suggestion is that integrating such skills contributes to the individuals whole person development, and their attainment is part of true education, which enables the person to reach their full potential. For example, the skills involved in self-motivation include the get along of sustained effort and learning, belief that a goal is attainable, the ability to partake in with setbacks and to be proud of achievement. By using self-awareness too, a child or adult in fact, recognizes how thoughts, feelings and behaviors all interact and affect each other and devises ways to deal with this.Consider a child who discovers a endowment fund or eff for music, dance, art or books, or whatever. The good feelings this discovery bring about, encourage them to work at that talent and achieve goals, their potential in this area. Being good at something then spills over into other aspects of life and learning, the trustfulness gained helps them towards a positivity which can only benefit 3.society. The ethic of working towards a goal, understanding how to deal with what goes wrong and still trying, makes for a rounded, fulfilled adult. Thus a structured education, in which formal knowledge-based education is underpinned by wha t is often described as emotional intelligence is of vital importance to the individual and the wider society in

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