Thursday, April 18, 2019

Essay 1 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 14

1 - Essay ExampleMore importantly, immigration had a significant impact on heathen identity for the Chinese family struggling to make a bread and butter in an American culture. Therefore, since this engaging story was systematically written by an immigrant, Tan, who uses her experiences and that of her mother to explain palpable life situations, makes this story a magnificent piece of writing.Globalization has merged the world into one shrimpy global village eliciting the need for accommodating cultural diversity. The case of Tan moving from a Chinese cultural background signal to an American culture provides a good example of cultural integration. Cultural background determines the linguistic process we speak, how we speak it as well as expectations from others. More importantly, cultural beliefs are best reflected finished language as people communicate. For instance, whereas Tan may shake hands and bow down as a show of respect, an American might not understand the meaning. Moving into a new cultural territory, like Tans family did when they moved to America, presents a myriad of challenges not only cultural inequality but in communication as well.In this story, Tan places an emphasis on the theme of insanity and discrimination, through focusing on the various prejudices that she and her mother went through as a result of language imperfection. For instance, Tan shows how her mother has for long been looked down due to the fact that she spoke limited or frank English, most of which quite ironically could be understood by most people (Tan 59). Moreover, Tan in like manner shows how her mother is a victim of prejudice by explaining how doctors had presumably said that her CAT scan results could not be plant. But later, when Tan arrives and talks in perfect English, the doctors admit that the scan results would be found and offers apologies for any sufferings that her mother had

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