Thursday, April 25, 2019

The role of marketing communication to increase brand loyalty; in Research Proposal

The role of marketing communication to increase brand loyalty in context of Waitrose - inquiry Proposal ExamplePreviously, there have been quite a large number of studies that has focused on things related to this. This study will be particularly interesting as this is a case ad hoc study on Waitrose, the food retail division of Britains largest employee-owned retailer, the John Lewis Partnership supermarkets. This research intends to reveal out the impact of marketing communication on the loyalty of existing customers of the organization. This study can garter the organization to bring necessary changes in the marketing communication techniques that are currently used by it and help to improve its brand equity.Several studies have been conducted in the field of marketing communication to make its impact on the brand equity and brand loyalty of customers. In the study conducted by Ramos and Franco (2005), they had canvass the impact of marketing communication and price promoti on on brand equity. The results from their study indicate a positive relationship between the marketing communication and brand equity and offer strong leap out for the measures of perceived quality and brand loyalty. In fact, it was observed that there are several precursors to brand equity, that is to say brand awareness, brand image and brand awareness (Ramos and Franco, 2005).Customer brand loyalty is a topic that has been widely researched by various scholars. The commonality of all these studies have indicated that all firms can improve their remuneration margins by creating a base of loyal customers, which also have the additional benefit of creating a grapevine advertisement for firms, thereby indirectly improving the marketing communication. The proponents of this study includes scholars like, Liu(2007), Gustaffson, et al. (2005), Oliver (1999), Wood (2004), to name a fewer (Keller, 1993).The research conducted by MC Alexander, et al. (2002) had revealed that brand loy alty can be enhanced in comparative marketing by brand

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