Saturday, May 11, 2019

Legal and Ethical Aspecrts of Delivery Of Health and Social Care Essay

Legal and Ethical Aspecrts of Delivery Of Health and Social Care - study ExampleWhen handling patients suffering from terminal illnesses, it is my role to ensure that a patient can successfully manage the condition, learn reduced pain, and approach the end of life stages with a positive outlook. Although my intention is to alleviate such patients, complications whitethorn occur because of the choices made by the patients. The berth of Brian, who is 55 years old and declined to surveil the advice and the equipment presented by me presents an ethical dilemma for any nurse. In this paper, I will discuss Brians case study in detail, evaluating, and analysing the case study and presenting my final ethical decision. In addition, the paper will analyze the utilitarian ethical principle and weigh it against the respect for autonomy in an effort to help Brian experience quality life despite his condition.Brian, aged 55 years suffers from multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a condi tion that presents adverse effects on an individuals immune system. Specifically, the disease affects the protective slip surrounding nerves. As a result, individuals suffering from the disease do not have a prevalent communication between the brain and the body. As the disease progresses, an individuals nervous system may deteriorate badly. Usually, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis and patients with the disease have no another(prenominal) choice but to manage their condition. In the case of Brian, the disease has progressed to the level whereby he needs a wheelchair because he cannot walk (Dimond, 2011). Therefore, the disease has served to debilitate him compelling him to rely on my help and other loving workers who help him to feed, wash, and get him out of bed occasionally. Worth noting is the fact that Brian does not have any carer at home because his wife suffers from Parkinsons disease. Since Brians condition compels him to stay in bed or the wheelchair for numero us hours, he is subject to

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