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Pip’s family Essay

In chapter one of the story we discover that Pips family is deceased, well apart from his sister. They all died from common diseases alike(p) flu and measles and other illnesses which some were treatable but, treat was not affordable for the poor. The social conditions in the nineteenth century were unfortunate. There wasnt much medicine and thither were no cure for common diseases and there was a lot of poverty, poor people had to work which includes kidskinren working in factories, there wasnt in the least of procreation for the poor. This all tells us that life was hard to live in Britain in the nineteenth century if you were poor. Today in Britain it is greatly different, there is less poverty, more than education, affordable prices for medicine, children dont need to work to support there family, also there is the NHS health service and there is child benefit along with income support.Pip encounters an escaped convict when he goes to see his mothers grave. Pip was petrifie d when he saw this convict he was an awful man and was chained up to his legs. In those days all convicts were known as murders so when Pip met him he was horrified. Then the convict forces Pip to bring down food to eat and a filer to break lose from the chains on his hands and legs.In Pips village the standard of education was important but the poor often couldnt afford it. Only the rich and tight families were able to afford education. Poor people werent pass judgment to get educated in Pips village. Pip was expected to work and support his family when he was older. Pip wanted to become a dark-skinned smith like Joe. Charles Dickens wants to create a miserable impression ab out education among the working classes. He wants to show how unfortunate children were in the working classes as they sewer not get any education and had to support there families. The children of wealthier families received different standard of education from the poorer families.They werent amongst the working classes, they didnt need to work to support there families they could afford education as well as medicine, which means that life wasnt bad for rich and wealthy families. Joe and Pip are extraordinarily good friends Because Joe is a fully grown man and Pip is a youngster and there relationship is in truth underwrite and close, they can talk to each other in confidence, can keep secrets from each other and support each other in any way. Joe had an highly dreadful childhood he suffered from a lot of violence from his dad as he gave a great deal of pain to Joe and his mother by beating them. Joes dad was constantly drunk also, they were suffering from poverty. Joe explains his father and childhood to Pip. He tells him about the violence he suffered from his father this makes Pip olfactory perception uncomfortable and sorry about Joe.I was not at all at my ease this is how Pip felt, he felt anxious and confused when the while was up to go to mislay Havishams residence for the arrangement. At the gates of the Satis house Pip met Estella. Estella treated Pip awfully bad. She kept on business him boy at the end of her e genuinely sentence, this was very impolite and rude. By Estellas words and actions it made Pip feel like someone not to be complimented at even for this Pip had feelings for Estella.Estella knows that pip comes from a poor social background. She feels that he is someone that has no education and manners so she speaks to him very rudely by calling him not by his name but by boy at the end of every sentence. When Pip left the Satis house he felt like a common labouring-boy and felt more ignorant because he cried in front of Estella at the gates of the Satis.Pip was very irritated by the way Joe was dressed, which it was in his Sunday clothes and he also was irritated when Joes behaviour was very embarrassing during their meeting with dangle Havisham. Joe was trying to act smart and act like a gentleman but he made things worse by tying t o say liberal words like Astonishing but he said it all wrong he said it like as-TON-ishing this made Pip feel more irritated and Nervous. When Joe was speaking to Miss Havisham he was addressing to Pip, Pip was trying to give him a clue to stop Joe from looking at him and to look at Miss Havisham when speaking to her but Joe was to dense to notice.This all is showing us that Pips attitude changes towards Joe he starts feeling ashamed about Joe because he showed out Pips social and financial life at the meeting with Miss Havisham by the way he speaks and dresses. I dont recollect Pip should have felt this way because Joe is his close friend and he should not change his feelings and actions towards Joe just because he gets irritated at him. Now we can see that Pips social life and poverty is affecting his own character.

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