Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Should the 22nd Admendment be Repealed Essay -- essays research papers

In the political world today there atomic number 18 so many different opinions about several different topics. The topics that I ordain address to you will be, should the 22nd Amendment be repealed and also should the foreign born be allowed to run for president. In both topics you may have your pros and cons, that I am strongly against the both of them because I feel that the Constitution should not be taken advantage of. Government should not be allowed to fake the Constitution to suit his or her needs. While making adjustments to the Constitution to allow different things to take place for convenience doesnt leave any course respect of the Constitution. There should be a line drawn to keep this from happening for years to come on these issues and others as well. Some will same for the 22nd amendment to repealed to keep who they like in office, but my feeling towards this is give other the opportunity to make our world a better place. There are more than enough qualified peop le to make a difference for our country no need to stick to one person who eventually will get tired of it anyway. In addition, with the foreign born, this issue came to play all over Schwarzenegger getting backed up by Congress and other governors in California to try to make necessary changes to the Constitution (CNN News, 2004).According to the US Term Limits, the 22nd amendment states, No person shall be elected to the office of the professorship more than twice, and no person who has held the office of Preside...

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