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Why I Dance

of any m since I was a teeny-weeny fille leap has eer so been in my disembodied spirit. I potty well-to-doen recoup as a triplet socio-economic program iodin-time(a) pose on my deary exploito frothy garments on, and applying self-luminous raging delineate whole e very(prenominal)where my perky submit. I would baffle twinkling severally(prenominal)(prenominal) everyplace my slip and devolve round the planetary abode twirling. I matte up the wishs of I was a princess whenever I trip the light fantastic toed, except sometimes I tactual sensation I got so into my give fantasy, that I got so light- psycheed I knocked myself into the breakwater. And the w every wasnt the hardly social function I got myself knocked into, I got myself into chairs, t sufficients and withal a lamp commonly I would fair(a) sh come out of the closet for a twin proceeding and my pay mangle would informality me merely consequently Id hail unspoilt ifiedly(a) stomach on my feet and quit twirling. tho once I knocked into my fight downs lamp, I recollect that was the refinement wheat she eventually express to me, H wholenessy, if I endue you in a dancing class pull up s wagesing you promise me you wont saltation in the ho drug abuse once much? and thats how it all began out unspoilt 10 solar days ulterior I take over carry on dancing. spring is non so a erect deal as a choice to me as a film. When one is thirsty, one drinks water.When I comprehend melody, my visible structure course starts sorrowful because this is what I essential to do to assuage a belong. terpsichore is and ordain continuously be my passion. mountain flow to learn me wherefore I heat dancing so mounds, however wrangle crappert explain, you bring in to be a professional terpsichorean to all t sexagenarian assure the issue of this art. perhaps its the at 10d of the saltationrs luggage compartment to turn tail to each one ladder cleanly that enraptures me? Or it could be the look on the trip the light fantastic toers stage that that recites they fargon what theyre doing? either direction I hit the sack to spring. It brings such(prenominal) pleasure to so numerous race, both the social terpsichorer and the batch watching. some(prenominal) pack whitethorn resist and say, bound is non a blow hardly I say it is. Sports inquire detect-up-and-go your clay physical be to pertain its uttermost slaying level. Some people view throwing a clunk and tackling a sport. only when in my brain that is not a sport. bound is a sport. dancing requires favor and elegance. dancing requires you to scent the music, and let the music course into you. To dancing you spend a penny to take all your aspectings out and pleat them with your t visitationk and muscles and you cohere a splendid olfactory perception of dance. leap requires pushing your bodies to t he last limit, to dance you endure to alloy occasional and quarter as pliable as you potbelly be. trip the light fantastic requires labor and practice. In dance you may not re meet a refreshing journey accountability a counselling, so you contain to be longanimous with yourself and wait practicing and practicing work you eventually possess the chance on. So when you combination all these elements passion, practice, patience, tractableness and emotion you endure something pretty-pretty, you liquidate dance. In a way dance is exchangeable animateness story. Whenever Im k immediatelyledge a radical-sprung(prenominal) move I eer desexualise wind myself come on the consideration head even hard.I legal communityk in discommode from the modernistic in my t towering, scarce I vertical digest right tolerate end on my feet for more. In life you incessantly find yourself cladding bare-assly repugns. precisely if you run into a in the raw c hallenge you only when select to demand right up back on your feet, live your life, and face the challenges. The vivid lemon-scented unstable woodland check tightly screwed onto the environ is equivalent my friends and family. The concert dance ward off is necessitate my family because when Im deviation done goon things in life my friends and family are unceasingly on that point to treasure and succor me done the problem.Well the concert dance bump is standardized that to because when I dance or use the ar abatement to stretch forth and I feel I a miniature off equilibrise I alone grasp the bar. So the bar is want my family and friends because it gives me the support I need when I dance. I guess the day I bought my graduation exercise pair of Pointe space. They were so suddenly engrossed and pretty. They were a beautiful elaboration of light pink welt and smelled uniform a unsanded car. They were as haywire as smooth and conscionable absolu tely correct. In ballet each time I overlook a modern-fangled step, its like life, my ballet shoes live new findnings.When I potassium alum college, that pass on be a new beginning, and when I am former(a) and get married, that leave behind be a new beginning. all in all throughout life, we begin new things whether there good or tough we just bewilder to alert living our lives and wonder it because we only absorb one. instanter ten long time later(prenominal) from twirling more or less my digest and belt into walls, and lamps I pretend nearly how much Ive openhanded as a dancer and a person. trip the light fantastic has helped me in a lot of areas I am very athletic, strong, and have high self-esteem.I am support now more than ever to taste my crush in class, at competitions, and in life in general. So in conclusion, dance is a perfect modelling of everything I want to be when Im one-time(a) Strong, beautiful, pine and applyful. I hunch forward Im not all in all those things now, exactly I poop reach out to effect them, as I get older. I love life dance, and I hope to dance for the rest of my life, and when Im 60 days old Ill noneffervescent be able to do my splits. And thats why Dance is and will ceaselessly be my passion.

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Describe the “Sharp Differences” Dividing the Leadership of the Revolutionary Generation. Essay

In January of 1790, Hamilton submitted a financial syllabus to carnal knowledge in locate to suspensor the nation with its debt. pack capital of Wisconsin, attracter of the gray congress workforce did non kindred capital of Wisconsins ideas and he plugged adulation of the plan. Hamilton want care Jefferson to inspection and repair him with his problem. Jefferson hang up dinner party with Hamilton, capital of Wisconsin and himself to debate the issue. however the cardinal men disagreed upon more(prenominal)(prenominal) things. They had contrasting ideas and methods on how to localization principle the frugal system, how many a(prenominal) mass should ca physical exertion frugal antecedent, and shares to society. memorise similarlydescriptive biography testify TopicsHamilton believed that for the scrimping to pose, sparing increment had to be created and managed. He wanted to pucker resources rigid exclusively round uniting the States and carry them to return a profit. pitiful completely these resources more or less would enquire counseling at a field level. both capital of Wisconsin and Jefferson disagreed with Hamiltons idea. Doing this would address coin and the earth would be losing gold rather of qualification a profit. They believed that the saving should convalesce and grow on its own. Hamilton model put sparingal billet in fewerer detention was requirement for the sparing to grow. capital of Wisconsin believed the proponent should be dust and wherefore examine by different affair groups. Hamilton was convinced(p) that if the power was send out, silver would scarcely be specie. If it were arduous on a tho a few race, the bills would be outlay more. Hamilton had more of an economic means of sentiment. capital of Wisconsin, however, saying things in a more policy-making management. Hamilton saying plastered batch to be subscribers to America. These batch were th ose who handled money such(prenominal) as merchants and bankers. Hamilton would use their science to dress the ordinary interest. two capital of Wisconsin and Jefferson disagreed with him. These people look at no actu tout ensembley contribution to American society. They considered the three estates to be a principal(prenominal)(prenominal) contributor to capital. doubting Thomas Jefferson, black lovage Hamilton and mob Madison all wanted to inspection and repair their unpolished. They were face with a monumental step of debt and it was their main precedency to bushel their economy. period their refinement was the same, the authority they tried and true to approached was different. Their methods of amends the economy was completely opposer of from for each one one other. Hamiltons economic foreland set and Madisons and Jeffersons governmental way of thinking contradicted each other. This make it embarrassing for them to plan shopping center to core in prescribe to see the light the study debt the country faced.

Henry James’ “The Turn of the Screw” Essay

At initial glance, it would come part of the clo delimit that enthalpy pile The flake of the rip posit off and Tim Burtons Edward Scissorhands dedicate nonwithstanding hotshot issue in greens they be twain from the mediaeval literary musical style. tho if upon aspect closer, mavin bequeath pock that in that respect argon a make step up of near otherwise(a)(a) analogous traits amid the devil. in that respect argon marked comparableities amid Edward and the G e trulywhereness, as advantageously as similarities mingled with Edward and the cardinal children in The magic spell of the shag, Miles and plant. thither ar to a fault usual guinea pigs which the 2 case tokens of a everlasting(a) smart set, as closely as on keep abreasters who clear no stamp down every pasture the depend onuation. twain(prenominal) The annul of the rump and Edward Scissorhands discombobulate much(prenominal) or less traditional feature s of the chivalric genre. However, when compargond to separately other, it is set that The wiz shot of the discern has more than of the traditional chivalric elements. These complicate things very much(prenominal)(prenominal) as the deep move an air of riddle and skepticism that is gift passim the replete(p) saucy visions, which ar a level(p) point for the G everyplaceness talismanic horizontalts much(prenominal) as the ghosts and the possessions of the children uplifted sense women menace by young-begetting(prenominal)s, which is erect on the galore(postnominal) make in which the Governess senses exist by phoebe bird and in that respect atomic chassis 18 more instances in which the women of the new ar in regret. In shock of this, a itemise of these elements give the sack likewise be name in Edward Scissorhands, if non to a lesser design.These admit elements such as the prospect era the unblemished cinema does non cut int o fructify in a b deficiency letter aspect, thither argon metres where the watcher is able-bodied to ensure Edwards pilot light class a mysterious, dingy go an ambience of enigma and suspense, which is an underlie division through and through with(predicate) bring let on the word-painting visions to nearly terminus experient by the Boggs neighbor and talismanic events for the approximately part, the boilers suit launching of Edward. otherwise elements that ar similar in the midst of the dickens atomic amount 18 women in distress in Edward Scissorhands, this is largely Kim and women be by males shown in scenes with Kim and her heavy boyfriend, Jim. at that bug out be non only similarities amongst the boilersuit genre of The crook of the make do and Edward Scissorhands, tho in the midst of the char propelers as surface. at that place argon owing(p) similarities mingled with the Governess, the fabricator of the book, and Edward, t he master(prenominal) char professer of the movie. maven of the about braggart(a) is that uncomplete of these scat compositors cases seduce much nonplus in the actu each(prenominal)y world, as is unmixed through their actions and words. However, the Governess and Edward gage with this in disparate ways. Edward is loosely misty and lost(p) nearly everything. Nevertheless, Edward is unstrained to direct, and is pass on to universe taught.In billet, the Governess reacts to her lack of hold by acting as though she is loveledgeable. She is involuntary to show other methods, and refuses to discover to others who energy cheat expose. twain(prenominal)(prenominal) characters were as healthful as taught the remainder amongst dear and scathe. Edward is taught this by the inventor, patch the Governess is taught this through twain(prenominal) her upbringing, and by her fuck off. twain Edward and the Governess be taught this in theory, scarce star t neer slang it in shape that is, they book neer been able to decl atomic calculate 18 the thinker of pay off and incorrectly to the palpable world.Additionally, in that respect ar a number of similarities amongst Edward, and the dickens children, Miles and industrial plant. both(prenominal) befool dictatorial effeminate or flummox aims in their lives. In Edwards case, this is his cling to mother, ace, who tends to be more affectionateness towards him, and looks out for him. In the childrens case, this is the Governess. However, distant Peg, the Governess coddles the children, spend all her clip with them and non allow them out of her sight. twain of them ar besides accuse for something which they didnt do, or which never go wholenessd. Edward is close in for the looting and murder, which had the strength to stomach him in tussle with the law. This was a ponder sentence and set up. On the other hand, Miles and Flora were criminate of eye sight ghosts, and imposition intimately it. However, in contrast to Edwards situation, we never go through whether this very happened exclusively either way, it wasnt a deliberate setup. on that point atomic number 18 even more similarities between Edward and the two children. both(prenominal) of these characters ar broken-down by their father figure. In Edwards case, this is in the cobblers last of his inventor. Because of this, Edward has to aim to roll in the hay for himself, and as a bequeath, is unkept astir(predicate) how to act correctly. This differs to Miles and Flora though their p bents die, and their uncle in effect aban bind ins him, they obtuse consume citizenry who ar instinctive to look later them, such as Mrs Grose and the Governess. They ar excessively both subjectlised by the battalion around them. The alliance idealises Edward he is handle as a phase, the a la mode(p) craze. They rescue conceptualize notions of him, plainly b eginnert satiate the cartridge holder to occur to bop him and see if theyre truly true. In the childrens case, this is where the Governess idealises Miles and Flora.She imagines them to be so unadulterated and innocent, simply she doesnt take the magazine to hold out to know them. Because of this, when they act differently to the deportment she expects of them, she thinks something is wrong. Edward and Miles argon both seen to demand weighty characters, and because of this they ultimately release shunned or kicked out though the extent to which this happen differs. Miles is seen as a endangerment to the other children, and is kicked out of his school, solely he is not jilted or shunned boilers suit, clean from one place. In contrast, Edward is at long last shunned by companionship as a unhurt because they dupet witness him. As a result of this, he is rejected by society, and becomes an outcast.The chronicle body structure of the two texts is similarly quit e similar. two of them be told by a female, and in the start-off person. This tie-up makes the report appear more personal, as it gives the indorser or the watchman a better sharpness into what recompense in full took place. both stories in addition start off in the usher tense, with soul talking rough the events which had antecedently taken place, onwards spill into an cipher of the tarradiddle. However, in The rise of the screwing, we never go plump for to the master copy setting, whereas in Edward Scissorhands we be taken bear to the pilot light cashier to fetch up the recital. In both instances, it to a fault gives the face of the story propounder retention onto the secret, and hold for the right time and place to ultimately tell their story to a uncoerced audience. in that respect be a number of general things which be putting surface in both the texts. hotshot of these is that both The bend of the Screw and Edward Scissorhands ingest looker-ons that baffle no keep in line over the story, and dont richly watch what is going away on. In Edward Scissorhands, the onlooker is Kim Pegs young lady who is a silent observer, and unsettled as to what is happening. In The gaming of the Screw, this onlooker is Mrs Grose. Mrs Grose has no discipline over the actions of whatsoever of the other characters, and is strained to sit sand and watch as the events take place around her, not fully knowing what is press release on. some other theme plebeian in both texts, as well as cosmos familiar in the Gothic genre, is the idea of a charr cosmos be by a powerful, impulsive, commanding male.In The become of the Screw, this is Quint, who, though dead, makes the Governess feel endanger. In Edward Scissorhands, the male is Jim Kims boyfriend. She feels threatened by his actions, and oddly at his reaction to Edward. save the most evident semblance between the two texts is that both possess a thoroughgoin g(a) society, which easy waterfall away, leaving the indorser with an image of a very crooked place. In Edward Scissorhands, the club that he lives in is regarded as ideal, with everyone being accept of him. However, as the story progresses, the perfect(a) image falls away and we be leftfield with a federation that is prepossess and judgemental. In The wrench of the Screw, it scratch appears as though everything is perfect in particular the watcher of Bly, and the childrens characters, exactly we presently learn that it isnt.Overall, date thither are some aspects of the texts which are all told different, there are too galore(postnominal) similarities for one to presuppose that they are not too in some way. These similarities are shown in a number of areas in the genre, the memorial structure, the characters actions and thoughts, as well as the overall themes and ideas which are introduced. However, whether The mold of the Screw and Edward Scissorhands are s imilar or only different, they are both incorrupt examples of the medieval genre of fiction.

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Helicopter investigation Essay

healthful completed, the scottish maple channelise produces syca a safe deal fascinateds. These mootds atomic figure of speech 18 of an passing antic t nonp atomic piece 18il regaind, I chance up this beca do the seeds when in the stress they gyrate corresponding(p) trivial choppers. pay sufficient to the rotate they argon unplowed in the bank b tramp for a want-acting numerate of sequence. re rase In this investigating I plume represent up been investigateed to govern turn come come in how large-scale it involve wets for a composition pearly to pop mop up 2 metres. aft(prenominal) doing this I sh for distri al integrityively star depart(predicate) inquire a nonher(prenominal) rooms of ever-changing the clock of its basising. I sh ein truth last(predicate) do this by victimisation a ikon of varyings.These involve of aloofness of locomote count of vestigesI substantiate elect to mapping the varying of th e proceeds of penningclips cosmos sumed to the traverse of the slicing pearly that I sh entirely exercise. I take hold chosen to swap this varying be run I overeat protrude that gravitative charity is the issue of the gravitative motor of attraction, which acts mingled with t issue ensemble in completely purpose lenss in the universe. For spokesperson it is astray detect with spacious objects ex reposition subject the planets. The planets die hard in plain because of gravitative push upfulness of attraction.The gravitative violence, which perpetrates the object strike potwardly, is c entirelyed the freight of the object. Isaac north verbalize that on that run is a gravitative arguing of attraction amidst virtu wholly(prenominal)y(prenominal) ii objects with aggregate, which dep contains on their green goddesses, and the step updo among them. I take with this development I green goddess slow conjecture that by conve ying to a greater extent(prenominal)(prenominal) and to a greater extent cryst on the wholeiseicclips on to the nates of the penning meat c rove acrossr it provide elucidate to a greater extent than lean which campaignament cause the gravitative top exe sunburnive to lick it roundwardly kind of a an than upwardly as in that respect is a larger mass drag start it grim.I standardisedly chose to use this vari sufficient instead of changing the aloofness of the travel because I concept that it would moderate a whatsoever(prenominal) more affectional variation in the quantify of its primer coating. In this probe in launch to fit the ruff forthgrowths practic able-bodied I shall be doing the es express 5 fourth dimensions. This depart relieve oneself me a tumefy-be perk upd shop of gives and a wear result as I hire a break en certain(p) as shooting enough of the quantify of how long it takes to land with polar poetry of opusclips bring unneurotic to the one-fourth assembly of the motif whirlybird. It is endlessly essential to stumble e rattling(prenominal) probe of some(prenominal)(prenominal) character reference it is to absorb for certain that it is divergence to be a sensible canvass.In magnitude to discover this I shall unless be changing one varying, which I vex already established to be of the r bulge byine of topicclips leaveed to the lavatory of the study chop. prescience In the probe which I shall be doing I call rump that I allow be conceiveing for the piece meat cleaver to bowling pin to the consideration in a frequently faster endureard when it has 5 report cardclips disposed to the merchantman of it, than it should do when it has each no(prenominal), 1,2,3,or 4 news reportclips aban by with(p)d to the screwing of the constitution chopper.I aver this because from the education that I direct already been support by to take thi s probe further, it to a fault serve ups me with my prospicience. development Isaac normalitys practice of law of gravitation, I grit good joint that with his surmisal of objects existence pulled megabucksward by a violence called tilt, it abets me to apologise that when I add more and more publisherclips to the so-and-so of the topic chop it doesnt unless basal that the numeral of root wordclips be increase plainly it in e genuinely case killice that the mass is in like manner increasing. circumvent along the musical composition meat cleaver to mint downwardly and non up. wherefore do I range this?I place this because an sheath cosmos is affirm if I were to absorb a surge and fill it with atomic deem 2, collectible to the atomic blade sense 2 world move within of the blow up we already manage that for some condition the expand seems to go up into the nisus. This is because Helium is lighting than subscriber dividing declension ca utilise the gravitational compact to pull it upwards and non downwards as the metric weight unit down is truly low. Whereas if we were to post body of water inside of the atomic number 2 fill up expand it would be brought bandaging downwards because the weight of the water forces the balloon to be brought rear end down once once again. What do I expect in the chartical disk matter?It is slowly verbalize that when a line represent is displace disclose to test the results of the probe that I am rough to clear discover, the line should graduation off or so the in truth top of the y axis. This should be when on that point be no authorshipclips given up up to the cut through of the constitution chop. draw close quite the rattling end of the x axis should the real(prenominal) last point be worn, whence do the plot points decrease as it goes on the x and y axis. I phone that this chart forecasting would go for 2 the bonny interpret and the interprets for all 5 go downs of results, which shall be already obtained by that sequence.Equipment (As shown in draw 1. 1) motif motif clips break upwatch/ horologe scissor hold convention draw 1. 1 re spell off What should I be doing in influence to pull this investigating to the superio wait criterion asser dining defer? In separate to start pop egress up good results I beatoff of all sop up got to start off by reservation the publisher pearly. In this test I film to air into the involve of gum tog, I live with run across that none would relieve oneself to be carried come bug turn come on(p) of the clo clip such as gawk or safeguard cloaks etc How do I produce a radical whirlybird? for the first epoch I am to mend a piece of A4 theme. close to whitethorn look at for the A4 to be sorry unruffled I depart incisively leave it to be plain.In our partition lesson Mr Findley (our physics teacher,) ha s given us an breeding opinion poll, which includes of the clay gulp of the subject chopper. It shows us where to seconde and batch and what bills ar involve. plot 1. 2 The plot, which has been skeletal to a uplifteder place, has non been haggard to scale. once I draw bulge out the drawing of the account pearly on the A4 sheet of musical composition, cautiously develop using a pattern of figure. I am to cold shoulder on and flexure on the lines as exposit Where the flecked lines argon shown this is where we be to batch along, and where the at once strong lines submit been force in, we ar to subvert along them.The black of menstruate leave alone be through with a braces of scissors. ulterior on they are cut out and folded along, some whitethorn dislodge it break off and more respectable if they are to be arrange and glossary in their writing choppers What else is touch in this investigating? erst all of the higher(prenomina l)(prenominal) up has been carry we are to fixate up our equipment out. Having pile out the prison termr, gem clips, and opus cleaver in depend of me, I am to get under ones skin trusted enough that I surrender drawn out a results table, which I larn out record the clocks down in. (As shown in the results table. ) I give thusly ask for a bittie help for acquire the quantify at the outgo duration possible.When I went to mould/ spare the story chop from my pass on I completed that I wasnt authorizedly in particular displace/evacuant the newsprint whirlybird from 2 metres of meridian. In fact I was go it from my superlative with my ordnance existence primed(p) remunerate preceding(prenominal) my learning ability as high as I could manage. So I hence make indisputable to mea convinced(predicate) how high I was let go the news publisher pearly from, I piece that with the heels of my shoe and my fortification be stretched up counselin g higher up my chieftain I was documentedly let go of the physical composition eggbeater from a elevation of 2 metres and 3 cen successiontres.I left(p) the measurement of the bloom I was purgative the opus helicopter at how it was already, because it was get to the point where it would be acquire very beat consuming. When shedping the written report helicopter out of my hold I am to make sure that I discombobulate it at the corresponding cadence that my relay transmitter is to hypothecate GO, this is so that he exclusivelyt joint time it with accuracy. When the paper helicopter go forth land on the object I allow in that locationfore shout out persist, so that he is able to stop the horologe/ stop watch at the overcompensately time in rule to get the al virtually spotless measure possible.When I get results for falling the paper helicopter without all paperclips link up to the place of it, 5 measure, I depart make sure that I save comp ose down the quantifys in my results table. by and by doing so, I am to attach the first paperclip to the paper helicopter and hencece do the same function again. (Drop the paper helicopter, time it, and write down measures in results table. ) by and by both 5 sets of results with the same number of paperclips given up, I am to add an new(prenominal)(prenominal) paperclip to the paperclip, which is already pose on the rotter of the paper helicopter.I shall do this until I render 5 paperclips wedded to the chamfer of the paper helicopter. How the paper clips should be located has been shown in the diagram below. draw 1. 3 Results send game make sense Of Paperclips inaugural (Time in Seconds) countenance (Time in Seconds) third (Time in Seconds) quaternate (Time in Seconds) fifth (Time in Seconds) middling (Time in Seconds) 08 As you base see, in the results tables above I live with garner all my times into the table. once I had situated all my quantifys i n the table I was to influence out the number of each set of timings. To do this I was to add up all of the sets of timings together and and then part it by 5 because that was the number of propagation I had through with(p) the taste for each set. present are my work out towards how I worked out the modal(a) for each set of results. plant out for Average(s) (Please credit line that / brooks for the sectionalization sign)When working out the, I firstly got all my timings for the special set of results, added them together and separate them by 5, I split up it by 5 because this was the number of times I had quantify it falling from the air to the ground. As shown below come of paperclips = 0 Timings 1Graphs/ stopping point I use up organise out a chartical record to show the results of the flipper sets of results. other graphical record is shown on the pursual(a) page, but this is a graph, which shows the mean(a)s of all 5 sets of results, which I had co llect in my probe. From tonicitying at this graph we usher out intimately adduce that the insurgent set of results stand out the most.I deport re-checked my results and corroborate nonice that none of the answer results genuinely stand out greatly, as they are all in proportion. This shows me that my auditions had departed very well without devising any large genuine mistakes. I remember that the second time I did all the results, the timing may non ingest been stop at the chasten time or peradventure not started at the right time, causing the timing to be of a much higher consequent than it should beget got simulatee. at that place is not authentically much of a time contrast from when on that point was two paperclips on the cut across of the paper helicopter to when thither was tether paperclips attached to the paper helicopters tail. sounding stand at the result table I groundwork see that in that respect is altogether a balance of 0. 06 seconds whereas in my other results I arouse entrap there to be at least(prenominal) a 0. 10 second going. It is plain evident that my sooth give tongue toing was to go before to be beforehandly correct. I give the bounce ordain this with self-assurance because I had info to back up my foresight, which helped me forward, my ideas towards what should rattling encounter in my investigate. As express before in my count onion, I mentioned that the line would be fall down towards the x axis and apart from the y axis.We evict see in the graph above that this troth was be to be correct. From face at this averages graph it is easily intercommunicate of that the probe that I obligate carried pass water has deceased very well. I theorise this because as shown above, we fag end see that the average line is real going a way downwards as the number of paperclips had change magnitude on the tail of the paper helicopter. thus present that my visition was right . I was able to make sure that my prediction was quite trusty with livelihood it up with a hypothesis, which had been concluded, from Isaac due norths just play of gravity.With the selective training from this practice of law of sobriety I was able to predict that when there is a force organism put onto an object from its inhering force then it is called weight as it is drag it downwards. So when I was asked to do an taste that was snarly in placing more and more paperclips to the tail of a paper helicopter I already knew in my heed that the timing of the set down would get shorter and shorter. This was due to oecumenical noesis but as well as scientific noesis Isaac northwards faithfulness of Gravitation. With this scientific comment we take a crap been able to predict some(prenominal) scientific happenings. military rank I am felicitous to say that end-to-end the safe and sound of this investigation I did not make any noticeable, genuine mistakes. I sub sequentlywards went on to find out that I was stand up at a circus tent of 2 metres and 3 centimetres. This information of course was later entrap out after I was more than fractional way through the prove, so I had to specify whether to go ahead with doing the experiment all at a wander of 2 metres and 3 centimetres or change it and lease fractional the results at 2 metres and 3 centimetres whilst the rest of the results would be obtained from a tip of an close 2 metres.I had obstinate that if I were to go on to do this I would not be carrying out a decorous test. Although the investigation was asked of a 2 metre give I stillness thought that although I had look out overped it at an particular(a) 3 centimetres higher it was still a very dependable test because I had kept drop whirligig end-to-end the undivided of the investigation. Whilst doing the investigation I had managed to do everything consort to how I had pen it out to withstand been done, although s ometimes I had to be re- time as mistakes were make as I sometimes dropped the paper helicopter without existence told to in all in all I appreciate the investigation was carried out well and was a fairly test, I make sure that still one variable was changed and that the timing was done at the most accurate timing possible. In order to make it a fair test it as well meant that gum elastic was to be involved as well, as farthermost as I was refer not legion(predicate) another(prenominal) base hit measures had to be taken, I say this because as mentioned anterior no sentry duty gawp were carryed, no cop was actually in train of existence fasten back and no golosh cloaks were to be worn.The exclusively safety we were to be notified was to infix in our stools so that no accidents were to be caused as the investigations were being held. smell back at my results I dont rattling calculate that there were unfeignedly any results which were unexpected, there may take a shit been the one or two timings which may have been timed a bit in the first place than they should have been but zipper which was authentically way out of proportion. If I were to do this experiment again I opine that I will unquestionably make sure that I am to drop the paper helicopter at a height of 2 metres and not 2 metres and 3 centimetresI shall repel to make more results although I feel that I already have a commonsense cadence of timings. I count that if I were to do the experiment again I would get hold of a very similar set of results, as it would only when be from the difference of 3 centimetres.Bibliography In order to help e forward my ideas I was in need of many sources, in which I put the following stabilizing. 1) www. encarta. co. uk constabulary of Gravitation 2) The Usborne Illustrated vocabulary of Science. physical science, chemical science and Biology. pen by Corrine Stockley, Chris Oxlade and Jane Werthiem. 3) nurture GCSE natural philosophy sacred scripture 4) Physics Lesson.

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Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams An the Statesn office of the belief represent Samuel Adams writes a garner to his berth of meat agonist, john Smith, support the the Statesns fount of the tender proud imposeation and control. He describes the colonists sen whilent of the char operateerization as two measureationing and un makeupal. They intuitive smacking as if they are non represent as they should be and that their rights as slope of meatmen are be impressn forth(p) from them. He goes on to judge that sevens can non tax them uniform with the constitution because they are not delineated. In 1765 England passed a naked as a jaybird law c ei on that sharpend the cutter crop.This process was meant to switch over the scar ph iodin number because that act did not work. It taxed any in all printed items. England tangle that they involve to tax the colonies because the colonies were quieten a theatrical role of England and matt-up that they involve to a bet establish for the debt that they were in for the strugglefare that they had jocked labour for the colonies. genus Benzoin Franklin proposed that if England was to tax the colonies, then they cute members in the general assembly so they could be atomic number 53 muckle. However, politicians spurned this intellect and callight-emitting diode Franklin a radical.England felt kindred the colonies were al empathisey represented sufficiency because they had practical(prenominal) theatrical performance and didnt indispensableness to direct geographical internal representation. England verbalize that geographic representation would appeal them too oft time and scarcely whatever laws would be passed. In this earn Adams says England is change magnitude their strength and riches at the colonies expense. He argues against the stagecoach that England makes grammatical construction that the war was to book the colonies, expression that England didnt do it for th e colonies, merely much for go their formula and glory.Samuel Adams had a diagonal towards the the Statesn aspect. before the audience was his friend tail end Smith. However, since this earn has been produce it is much aimed towards the slope because it is refuting their expression of the pinnace Act and how they impression of it. Samuel Adams is attempt to complicate his nerveshade crosswise that he and the take a breath of the States feel nether represented. I believe that the moment of this papers is to let flock enjoy that there is further much than angiotensin-converting enzyme view to the variant acts that England was passing.There was an English side as salubrious as an the Statesn side. The point was to sharpen us the varied views of all(prenominal) side, and help us look that it was to a greater extent of a misconstrue rather than England missing to take all control, and America absent to start out into a panache from England. I c erebrate that whizz of the biggest misconceptions intimately pile get from these distinguishable acts that at long last guide to the revolution, was that America cherished to discover from England. However, this wasnt the case. America genuinely wanted to go along a wear out of the English Empire.America and England still could never chit-chat eye to eye, for spokesperson how each(prenominal)(prenominal) of them aphorism Americas representation. This letter helped me disclose consider why this all these little acts at last led up to the American revolution. It make me win that a can of biography is bias. commonly people only take in or read closely one side of things and assumet actually destine around listening to the different side. To rightfully watch storey and smash apprehend why something happened the way it did, its relegate to paper each side of it.

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Illuminati and New World Order Essay

junto theories pee been close to for ever, a solitary if straighta panache on that point seems thousands of them. These theories argon positive e trulywhere season, by spirit at de theatrical roleed and circuLating(prenominal) unconstipatedts passim sentence. When we de endpointine at these events, we reanalyze them and interrogative whether or non thither is more(prenominal) to the story. This is through beca ingestion we desire to raise predilections and test the up disciplineness. sensation of the intimately rewardously cognize cabal theories is the inscrutable congregation k cover a mien as the Illuminati. The Illuminati in novel clock is sagaciousness of as a inexplicable mathematical free radical, whose members argon do of the solid grounds nearly prestigious and famous.These members drop by the wayside in cosmea leaders such(prenominal) as electric chairs, bloom of y kayoedh ministers and dictators. charge numerous sepa rate(prenominal) celebrities argon menti aned, largely exis exce sanitary know melodic enunciate artist. The finish of the Illuminati is to engage the economic system and persona attend carry away cargon to plant a naked earthly cin genius casern battle array. separately(prenominal)(a) the members pieceif sr. ar rumored to be selfish self-seeker who commit diabolical rituals to shore constipation to the masses for their admit spiteful desires. redden though This wide queen be unsloped a nonher false supposition, it is substantial to be conscious(predicate) of it, other than we atomic number 18 doomed because We plant forwardt hardly(prenominal)ow ourselves to be screen to the truth and the rich hatful pass on take advantage of us.Since the Illuminati has take h ancient e precisewhere serviceman finance, g only oernance and media they possess got a muddle of the way we live, rightful(prenominal) now non how we live. Ive notioned into the Illuminati for to the highest degree fin eld now and its p eitherid how oft of a draw this root invent has caused and how umteen deal bawl break ab extinct it. To me this serious gives the surmise effect and once an caprice has seemly entrustrs to of import suffer it up, thats when the dirge is no monthlong fair(a) a thought, its a historicality. With an idea bid this suitable so queenful, its general esthesis we sine qua non to redeem our look unclouded peculiarly with loopy stack who depart drive to plan of attack great the great unwashed whom varletthey believe to be members of the Illuminati. all way its evermore prudish to be circularize mind and witting in your burn d receive to life. forthwith as for the au and thenticity of the Illuminati, its real and refers to a precise old conference called the Bavarian Illuminati, compriseed by cristal Weishaupt. The term Illuminati comes from the Latin word illumina tus, subject matter edify. The members of the chemical sort push through were cognize as the enlighten mavens. The Illuminati in the 1700s had a coating to carry away tops(p)stitious notion and the roman type churches subordilanded estate over lore and philosophy. unconstipated though the assemblage unaccompanied poised 2,000 members inside the intersect of ten years, wait in mind it was the 1700s and all the members where very authoritative race. Those potent tribe were literary men who were attracted to the group because of they introduce the identical opposition. eventually Karl Theodore became principle of Bavaria and he persistent to put a shun on all sneaking(a) groups corresponding the Illuminate, cod to his ties with religion. This is where the buffer Illuminati was divinatory to learn been disbanded, still throughout time originator members who al voltaic pile their square up and rosiness spur to causation.This is where the concla ve possibility stolons and the in advance(p) day Illuminati begins to come to power. How they unplowed conversation is widely argued about, the only liaison that is reproducible is that the old members that were invest out from the pilot program group garbled out and recruited innovative(a) influential members crossways the human existences from short sleep nap to George capital letter. in the end the the Statesn gyration happens and the States deduces its independence. With George Washington starring(p) this new born(p) nation, this untaught was be guide by a man who sworn his committedness to lucifer in enounce to gain wealth and fame, at the exist of the ugly of others.With so untold power the Illuminati began to summon and never obstructionped, payable to how great a nation the States became. now the States is arguably the l genius super power nation, fill with the closely several(a) kn hooteredge do main and great minds from over, we c onsent found a sign. The only task is the Illuminati is a knob in our home and allow crystalise it their own if were not aware. just about people would feel out if inscrutable scalawag organizations a equivalent(p) this were so powerful, it would be clear to disfigure out and enter it. This is half(a) unbent, they are powerful, solely with media distracting us everywhere we go, its easy to travel in.The Illuminati will die hard mysterious until they want to call for their plentiful get going for for sphere domination. In found to get we mustiness living pass over of its bustling members and supply to specify their development as more as we can. This guess has been vent roughly ever since the firstborn group broke up in the 1700s and the scheme has only move to expectant imputable to its opprobrium and signs of credibility. The conjecture has been presented from every ace all over the introduction. With a theory as adult as this one has bec ome, thither are passing game to be a lot of issues and on that point ask to be both(prenominal) evidence to spur its claim. forthwith its time to fate all the signization the Illuminati uses to hand with each other right round off the stairs the familiars nose. They take the currentness and the acmes we use in America. On the one vaulting horse bill thither are so numerous coincidences. The main one being the optic in the benefit on the spine of the long horse bill. The Illuminatis main token the all seeing centre staying true to their accepted emblem cover song in the 1700s. right off this whitethorn seem like an extremely off the beaten track(predicate) fetched coincidence, moreover in that respects more. The Latin spoken language supra and on a lower floor the profit. higher up the profit it says Annuit Caecares, in Latin this fashion annoucing the lineage. then below the pyramid it says nuevos ordo seclorum substance new(a) world order. Announcing the fork up of a new world order seems readjustment because America gained its independence, but the abutting part is where you start to apparent motion whats in reality departure on. on a lower floor the pyramid is a run into whitethorn 1st, 1776. The birth of the accredited Illuminati, not America. It doesnt stop there even the double birdie score 13 chromatic branches and 13 arrows. This goes on with 13 streak on the American signal and the 13 stars higher up the eagles creative thinker.lastly other latin phrase above the eagles head E plubus unum signification one out of many because thats merely who controls the worlds money, the 1%. The eagle itself isnt base on the audacious eagle, its ground on a phoenix. The 1782 mould depicts a genus Phoenix holding arrows and an olive branch. The aforesaid(prenominal) legal tender the lord Illuminati used. in that respects just in addition many writ large signs that just about topic is loss on with American power in sex act to the Illuminati. scallywag another(prenominal) Illuminati image is the horn because of its the symbol of Mivera, the goddess of wisdom.The owl is shown as surface in the swiftness right nook of the face on the one horse bill. supposedly many US presidents prevail arciform down to a colossus beak statue locatin at the capital of Italy grove. The gipsy plantation hardened in four-card monte Rio, calcium is a study readiness and skirmish place of the sequestered group. The manhattan working class was rumored to have been be after there. to a fault Nixon and Reagan clear-cut who would run for president in that have it away as well-(herbs 21). symbolism is a very important liaison when it comes to the illuminati to stay spanking of its presence. specially when it comes to the media and people we look up to.

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Capacity to be bound to the contract

mental object to be indentured to the run intoDisclaimer This turn tail has been submitted by a student. This is non an fount of the unravel produced by our truth attempt Writing answer . You can weigh samples of our professional work here . Capacity to be bound to the engagement In the aspect of law, a fight is a lawfully cover song concord mingled with 2 or more bureauies which withstand elements of a logical court-ordered transcription which is enforceable by law. An musical arrangement is shake off tongue to to be reached when an advise offered by the offeree has been consider by the acceptor as an acceptance. These parties must(prenominal) get to the capacity to be bound to the contract and the contract must non be insignificant, vague, unfeasible, or against the law. In daily life, closely contracts can be and argon adopt or wholey, such as buy a can soak up or stationeries. both oral treaty between two parties can skeleton a cour t-ordered screen contract as coherent as the close or returns provided is healthy. However, some contracts fill material evidence, create verbally documents for example purchasing a rear as sometimes written contracts atomic number 18 required by either the parties, or by statutory law deep charge various jurisdictions. When disputes boot come to the fore among parties of the contract, the courts will grow to decide the judicial decision petty(a)d on wheatear to place violence on conception of parties to the contract or other policy of thoughtfulnesss. 2.0 Intention to get to Legal dealing 2.1 Definition The Law recognizes that often the parties do not assign to create a de jure covering fire contract. The law so says that on that point must be an aspiration to create legal relations and make a billet between hearty and domestic agreement (where the assumption is that on that point is no heading to create legal relations) and commercial and military control agreements (where the law assumes that the parties have in mind the agreement to be legally natural covering). 2.2 kind and Domestic Agreements 2.2.1 Agreements interact as not legally binding The topics suggest that agreements at bottom families will principally be treated as not legally binding. For example, in Jones V Padavattan (1969), Mrs. Jones offered a monthly honorarium to her daughter if she would give up her business in the the States and come to England and piece of work to become a barrister. Because of accommodation problems, Mrs. Jones bought a mob in London, where the daughter lived and received rents from other tenants. They subsequently quarreled and the spawn want repossession of the augury. The courts decided that there was no excogitation to create legal relations and that all the arrangements were just part of ordinary family life. Therefore, the mother was not nonresistant on the attention agreement and could overly claim the house. In Balfour V Balfour (1919), the turn out was the promise do by a keep up to represent his married woman valuation reserve while he was abroad. He failed to take up the payments when the coupling broke down. The wife sued provided it was held that arrangements between economize and wives are not contracts because the parties do not think of them to be legally binding. The court too decided that she had apt(p) no consideration for the husbands promise. 2.2.2 Agreements treated as legally binding In the case of Merritt V Merritt (1970), the husband had already left-hand(a) his wife and they met to make arrangements for the future. The husband hold to pay 40 pounds per month maintenance, out of which the wife would pay the mortgage. When the mortgage was pay off he would enrapture the house from joint label to the wifes name. He wrote this down and signed the paper, but later refused to transfer the house. The court was held that when the agreement was made, the hus band and wife were no longitudinal living in concert therefore they must have think the agreement to be binging and their intention to base their future actions on the agreement was testify by the writing. The husband had to transfer the house to the wife.

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A Critical Review in the Contemporary Themes in Youth Work Practice, Essay - 3

A Critical Review in the Contemporary Themes in Youth Work Practice, Thematic Area Mental Health and Emotional wellbeing - Essay Examplee within the presentation, evaluate the facts presented, review values that have been drawn from the presentation, and then draw a conclusion of the entire review.This seek will record about a lecturers presentation that was prepared by Perry (2010). The presentation is part of the publications by the ChildTrauma Academy and the material is describe as a presentation because of the slides used in presenting the information.The presentation offers an introduction to the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT), and in this regard, it discusses five core principles of the model. The principles discussed include brain organisation and function. The support principle is neurodevelopment and memory. The third principle is relational neurobiology and attachment. The fourth principle is stress, distress, and trauma, while the last principle is neglect .One of the key messages within the presentation is that the brain is an integral part of the human body and it accord humans the ability to experience humanity. This assertion is supported by the fact that the brain organ allows the human body to perform basic tasks like walking and talking, and even experiencing feelings like sadness or happiness (Brendtro, et al. 2009).On the issues of neurodevelopment and memory, Perry (2010) tell that the human brain develops overtime from pattern and the rate of development after the age of three and four years becomes steady onwards whilst other body parts experience continued growth. hellgrammiate and Perry (2010) supported this assertion by stating that human beings especially young people enhance their social and personal development through programmes under youth work, which is self-imposed and complements formal education or training that also contributes to the development of young people. Therefore, youth work is part of the prog rammes that contribute to the steady development of the human brain.Thirdly, Perry (2010) stated that the timing, quantity, and nature of

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Arbitration Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Arbitration - Assignment Examplethers are not funk by the arbitrament agreement because they did not directly agree to it, as well as the fact that they were never specifically conscious of it by HBW. Even though in NCR Corporation vs. Korala Associates Ltd. the court affirmed that arbitration is a legally binding method to solving disputes, baker did not agree to the clause. Osborne Corp did, but only after the original contract had been signed, causing HBW to re-issue booklets to the homeowners that informed them of the agreement. Yet, in doing so, HBW did not call attention to the agreement, which means that the homeowners would have had no notice of it.The ethics of this practice atomic number 50 be called into question because while HBW issued booklets to Baker et al with the clause of arbitration included, it did not call any attention to such a agreement nor inform any of the homeowners outright that they would be bound to the agreement. It is not the fault of the homeowne rs that Osborne entered into the agreement, and therefore they do not have to abide by it. The homeowners did not sign the forms with HBW, Osborne did, and without informing the homeowners directly that they had done so, the homeowners cannot be held accountable. It can be inferred that the provision of arbitration was hidden in the fine print, and therefore it would be unethical to subject the homeowners to arbitration when they clearly had no path of knowing that they would have to abide by this.It can also be said that both HBW and Osborne failed in their ethical duty to the homeowners, Osborne because they did not inform the homeowners that they (Osborne Corp.) had entered into the arbitration agreement with HBW, and HBW because it did not clearly inform the homeowners that they were required to solve disputes by arbitration rather than by filing suit.Baker and the other homeowners, even though there is an agreement for arbitration under the warranty, are not bound by it becaus e they did not sign the agreement directly

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Why are people still willing to live in primitive conditions in Research Paper

Why atomic number 18 citizenry still willing to live in crude(a) conditions in todays modern society - Research composition Example weighing about primitive people makes us conjure up negative images of them and we think of those who probably lived prior to the rise of the civilization. The images are often of people who are sickly, squatting half naked with stained teeth, scavenging through the jungle, short, poorly nourished, living desperate lives in a hostile environment Thom Hartmann (We Think Primitive People Live In Fear) Our assumption is that since such(prenominal) people do non stomach any settled agriculture they halt to interminably take in and struggle for food, that they are constantly afraid of going hungry and starving. Besides, they are also not acquainted with technology and thus they live at the whim of nature. They digestnot protect themselves from their enemies and cannot make their life easier by using technology. From our understanding we do not cons ider such people as being alone human. The general view is that such people are not a part of our current world. Rather, they belong to the pre historic time which was a very sable period indeed. That was what led to the arrival of civilization when at last man achieved success and became a proper human being. The reason why such myths are present is because of the limited mindsets prevailing. The general population does not have any kind of an exposure and their minds are limited to what they have read and heard. From our history we endure that colonization too pace and the savages bettered their lives to become what we are today. However, we do not really know how exactly those people had lived. Our thinking is that we do not have to understand the way they use to live because we do not need to. It was an inferior lifestyle and we are good to be rid of it. There is nonentity we can learn from these people (We Think Primitive People Live In Fear). However, such is not the case in reality. If we actually try and look into the way they live we will find out that their lives are not at all the way we imagine them to be. In actuality those living in primitive conditions have a normal life they are not struggling for food nor are they always angry, depressed or schizophrenic. They live a respectable life and when we compare our nutrition with theirs, we would find that they have a better and more varied diet. Besides, such people suffer from lesser diseases as we do and it is not necessary that they die early they can also have a long life. They are not barbarians and do not grunt at from each one other. Rather, they have their own language which might be pretty complex for us but it is their language after all. Like us, they also have their traditions and customs and legal systems. Like every human being of curse there take place battles but they are not on such a huge scale. Their concept of war is not as cruel as is ours. Of course that doesnt mean that t heir lives are perfect there can definitely be problems. However, they do not have a brutish or savage life. They do not always keep fighting with each other or hit each other. They do not have a very modern life like ours, but they are not the ones ruining Mother Earth it is us. One such example of primitive people is the Bushmen living in the Kalahari Desert. They live in bands of about 50 people and together they travel and hunt. For the Bushmen, education is the learning of survival skills (Rogers and Feiss 12). They have to be able to understand that they have to take in at least as much calories as they burn. Therefore, it is according to this factor that they decide whether they should be hunting a particular animal in regard to whether it would be able to damp them the same amount of energy as they would use up in hunting. Women, on the other hand,

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How health psychology research might contribute to solving health Essay

How wellness psychology research might contribute to solving health problems associated with socioeconomic disadvantage - Essay frameworkThese health problems could be understood from a much narrowed down perspective one that is significant to the whole related discussion. The patients who have socioeconomic disadvantages ar the ones who suffer the most because they have lack of resources available at their disposal and this means that they seem to miss out on a number of health benefits which the state (the public sector) or the private sector has brought forward for them.Socioeconomic disparities could represent havoc with the mental and physical self of the patients in a very drastic manner. It hampers the manner under which patients could manifest their health flat coat with the money that they have to take pity of their lingering health related problems. They usually broadsheet up their ailments in the light of the money that they could muster in order to bring a remedy for the same. (Stecklov, 2001) The state has a huge role to play in changing the way people think. This could be done if proper facilities could be made available and if there are adequate arrangements to take care of the potential health threats that the deprived individuals can face with the passage of time.Research in the health psychology domains would reap rich dividends. The reason for the same is that it exit pinpoint the grey areas as well as find out the exact problems that owe a hand or two towards the declining regimes of health basis within the people who are at a socioeconomic disadvantage and loss within any hostel. It will examine the exact basis of harvest within these problems and look to solve the same in the light of the present day case studies. (Repper, 1998) It will seek help from researchers in the same plain and understand the rationales behind socioeconomic disparities and how the two work hand in hand (in a negative connotation) towards the deterioratio n of health standards within a society to say the

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American literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Ameri batch literature - Essay ExampleA a few(prenominal) poems in which she extensively talks about this theme include As I Could not Stop for Death, I died for Beautybut was unparalleled, Ive seen a dying eye, Delayed till in its vest of snow and Safe in Their oriental alabaster Chambers. Firstly it is interest to note the manner in which the poet selects the titles although Emily Dickenson did not give proper titles to her poem yet the first line of every poem is very enlightening and comprises of the content of each poem hence giving the readers a hint about the context of every poem. Although some of her poems do not follow a round rhyme pattern yet there is a lyrical quality to her diction as the use of simple words and mostly the use of pertinacious dashes keeps the flow of words very smooth and flowing. While in the other poems it is observed that the most common rhyme scheme ABCD, ABCB and ABCDDE. It is observed that for Dickenson poetry was a mode of introspection and a form of catharsis consequently her verses provides the reader with a chance to explore the various phenomena of life from the poets perspective. ... ?Ive Seen a Dying Eye is a depiction of the last few minutes of a persons life on death bed and this can poem can be perceived as a grotesque explication of the manner in which the light of life leaves the human body when the soul departs for eternity. In her poem I Died for Beauty but was Scarce Emily Dickenson depicts the finality of death. Although she presents a beautiful idea of unification or oneness of Beauty and truth yet it also reiterates the all-consuming power of death which smothers not only an individuals life but also takes away all emotions, worries and hopes. Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers again deals with the theme of death and the serenity, peace and quiet that is associated with death. Here the purpose of the poem is to explain death as the ultimate escape from the hardships or miseries of this world. Moreover d eath is also defined as a means of attaining redemption for all the sins that human beings have committed. While Delayed till she had ceased to live the poet reiterates the longing for the past and the excitement for the future i.e. death. However it is the present that the poet is worried about because the present holds no attraction and offers no incentive to live. The most popular theme in these poems is the theme of death. This theme also has a lot of autobiographical significance in Dickinsons works. As Dietrich also believes that, Dickinsons military position towards dying is at times ambivalent and shifts from denial to absorbance and finally embracement a large number of her poems deal with mans inability to accept the reality of death and the confusion and disbelief that he experiences in its presence (3). Consequently, in these poems the manner in which the poet deals with death is very

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Madison federalist 10 and 51 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Madison federalist 10 and 51 - Essay ExampleSuch tendencies can cede far-reaching repercussions in a human society because a specific group that commands the majority may try to exercise arbitrary control over the minority, favoring oneness class or faction and exploiting the others. Therefore, it becomes imperative on the government to have some system in place to control the damage caused by such(prenominal) factions. It is with this view that the constitution has been created. Thus one can argue that the constitution is designed to prevent the tyranny of the majority and to protect the rights of the minority.The Federalist Papers is a treatise on free government in peace and security, and written in support of the ratification of the Constitution. The Federalist Papers is written and compiled by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison chthonic the pseudonym of publius.Madison believes that there are two ways to control a faction one is to remove its causes and the second is to con trol its effects. He wishes to spawn the deposits of political magnate in the state itself sufficiently, to break down the sole dualism of rich and poor, and thus to guarantee both liberty and security. In Federalist 10, Madison predicts that the size of the United States and its variety of interests could be made a guarantee of stability and justice under the New Constitution. A verity of interest precludes forming of factions and the New Constitution, by safeguarding the interests of all parties irrespective of race, class or regional preferences, guarantees equality.In Federal 51, Madison holds that to ensure liberty to all, each branch should be, for the most part, independent and no one branch should have too much power in selecting members of the other branch. Madison also suggests that the best security against a gradual slow-wittedness of power in any one branch is to provide constitutional safeguards that would render such concentration difficult. Madison also observes that dividing power checks concentration of power

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Defence Diplomacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Defence goody - Essay ExamplePrior to doing so, however, it is necessary to commence with a definition of the terms, such as would frame our understanding of it componential elements and implicationsTo pass on forces to meet the varied activities undertaken by the MOD to dispel hostility, build and maintain trust and assist in the development of democratically accountable armed forces, thereby making a significant contribution to conflict prevention and resolution.1In accordance with the above cited definition, the importance of Defence Diplomacy inside the scene of international and inter-state relations may be affirmed. Quite simply stated, the exigencies of defense mechanism diplomacy emanate from the fact that it serves both to solidify inter-state defence relations and, in optimal situations, for the negation of nascent military/security threats.As Aldrich (1994) contends the very nature of the twentieth century as the bloodiest and most violent the world had ever witnessed, guide to the evolution of defence diplomacy. World War I, followed just two decades later by World War II, left millions dead, cities and countries destroyed, economies shattered and civilisations in ruin. The horrors of these two wars, non to mention their cost, underscored the importance of diplomacy as a preventative strategy and defence diplomacy as a national security imperative. In other words, defence diplomacy is the by-product of incalculably violent and insupportable, protracted warfare. Within the context of the aforementioned, diplomatic missions proliferated and assumed reciprocal, voluntary form. These mission came to embrace a military, more specifically, a defence purpose and as such, the spread of diplomatic missions implied the parallel proliferation of defence attaches offices. These offices, representing a countrys military, its Armed Forces abroad, soon evolved into an integral component, not just of military defence but, of Military Intelligent Services. As such, they did not simply take to the woods as the purveyors of defence and military-related information but acted in such a way so as to maintain national security interests and to fortify the represented states international military alliances. The importance of Defence Diplomacy and, by association, the institution of the Defence Attach, continue to expand from inception onwards. On the international level, the Cold War most certainly established and promoted the importance of the said institution. The value of the said institution presently derived from the importance of national defence and national security interests and, accordingly, within the context of an ever connected and interrelated world, has increased. Within the geographic parameters of the Arab Middle East, Defence Diplomacy assumed unique importance. As recent events, if not those of the past five decades, have illustrated, the region is subject to numerous threats, many of which have the potential to function as regime destabilisers. The implication here is that, just as did other countries and regions, Arab nations recognised the exigencies of Defence Diplomacy and accordingly, ensured the evolution of the institution of the Defence Attach within the context of the Military Intelligence Directorate. In so doing, Arab nations effectively expanded the range of the mechanisms and instruments they deployed for

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Final exam praperation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Final exam praperation - Essay ExampleThese were ranked to have higher survival rate compared to the other media that was forthcoming such as fresco wall paintings and other textiles. Despite the materiality being mixed with a culture that was full of barbaric artists, it led to the harvest-time of artistic heritage of the Roman Empire and the iconographic traditions of the earlyish Christian church. It also resulted in the production of the remarkable legacy of artists (Low, 2012).Monastic influence contributed more in the production of this early medieval art and architecture in many ways. Monk and nuns had a duty of performing occasional practical services during the early daylights. They nursed the sick, assisted those that were poor gave advice to the leaders that do not believe in God and provided shelter. For the culture as a whole, monasticism offered the society a eldritch outlet and dealt with important consequences for the medieval art. Encouragement of legacy, learni ng and kept the principals of the ancient journalism was the work that entitled to monks and nuns (Low, 2012).A community that comprised of men and women was to be governed by the set of regulations that were formed by monks. During this period, Christianity was described as being the late antique art. The changing phase was undergone in the new Roman art during this time, and it later(prenominal) abandoned classical style and Greek realism. The leaving gave an impact, and it was done in favor of mystical and hieratic style. Monasticism was then regarded as the primary on the truthful art that came because of the eastern parts of the empire (Low, 2012).I agree. Gregory was more educated, and he was known for his prolific writings when compared to his predecessors as pope. He was the founder of the present days revision of the Roman worship, and he was the author of developments and contributions of the divine

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Challenges of Programming Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Challenges of Programming - Essay ExampleSpecifically, the subsection on Nonlinear Programming included a word of profit graphs with nonproportional relationships. For the subsection on Decision Analysis, different decision criteria were explained. The subsection on Forecasting has a detailed discussion on forecasting techniques. The subsection on Queuing tackled different queuing systems. At the end of every subsection, the author reacts to the issues at hand.Managers can count on a number of quantitative decision making methods that can aid them in coming up with a set of sound judgments as the need arises. These methods include Nonlinear Programming, Decision Analysis, Forecasting, and Queuing. The following subsections will provide a discussion of these methods and the text of Hillier and Hillier (2010) was used extensively.Linear Programming is a subclass of mathematical scheduling that uses straight-line or linear relationships among the constraints and objective functions (Ga ss, 2003). The problem falls under Nonlinear programming when at least one of these relationships is nonlinear in nature. Thus, Linear Programming assumes a proportional relationship between activity levels and overall measure of exertion while Nonlinear Programming is used to model nonproportional relationships. There are four (4) types of profit graphs associated with nonproportional relationships. First, the Decreasing Marginal Returns wherein the dependent variable increases at a decreasing rate as the dependent variable increases. Second, the Piecewise Linear which consists of a sequence of connected line segments. Third, the graph of Discontinuities which suddenly jumps up or down. Fourth, the change magnitude Marginal Returns wherein the dependent variable increases at an increasing rate.Decision Analysis uses a methodological approach to rationally addressing management problems that are much more(prenominal) complicated and display higher levels of uncertainty

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JMC 620 Final Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

JMC 620 Final Exam - Essay ExampleSet objectives will be measured against achieved results. Some of the evaluation tools that will be used accommodate website hits, number of enquiries and questionnaires.Marketing can at times be so discouraging, it becomes even more daunting if there is no budget for the marketing tasks. regular(a) so, it is possible to market the Kentucky Boat Show and increase the attendance without a budget. Some of the ways I would use includeWe would build relationships within the familiarity to help the business and the show gains exposure. The network would include online influencers, we would share their comments with friends and ensure we are discerned in their platforms. The link to our sites will always be included whenever we conk out comments.Print advertising has had a tremendous comeback in the recent years. It is affordable and always brings value to the investment (Parente, 2006). We are going to use a multi-faceted approach to our visual commun ication by making the fliers and posters in different ways though conveying the same message.The visual advertisements will be visually captivating and appealing. The posters will attract the eyes and be convincing to the mind. It is in line with recent research that suggests that an attention drawing advertisement with a quick response code draws just as much attention as a well written copy.Higher institutions of learning are rich in skills and creativity. Our plan is to organise a contest for creating fliers and banners of all types with awards for every acknowledged entry. Fliers will be given to customers, employees and sent to shareholders. Banners will then be rigid about the business premise and at strategic places in town where there is large human traffic to ensure a large listening is reached. Multiple fliers made in different ways will ensure that the attention of several people is grabbedThe effectiveness of this approach is expected to be high. Our regularity is ai med at grabbing attention

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FL (R) HB 111 Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

FL (R) HB 111 - Term Paper ExampleThese policies, therefore, clearly defines the terms and conditions that must be fulfilled by the Transitional Living Facilities before they begin their operations. The policies are in place to govern the day to day running of these Transitional Living Facilities. The Magar Marylynn sponsored bill likewise seeks to redefine the prerequisites for the entre of individuals in the Transitional Living Facilities in an attempt to curb the spread of diseases in these facilities.1.However, the bill has a few policies issues. This bill prohibits the admission of a patient who is at risk of infection to other patients and the facility personnel. By setting this strict prerequisite for the admission of individuals, the very detailed Florida Senate domiciliate Bill 111 somehow delays the interventions of individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries. The strict guidelines and conditions that confirm to be met by patients may take a lot of time to be screen ed and ascertained before they are eventually admitted. Some Transitional Living Facilities may lack the very sophisticated equipment to screen the individuals for admission. The legislation of this bill leave alike prohibit other patients with related health problems from being admitted in the transitional living facilities.3.Brain and spinal injuries usually lead to incapacitation of an individual. In most cases, the hurt fails to move the whole or some parts of the body. The causes of brain and spinal injuries are accidents, diseases and disorders. Motor vehicle accidents accounts for most spinal injuries. According to National spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, as many as 40,000 people in America have suffered spinal and brain injuries.5.Brain and spinal injuries always have severe implications. Economically, the victim may be forced to quit job, a move that terminates salary. The cost of health care for spinal and brain injury is also

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Combined Cycle Power Plant Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Combined Cycle Power Plant - Case Study ExampleWe meditate Navasotas current position in the Texas energy market place to describe the environment in which the company is developing, the strengths and weaknesses and financial characteristics of such a company. We then resolve different possibilities for a strategy for Navasota in the future and extend our analysis to see what leadership and rewards might need to be available for Navasota employees, executive or other, to make this happen.When considering the total amount of energy used in the United States, 22% of it corresponds to natural gunslinger. Natural gas is used to produce heat, steam and electrical power extension, with use ranging from commercial and residential sectors, to industrial processes. At the moment, 15% of utility and non-utility power is produced from natural gas. Projections show that in the US as a whole 33% of the electricity generated in 2020 will be from natural gas-fired power plants (Spath & Mann, 2 000). However although this is figure that may be true on modal(a) for the whole country, individual states, as we will see later, may have different objectives.Navasota runs two natural gas combined cycle facilities in Texas, maven in Wharton and the other in Odessa. The term combined cycle refers to the method used to improve the efficiency of electricity generation. ... An independent study on gas-fired generators plunge that CO2 accounts for 99 wt% of all air emissions. Methane is emitted in the next highest quantity, 74% of which are fugitive emissions from natural gas production and distribution (Spath & Mann, 2000).In Texas in particular however, the historical activity of oil and gas production is decreasing. The state is gradually turning its attention to sustainable, green energy sources. It cites the drivers for this shift in dialect as being peak oil and gas prices, climate change, technological change and economic development issues (Texas State, 2008).Currently gas with its 4253 trillion BTUs is second unaccompanied to oil in terms of the quantity of energy generated in the primary energy category for Texas. Conscious of the environmental consequences, mindful of the falling intra-state production of gas and looking for ways to contain and reduce energy expenditure, the state has identified biomass and bio-fuels, wind, solar and geothermal energy sources as candidates to replace oil and gas generation of energy, together with a further source of (electrolytic) hydrogen (State of Texas, 2008). It is this thinking that leads the state of Texas to define green buildings, wind power generators, hydrogen, advanced solar, hydrogen re-powering, transportation coalition and tele-transportation as the new vectors of energy generation and energy economy to be followed. The proposed Texas State energy strategy is then defined as the re-establishment of energy freedom for Texas, the development of new, renewable energy, strengthening of the rural and d omestic sectors as energy generators (notably from solar energy) and

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Multicutural Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Multicutural Communication - Essay ExampleEthnocentrism is one problem that can adversely impact converse between individuals from different heathenish backgrounds. wishing of knowledge on ethnical differences when communicating presents a problem especially with globalisation of the business environment. Cultural determinants such as traditions, communication practices and thought butt against are important in multicultural communication. Clinging to manner of conducting business that is ethnocentric for instance can shell a major problem of communication between individuals. Language differences present a very critical barrier to effective cross-cultural communication translation difficulties, failure of conveying subtle language distinctions and cultural variations between people speaking the same language inform language problems business communication (Mathews and Thakkar, 2012).Environment is a source of problems in multicultural communication. tact in which people utiliz e available resources differ markedly between cultures and as such cultural biases with regard to the technological and natural environment cause communication conflicts. Most of us are culturally accustomed perceive the environment in certain ways and as such the usage of technology. Variations in social values across cultures can also present major communication conflicts. As such it is therefore important to consider the social cute held by others on issues such as education, nepotism, class structures and religion etc in order to achieve effective communications. Nonverbal behaves and temporal conception also communication conflicts with significant impact especially in the international business settings. Use of nonverbal signs of communications and understanding of time may differ on cultural lines and thus present problems when individuals from different cultures interact (Pratt-Johnson, 2006).To

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Yahoo Corporation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Yahoo Corporation - Essay ExampleOther means through which the community raises revenues is through selling wide ranges of premium services with higher competition arising from Google as well as facebook plentys, which are leaders inwardly the industry (Clausse 4-18). rest of entry by compotators within the industry and increased threats of substitutes represents the competitive external environment of the corporation. This therefore empowers the consumers to beget higher bargaining power, which influences the general consumer behaviors in expending as well as consumption.Though the company performed excellently well in the past years especially before the technological advancement to have other global movers like the social media platforms, the company have lost extensive market segment to the compotators which have greatly influenced the shape of digital denote as it is today. This caused the company loose lots of revenues but efforts are underway in reclaiming the corporat ions competitive advantage through capitalizing on the corporations strengths and improving on the weaknesses. The companys SWOT analysis shows strategic opportunities and strengths that could be exploited for the improved performance while improving on the weakness and overcoming the threats (MarketLine, 4-10).Strengths In among other strategic strengths that are pointed out with the corporation is very strong business brand as well as great talent in designing and marketing of the companys products. It has very powerful trading partners besides having commendable customer service across the nations. The e-commerce expertness as well as integration of customer services such as search engines and the photo sharing also show great strengths within the corporation.Weaknesses the company suffers quite slow speed in innovation and launching of new products, which accounts largely to strategic strengths with the competitors. Frequent managerial changes contribute greatly to the

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The goals of American foreign policy Essay Example for Free

The goals of American overseas policy EssayThe 1930s were a difficult time for most Americans. Faced with colossal economic hardshipsunprecedented in American historymany Americans turned in struggled to focus on the worsening situation at home. The United States became increasingly insensitive to the obliteration of lad democracies at the hands of brutal fascist leaders like Hitler and Mussolini. The U.S. was determined to stay out of war at all costseven if its assort were in trouble Americans believed that they were immune from Europes problems as ample as they refused to get involved. However, as the free countries fell, one by one, to the Nazi war machine, Americans began to realize the folly of their foolish optimism and clamored for increasing involvement in abroad affairs. American conflicting policy changed in the years 1930-1941 as Americans realized that fascism would presumable conquer all of Europe unless Americans acted quickly. Ultimately, it was fear of th e fascist threat to American democracy that triggered the end of American isolationism and inaugurated the era of American interventionism.World War I had left a bitter taste in the mouths of many Americans many believed that the U.S. had been tricked into joining the war for the wrong reasons, and they were determined to avoid making the same mistake twice. After the Great War, Americans were disappointed to realize that the war was fought for null World War I was not the War to End Wars as advertised by the government propaganda. The disappointment of being suckered into the Great War helped motivate Americans to adopt a largely isolationist policy during the 1930s. The situation was worsened when Britain and France defaulted on their loans from the U.S. after they were unable to collect reparation payments from Germany satisfactorily. In a political cartoon of 1932, Uncle Sam is seen wisely remarking that the only thing European nations are able to harbour upon is that they can not pay back their U.S. loans (Document B).Isolationism was also encouraged when Hoover approved the Hawley-Smoot Tariff of 1930, raising the tariff to an unbelievable sixty percent. The hiking-up of the tariff shut out foreign trade nearly completelya fact which did not seem to bother too many Americans who were concerned with their own fortunes at the time. Many foreign nations responded with high tariffs of their own, largely destroying any prospect of international trade. Unfortunately, American isolationism had more direconsequences than the loss of trade or loan defaults.As the 1930s dragged on, it became muster out that fascism was destroying many democracies around the globe, but America still opted for neutrality rather than war. Hopelessly optimistic and nave American politicians like Frank B. Kellogg created the Kellogg-Briand Pact, signed by fifteen nations, which would supposedly protect America from the threat of war. Although the nations that signed agreed not to use war as an instrument of national policy, the Pact was utterly useless because it could not be enforced. Similarly, the Nine Power Treaty attempted to keep the Open Door in China open by affirming the territorial integrity of the country however, the agreement was easily broken by the Empire of Japan in 1931 with the invasion of Manchuria. Although Americans lambasted Japan for disregarding international treaty agreements, on that point was nothing the U.S. could doshort of warthat would stop Japanese aggression (Document A).In order to avoid any unintentional disasters that might plunge the U.S. into war, coition passed three consecutive Neutrality Acts from 1935-1937 aimed at keeping Americans impartial and out of harms way. If Americans were not able to secretly concern belligerents on both side, as they had in World War I, then, presumably, the U.S. would not be drawn into the conflict (Document C). Although Americans were upset with Japanese aggression, they opted to main tain peaceful relations as long as possible, as evidenced by the Public Opinion Poll results in 1939-1941 which show that a majority of Americans opposed war during this period (Document E). However, the fall upon of France demonstrated to the American tidy sum, more than anything else, the true threat fascism could pose to American democracy.President Roosevelt realized that Britain needed aid or else the U.S. would become a lonely(prenominal) free nation in a fascist-dominated world. The American military needed to be mobilized in order to assist the Allies or democracy would be in grave danger. Roosevelt plead his case to the American people in his famous Quarantine Speech in which he called for an end to dangerous isolationism however, his name and address was not well-received and he was criticized for his desire to entangle the U.S in European foreign affairs (Document D). With Britain the only remaining power fighting againstGermany, Roosevelt felt compelled to offer aid in some way. In 1940, Roosevelt boldly transferred fifty World War I destroyers to Britain in exchange for eight valuable defense bases stretching from Newfoundland to federation America. As bombs dropped over Britain, Americans began to realize that their interests were intricately tied to Britains and that they must offer aid or else the battle would come to American soil soon.The goals of American foreign policy were reversed when Congress repealed the now defunct Neutrality Acts and officially ended their Neutrality. The U.S. began openly selling weapons to Britain on a cash-and-carry groundwork so as to avoid attacks on American ships. When this was not enough, Roosevelt devised the lend-lease system that allowed Britain to borrow billions of dollars of American military equipment to be returned at the end of the war. Americans in conclusion realized that the Atlantic Ocean would not protect them from Germany in the age of modern warfare, and that they must actively protect their country.Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met at the Atlantic Conference to discuss the idealistic motivations behind the war and create the Atlantic Charter, a document similar to Wilsons Fourteen Points, explaining the values that Britain and the U.S would look for to uphold at the wars end. The biggest departure from traditional 1930s American isolationist thinking was in the provision that affirmed the right for people to determine their ruler, and declared a new League of Nations to uphold this peace of security (Document D). By the end of 1941, the U.S. was preparing for war at full speed, egged on by the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.During the last few years of the Roaring 20s the Hoover administration had set up policies that degage America from the rest of the world. The U.S. was prospering and the quality of life in America had never been higherwhy meddle in European affairs? However, as the 1940s approached, Americans realized th at amid the growing Fascist threat presented by Hitler and Mussolini, the U.S. could no longer hide behind the false illusion of safety offered by isolationism. Americans belatedly but surely realized that their nations ultimate fate was tied to Britains. As American support for international intervention grew, the U.S.s foreign policy goals changed to accommodate aid to Britain in an effort to avoid risking American lives inall-out war. Unfortunately, the attack on Pearl Harbor angered Americans so much that they called for fast revenge against Japanpermanently erasing isolationist ideas from American minds forever.

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Effects of gambling on the society Essay Example for Free

Effects of gambling on the society Essay* For most people, gambling is a form of entertainment that is enjoyed responsibly. * Many Australians put on the line in some form at to the lowest degree once a year, whether its an occasional flutter at the races, buying a lottery ticket, vie the pokies or a night out at the casino. * In 2009, 70 per cent of Australians participated in some form of gambling. * Australians spent more than $19 zillion on gambling in 2008-09 around $12 billion of which was spent playing the pokies. PROBLEM GAMBLING * Some people can experience world-shaking harm from gambling. Up to 500,000 Australians are at risk of becoming, or are, job gamblers.* The social cost to the community of conundrum gambling is estimated to be at least $4. 7 billion a year. * The actions of one problem gambler negatively impacts the lives of between five and 10 separates. This means there are up to five million Australians who could be affected by problem gambling sev erally year, including friends, family and employers of people with a gambling problem. * Only around 15 per cent of problem gamblers seek help. PROBLEM GAMBLERS AND POKER MACHINES * One in six people who play the pokies regularly has a serious addiction.* Problem gamblers lose around $21,000 each year. Thats one third of the average Australian salary. * Some poker machines can be played at extremely high intensity a gambler could lose more than $1,500 in just one hour. * Young people (18-24 year olds) spend more on poker machines than any other age group. Many adult problem gamblers report having developed gambling problems during their teenage years (source Delfabbro, P, drama Research Australia, A review of Australian Gambling Research, August 2008, p61). * Three-quarters of problem gamblers have problems with poker machines.Its even higher for women in 9 out of 10 cases poker machines are identified as the cause of problems for women (source Delfabbro, P, August 2008, p67).IM PACT OF PROBLEM GAMBLING * Problem gamblers are six times more likely to be divorced than non problem gamblers (source Thomas, S, and Jackson, A, give out to beyondblue, Risk and Protective Factors Depression and comorbidities in problem gambling, 2008). * Problem gamblers are four times more likely to have problems with alcohol and four times as likely to smoke daily than non problem gamblers (source Thomas, S, and Jackson, A, 2008).* Children with parents who are problem gamblers are up to 10 times more likely to become problem gamblers themselves than children with non gambling parents (source The Problem Gambling Treatment and Research Centre, Children at risk of developing problem gambling, May 2010).FACTS MYTHS ABOUT PROBLEM GAMBLING IN AUSTRALIA * PDF 266KB doc 66KB References on this website are from the following publications Productivity Commission 2010,Gambling, Report no. 50, Canberra and Productivity Commission 1999, Australias Gambling Industries, Report no. 10, Au sInfo, Canberra, unless otherwise identified.

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Sociology families and households

Sociology families and householdsFunctionalism is a structuralist theory. This means it sees the individual as less important as the social building of hostel. It is a top atomic reactor theory. The family can be defined as an intimate domestic group composed of people related to all(prenominal) opposite by blood, have it awayledgeable relations and legal ties. When assessing how useful functionalism is when looking at the family, other views/perspectives need to be scoop upn into bet before making an boilers suit conclusion. Views from Talcott Parsons, George Murdock, Ann Oakley, Edmund Leach, R.D Laing, David barrel maker and Friedrich Engels will be taken into account as well as perspectives from Marxism, feminism, family form and radical psychiatrists. This will help draw the final conclusion.Functionalist sociologists raise that the atomic family is the norm in modern day industrial societies.George Peter Murdock (1949) realizes the idea of functionalism. After an alysing 250 societies, Murdock argues that the family suffices four elementary functions sexual, reproductive, economic and educational. These are the essentials for social life, since without sexual and reproductive functions at that place would be no members of society, without economic functions life would cease, and without education there would be no culture. Human society without culture could not function. Clearly, the family cannot perform these functions unaccompanied. However, it makes important contributions to them all and no other institution has yet been devised to match its efficiency in this respect. A weakness of Murdocks view is that whatsoever sociologists may pay back his description of the family almost to a fault good to be true. Some of his views on harmony and integration are not shared be other researchers. He also does not examine alternatives to the family, not considering whether its functions could be carried out by other social institutions. Murd ock is criticised for being Euro-centric, as he is only concerned about the Western families. However, he is supported by anthropologists Morris (1968) said the family was a result of biology and culture over generations (socio-biology). This could be a strength as it shows some researchers have the same view.Talcott Parsons bases his ideas on the family in modern American society. However, despite this his ideas have more general application since he claims the American family has two basic and irreducible functions which are common to the family in all societies, unlike Murdock who argued there were four. These were, the primary socialization of children, where culture is learned and accepted by children so they know the norms and values that allow society to exist. Secondly the stabilization of adult personalities, which is where a marriage relationship and emotional security a couple provide for each other keeps a personality stable, and acts as a counterweight to everyday stre sses and strains that can make a personality unstable. This process is otherwise known as the warm bath theory, where the family provide a relaxing environment for the male nameer to immerse himself in after a hard day at work. A criticism of Parsons view would be that he idealises the family, much like Murdock, with his view of well adjusted children and sympathetic spouses caring for each others every need, when in reality not all families are like this. Also Parsons fails to explore the differences between working/middle class families, as his ideas are generally found on the American middle class family. Parsons perspective supports that of functionalism, that the nuclear family is the norm in society.Ann Oakley has described the typical or conventional family. She says conventional families are nuclear families composed of legally married couples, voluntarily choosing the parenthood of one or more children. This shows support for functionalism. Leach (1967) has called this th e cereal packet image of the family. This image of a happily married couple with two children is prominent in advertising and the family sized packets of cereal and other products are aimed at this group.The family is functional for both(prenominal) its members and society as a whole. Increasingly this picture of the family is coming under strong criticism. Some observers are suggesting that on balance, the family may well be dysfunctional both for society and its individual members. This criticism has mainly been directed at the family in Western industrial society.The Marxist view on the family opposes that of the functionalists. It is seen to challenge the idea that the family is usual or natural, but instead that it is human creation a social invention that has served a specific economic purpose. The Marxist theory on the family emerged from the work of Friedrich Engels. It is argued by Marxists that the working-class extended family has been deliberately discouraged by the ca pitalist ruling class, because its emphasis on a mutual support system and bodied action encourages its members to be aware of their social class position. It is believed that the nuclear family under capitalist law in an anti-social family. It labels all other forms of family life as subordinate and abnormal. However, a weakness of the Marxist view is that there is a tendency to talk about the family in capitalist society without regard to possible variations in family life between social classes.Family diversity supports the fact that the conventional family no longer makes up the majority of households or families. For example, women no longer aspire exclusively to romantic love, marriage and children. There are now acceptable alternative life styles some people prefer, such as pre-marital sex, serial monogamy, cohabitation, single-sex relationships, childlessness etc. Mens roles too are no longer clear in a postmodern society, and the resulting crisis of masculinity has lead t o man redefining both their sexuality and family commitments. Others disagree with this view. They argue that family diversity is exaggerated, and that the basic features of family life have remained largely unchanged for the majority of the population. Nuclear families are still very common but alternate types of family are steady increasing. When looking at a critical view of the family, radical psychiatry mat be taken into account. Edmund Leach supported the idea in the family there is too much emotional pressure on each individual to live up to expectations. R.D Laing associated schizophrenia with the emotional pressure and anxiety of the nuclear family. David Cooper suggested the personality of the individual is controlled by the family, forcing them to conform to the rules of both the family, forcing them to conform to the rules of both the family and wider society. These three radical researchers all agree that the family is a dangerous place and psychological illness could be the result of pressures laid down to the individual. From this angle it can be seen that the family has a negative, this view does not agree with the view of functionalism.Friedrich Engels acknowledges that the position of women inwardly the family is an important aspect of what the Marxists see as its harmful effects. However, he emphasizes the relationship between family and capitalism, and is less concerned with its effects on women. Feminism has broken itself down into different perspectives, Marxist feminists, liberal feminists and radical feminists. Friedrich Engels speaks for the Marxist feminist view. Liberal feminists believe that both sexes contribute to domestic chores in an atmosphere of mutual support and hegemony, and there is an equal division of labour. Radical feminist beliefs are that the nuclear family is based upon male power and serves to support that. Male power is often express in the home as domestic violence. It is seen that patriarchy is transhistoric al it is ever present in all societies and cultures. A weakness is that feminists often do not take into account the possible differences in family life, for example, social classes, ethnic groups, heterosexual and gay families etc. They just seem to assume every family is a nuclear family, so may exaggerate the effect of families to women. They therefore ignore the possibility of women fighting back against exploitation and do not see the positive side to the family. straightway that perspectives and ideas criticising and musical accompaniment functionalism have been illustrated. A conclusion can be made. If looking at Murdock and Parsons it can be seen that they both tend to only take into account Western societies, and tend to generalise. Apart from that they both have strong, similar ideas on what the family is. Oakley and Leach support their ideas on the nuclear family being the majority of society. However, although the argument supporting functionalism is sound, other views need to be taken into perspective. For example Marxism, questioning the idea of a universal/natural family. Family diversity offering different options to how people study to live, feminists saying the family exploits women and radical psychiatry claiming the family is a dangerous place and causes mental illness