Saturday, June 22, 2019

A Critical Review in the Contemporary Themes in Youth Work Practice, Essay - 3

A Critical Review in the Contemporary Themes in Youth Work Practice, Thematic Area Mental Health and Emotional wellbeing - Essay Examplee within the presentation, evaluate the facts presented, review values that have been drawn from the presentation, and then draw a conclusion of the entire review.This seek will record about a lecturers presentation that was prepared by Perry (2010). The presentation is part of the publications by the ChildTrauma Academy and the material is describe as a presentation because of the slides used in presenting the information.The presentation offers an introduction to the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT), and in this regard, it discusses five core principles of the model. The principles discussed include brain organisation and function. The support principle is neurodevelopment and memory. The third principle is relational neurobiology and attachment. The fourth principle is stress, distress, and trauma, while the last principle is neglect .One of the key messages within the presentation is that the brain is an integral part of the human body and it accord humans the ability to experience humanity. This assertion is supported by the fact that the brain organ allows the human body to perform basic tasks like walking and talking, and even experiencing feelings like sadness or happiness (Brendtro, et al. 2009).On the issues of neurodevelopment and memory, Perry (2010) tell that the human brain develops overtime from pattern and the rate of development after the age of three and four years becomes steady onwards whilst other body parts experience continued growth. hellgrammiate and Perry (2010) supported this assertion by stating that human beings especially young people enhance their social and personal development through programmes under youth work, which is self-imposed and complements formal education or training that also contributes to the development of young people. Therefore, youth work is part of the prog rammes that contribute to the steady development of the human brain.Thirdly, Perry (2010) stated that the timing, quantity, and nature of

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