Wednesday, June 12, 2019

JMC 620 Final Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

JMC 620 Final Exam - Essay ExampleSet objectives will be measured against achieved results. Some of the evaluation tools that will be used accommodate website hits, number of enquiries and questionnaires.Marketing can at times be so discouraging, it becomes even more daunting if there is no budget for the marketing tasks. regular(a) so, it is possible to market the Kentucky Boat Show and increase the attendance without a budget. Some of the ways I would use includeWe would build relationships within the familiarity to help the business and the show gains exposure. The network would include online influencers, we would share their comments with friends and ensure we are discerned in their platforms. The link to our sites will always be included whenever we conk out comments.Print advertising has had a tremendous comeback in the recent years. It is affordable and always brings value to the investment (Parente, 2006). We are going to use a multi-faceted approach to our visual commun ication by making the fliers and posters in different ways though conveying the same message.The visual advertisements will be visually captivating and appealing. The posters will attract the eyes and be convincing to the mind. It is in line with recent research that suggests that an attention drawing advertisement with a quick response code draws just as much attention as a well written copy.Higher institutions of learning are rich in skills and creativity. Our plan is to organise a contest for creating fliers and banners of all types with awards for every acknowledged entry. Fliers will be given to customers, employees and sent to shareholders. Banners will then be rigid about the business premise and at strategic places in town where there is large human traffic to ensure a large listening is reached. Multiple fliers made in different ways will ensure that the attention of several people is grabbedThe effectiveness of this approach is expected to be high. Our regularity is ai med at grabbing attention

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