Sunday, June 9, 2019

Multicutural Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Multicutural Communication - Essay ExampleEthnocentrism is one problem that can adversely impact converse between individuals from different heathenish backgrounds. wishing of knowledge on ethnical differences when communicating presents a problem especially with globalisation of the business environment. Cultural determinants such as traditions, communication practices and thought butt against are important in multicultural communication. Clinging to manner of conducting business that is ethnocentric for instance can shell a major problem of communication between individuals. Language differences present a very critical barrier to effective cross-cultural communication translation difficulties, failure of conveying subtle language distinctions and cultural variations between people speaking the same language inform language problems business communication (Mathews and Thakkar, 2012).Environment is a source of problems in multicultural communication. tact in which people utiliz e available resources differ markedly between cultures and as such cultural biases with regard to the technological and natural environment cause communication conflicts. Most of us are culturally accustomed perceive the environment in certain ways and as such the usage of technology. Variations in social values across cultures can also present major communication conflicts. As such it is therefore important to consider the social cute held by others on issues such as education, nepotism, class structures and religion etc in order to achieve effective communications. Nonverbal behaves and temporal conception also communication conflicts with significant impact especially in the international business settings. Use of nonverbal signs of communications and understanding of time may differ on cultural lines and thus present problems when individuals from different cultures interact (Pratt-Johnson, 2006).To

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