Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Why are people still willing to live in primitive conditions in Research Paper

Why atomic number 18 citizenry still willing to live in crude(a) conditions in todays modern society - Research composition Example weighing about primitive people makes us conjure up negative images of them and we think of those who probably lived prior to the rise of the civilization. The images are often of people who are sickly, squatting half naked with stained teeth, scavenging through the jungle, short, poorly nourished, living desperate lives in a hostile environment Thom Hartmann (We Think Primitive People Live In Fear) Our assumption is that since such(prenominal) people do non stomach any settled agriculture they halt to interminably take in and struggle for food, that they are constantly afraid of going hungry and starving. Besides, they are also not acquainted with technology and thus they live at the whim of nature. They digestnot protect themselves from their enemies and cannot make their life easier by using technology. From our understanding we do not cons ider such people as being alone human. The general view is that such people are not a part of our current world. Rather, they belong to the pre historic time which was a very sable period indeed. That was what led to the arrival of civilization when at last man achieved success and became a proper human being. The reason why such myths are present is because of the limited mindsets prevailing. The general population does not have any kind of an exposure and their minds are limited to what they have read and heard. From our history we endure that colonization too pace and the savages bettered their lives to become what we are today. However, we do not really know how exactly those people had lived. Our thinking is that we do not have to understand the way they use to live because we do not need to. It was an inferior lifestyle and we are good to be rid of it. There is nonentity we can learn from these people (We Think Primitive People Live In Fear). However, such is not the case in reality. If we actually try and look into the way they live we will find out that their lives are not at all the way we imagine them to be. In actuality those living in primitive conditions have a normal life they are not struggling for food nor are they always angry, depressed or schizophrenic. They live a respectable life and when we compare our nutrition with theirs, we would find that they have a better and more varied diet. Besides, such people suffer from lesser diseases as we do and it is not necessary that they die early they can also have a long life. They are not barbarians and do not grunt at from each one other. Rather, they have their own language which might be pretty complex for us but it is their language after all. Like us, they also have their traditions and customs and legal systems. Like every human being of curse there take place battles but they are not on such a huge scale. Their concept of war is not as cruel as is ours. Of course that doesnt mean that t heir lives are perfect there can definitely be problems. However, they do not have a brutish or savage life. They do not always keep fighting with each other or hit each other. They do not have a very modern life like ours, but they are not the ones ruining Mother Earth it is us. One such example of primitive people is the Bushmen living in the Kalahari Desert. They live in bands of about 50 people and together they travel and hunt. For the Bushmen, education is the learning of survival skills (Rogers and Feiss 12). They have to be able to understand that they have to take in at least as much calories as they burn. Therefore, it is according to this factor that they decide whether they should be hunting a particular animal in regard to whether it would be able to damp them the same amount of energy as they would use up in hunting. Women, on the other hand,

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