Saturday, June 8, 2019

Yahoo Corporation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Yahoo Corporation - Essay ExampleOther means through which the community raises revenues is through selling wide ranges of premium services with higher competition arising from Google as well as facebook plentys, which are leaders inwardly the industry (Clausse 4-18). rest of entry by compotators within the industry and increased threats of substitutes represents the competitive external environment of the corporation. This therefore empowers the consumers to beget higher bargaining power, which influences the general consumer behaviors in expending as well as consumption.Though the company performed excellently well in the past years especially before the technological advancement to have other global movers like the social media platforms, the company have lost extensive market segment to the compotators which have greatly influenced the shape of digital denote as it is today. This caused the company loose lots of revenues but efforts are underway in reclaiming the corporat ions competitive advantage through capitalizing on the corporations strengths and improving on the weaknesses. The companys SWOT analysis shows strategic opportunities and strengths that could be exploited for the improved performance while improving on the weakness and overcoming the threats (MarketLine, 4-10).Strengths In among other strategic strengths that are pointed out with the corporation is very strong business brand as well as great talent in designing and marketing of the companys products. It has very powerful trading partners besides having commendable customer service across the nations. The e-commerce expertness as well as integration of customer services such as search engines and the photo sharing also show great strengths within the corporation.Weaknesses the company suffers quite slow speed in innovation and launching of new products, which accounts largely to strategic strengths with the competitors. Frequent managerial changes contribute greatly to the

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